My life started in Ottawa where I was born with nothing and still have most of it left.

I completed grade school and high school in French and got my BA in French Canadian Literature and Political Science at St. Pat’s College (Carleton U).  I held a number of jobs to put myself through school, including forklift operator, truck driver, janitor, construction worker both on bridges in the Ottawa region and in Churchill Manitoba which allowed time to enjoy beluga whales and polar bears. I also worked as bilingual MC for CBC/Radio Canada, PR Officer for Manpower and Immigration as well as research assistant in the department of economics at Laval.

I went on to complete my MA in Political Science at Laval in Québec, doing my thesis research in Paris, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, then came back to Québec and wrote the thesis in six and a half weeks – fear is a powerful motivator.  Around the time I did my research I lived in New York and in Europe for four years. To support myself, (Europe’s expensive)  I worked as Commercial Representative to North America for a French designer before coming back to Toronto to become an actor – it seemed like the right thing to do at the time.


I work as a writer, video producer (see Contact page) and as an actor. I do
dramatic work, comedic work, and being fluently bilingual, I also work in French in both narration and on-camera.

My family and I now call Toronto home. I bike year-round, jog with our Jack
Russell, Fitzroy and sail wherever and whenever I can.

The Phantom’s Gold is my first novel. My publisher told me The Phantom’s Gold would be made into a film because it was such a visual story. In anticipation of that hoped-for need, I’ve adapted it as a film script.

The second novel in the series, The Dead Man’s Boot is published. The third book, The Bermuda Shipwreck is written and I’m working on book number four, Saving Horses and Hawks.