You have a ghost in your story. Do you believe in ghosts?

While I think a lot of ghost stories are pure fantasy, I have seen and heard enough stories from people I respect, to believe in the possibility of ghosts. They certainly do add a great and spooky element to any story.

Where did you get the idea for Phantom’s Gold?

This was a replacement story for one I had to do in script writing class. I couldn’t finish Mrs. Clean on time for my writing class presentation, so I spun a story for class in two weeks and all hinging on William McCoy, the iconic American rumrunner who didn’t water down his alcohol during Prohibition. So in the 1920s, when you drank good alcohol, you said it “was the Real McCoy”.

Who were your inspirations for William and Harley?

My son at thirteen is the inspiration for William and my daughter at seventeen inspired the character of Harley. My daughter actually used a diving mask while chopping onions because they made her cry, just as Harley does in the book.

Do you sail?

My parents rented a cottage on the Ottawa River every summer and my father bought us a 13-foot racing dinghy. My older brother was a better sailor than me. He was more intrepid. I lost sight of sailing for the four years I lived in Europe then got reacquainted with it here when I bought an Albacore. I also sailed on Lake Ontario, including trips on a 40′ sloop from Toronto to Kingston, from Toronto to New York State and on Avenger,  a 47-foot schooner from Halifax to Lunenburg. I sail as often as possible when I’m in Nova Scotia visiting family.

Does being an actor help you as a writer?

When you write a character or interpret one as an actor you have to ask yourself what your character wants and what he/she needs.  ‘Wants’ and ‘needs’ are often not one and the same and that adds richness to the character.

Have you written anything else?

I’ve written an M.A. thesis and a bunch of film scripts, one of which was optioned and got financial backing from Telefilm. If you can’t guess which one and don’t feel you’ve got way too much information on me, go to About Eric.