84.liken — lichen male (adjective or noun): An adjective (or noun) indicating that something is masculine or has masculine reproductive organs. I’ll ask the waiter if we can have a container to take it home. A modal verb …, Noun Preposition Collocations! Examples of homophones : bear-bare, two-too, tea-tee. 68.knap — nap 63.graham — gram 42.cored — chord One popular English legend talks about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. English Homophones Words List, 100 Homophones Words; Some common examples of homophones, including the words used in a sentence, are: brake/break: When teaching my daughter how to drive, I told her if she didn't hit the brake in time she would break the car's side mirror. 64.graphed — graft Where should we meet for dinner? When did organ music become associated with baseball? 97.yews — use site (noun): This is a synonym for “place.” The most common modern use is in the word “website.”. Homophones: the Most Confusing Words in English (a List with ... What are 100 examples of homophones - Answers.com, 5th grade Homophones and Homographs Worksheets | …. where (interrogative): A question word used to ask for a location. 66.hertz — hurts 11.axel — axle What is the interesting part of the story of why sinigang? For example, when you tap on the word “brought,” you see this: And FluentU is not just for watching videos—it’s a complete English learning platform. I can concentrate better. Phew! 34.clique — click Grandma and grandpa had four sons and three daughters. merry (adjective): A synonym for “happy,” but less common in modern English. 65.heroin — heroine All Rights Reserved. 94.troop — troupe There are interactive subtitles. to wear (verb): To have clothing or accessories on your body. Other languages, like Spanish or German, for example, are more consistent with spelling and pronunciation. FluentU has a lot of fun videos—topics like popular talk shows, music videos and funny commercials, as you can see here: FluentU makes it really easy to understand the words in English videos. Homophones are the most confusing words in the English language. She’s especially popular in the USA. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? night (noun): The period of time when it’s dark and most people sleep. This warns other people to look out for your ball. to wait (verb): This means to stay in one place or to anticipate something. Email also comes from this word. 55.crawl — kraal When you go camping, you should be careful to not leave any food or anything with a scent in your tent because they can attract bears. ---- Words that are spelled and pronounced the same, but have different meanings, are called homonyms. flour (noun): This is the main ingredient in bread. Then, while they sleep, the Tooth Fairy will replace the tooth with a coin. Learn homophone definition and homophones list with example sentences, videos and ESL printable worksheets. 1. abel — able. There is also a common last name “Wright,” which is pronounced the same as “right,” “write” and “rite.”. 19.bate — bait English Grammar 2000+ Homophones List with Urdu Meanings | Homonyms. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. 9.all ready — already Interesting note: In British English, they usually use the word “post” as a verb or a noun, instead of “mail.”, to marry (verb): The action when two people have a wedding; also called “to get married.”. It takes about six hours to drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles. there (adverb): Remember the word “here” above? How will my inability to eat during the first trimester affect my baby? also be strange and confusing for native English speakers, every single word is some variation of the word “shi”, lots of words that come from many other different languages, American English but not in British English, a few homophones that are more common in American English, “A Punchup at a Wedding (No no no no no no no no),”. There’s a popular saying in English: “Practice makes perfect.” That means that if you want to become an expert at something (like learning homophones or even English in general), you have to practice a lot. 70.ladder — latter 82.lier — liar You’ll learn English as it’s spoken in real life. right (adjective): This can mean either a synonym of “correct” or the opposite of “left.”. 14.ayes — eyes 29.cheep — cheap The IPA are the symbols you see after the words in the brackets – like this / wʌn /. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? You may even lose your eyesight! The story is that when a child loses a tooth, he or she should put the tooth under their pillow. Most of these examples of homophone sets are pairs of words, but some are groups of three or four words. Personally, I’d like to meet at the new Chinese restaurant in town. Don’t worry if that sounded complicated, we’ll only focus on clear homophones today. 96.turn — tern (Download), As mentioned above, sets of words like “you’re” and “your” are called homophones. If you want to indicate “sons and daughters” with only one word, you can say “children” (even if you’re talking about adults). We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in. Every time you hear a new word or phrase, write it down in your notebook. English Homophones Words List, 100 Homophones Words; 1.abel — able.

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