Getting people to pay for such services is a noted hurdle. No repurchase activity took place over Q1 2020. Spotify reported that Mexico City played host to the biggest concentration of Spotify users (after launching in 2013), though without specifying just how many. Followers of content and context playlists on Spotify. Of course, preferring one platform over another does not mean you are solely dedicated to it – especially when certain services are offered free for users, or others might have exclusive access to certain popular artists. Amazon are not always a company associated with generosity, but interestingly Amazon Music tops the list in terms of average payment per stream on $0.01196/stream. However, as the science advances, it becomes increasingly easy to become lost in detail, distracted by an overload of information and technical terminology. While that figure may be staggering, streams of “Gangnam Style” went up by no less than 2190% after they also deposed the winners of 2014. Tencent Music logs an impressive 11%, despite its heavy domestic focus (where it is split over a suite of four apps), while YouTube clocks 6%. The Spotify algorithm serves users tracks based on their crossover with other listeners’ histories, natural language processing (scouring the internet to look at terms associated with any given track or artist), and raw audio models, which are analysed using “convolutional neural networks”. Looking at the global picture, Spotify remains comfortably in the lead with 108 million subscribers to Apple Music’s 60 million, as of June 2019. The above graphic also breaks down each service by gender. Aashayein Aashayein – Iqbal; This song is taken from movie Iqbal about a physically challenged aspiring cricketer. After this point, it tends to stay fixed at a certain point, with a slight dip back towards more popular songs perceived at around 42. This puts it just a shade behind Apple Music, which enjoys reach of 23.8%. This is a high figure, though not inconceivable given music can be streamed in the background of other activities. The power of the Spotify playlist cannot be understated. Even Post Malone’s 2019 figures, however, pale in comparison to Drake’s 8.2 billion streams in 2018 (and his 7.4 billion in 2016). Kalia also found that those who are parents tend to diverge further from the mainstream, and continue to move further and further away from popular artists as they get older. 8 songs. Spotify MAU growth by region, 2016 – 2019, proportional. Europe is the biggest market in both cases, followed by North America. In Q4 2019 this saw daily podcast recommendations being sent to users in key markets. The forecast for the year were made before the coronavirus pandemic and concomitant social distancing measures took hold in Europe and North America. Sheeran and Justin Bieber are the only artists to feature in the top-10 tracks twice, reflecting the very real dominance enjoyed on Spotify by a relatively limited number of artists. According to Spotify data, streams of “Cielito Lindo”, an unofficial Mexican football anthem, increased by 1,854% after the national team’s historic victory over then defending champions Germany. Both show small fluctuations in the period covered but there’s no real discernible major trend, beside slight divergence in 2019 as Netflix ARPU increased and Spotify ARPU decreased.

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