These ships were both quicker and cheaper to build than larger fleet carriers and were built in great numbers to serve as a stop-gap measure when fleet carriers were too few. The Russian Navy was established in December 1991, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, most Soviet aircraft carriers were transferred over to Russia. Russia has one aircraft carrier on active duty, the Admiral Kuznetsov. Although their role in modern navy is quite important, there is only one nation that can boast … In-service, undergoing extensive testing until 2021, Launched 1945. Planned. To India 1957 and completed as. These carriers serve as the centerpieces and flagships for the Navy's Carrier Strike Groups, with their embarked carrier air wings and accompanying ships and submarines, which strongly contribute to the US ability to project force around the globe. The two planned Italian carriers Aquila and Sparviero were seized by the Germans after the Italian Armistice but not completed. The following are the classes and stand-alone ships of the US Navy's escort carriers; The United States Navy also has several full-deck, amphibious assault ships, which are larger than many of the aircraft carriers of other navies today. Sunk at Beppu Bay 24 July 1945. Planned for commission in 2023. Scuttled 27 February 1942 after being damaged by, Sunk by enemy action on 8 May 1942 during. Under preliminary stages of construction. Under construction 1938–1940, but never completed. Scheduled to commission in 2025. Their primary purpose though, is usually to serve as the centerpiece and flagship for an Expeditionary Strike Group or Amphibious Ready Group, carrying US Marine Corps Expeditionary Units and their equipment close to shore for amphibious landings and departures. Launched 1945 but never completed. Sunk 9 April 1942 by Japanese aircraft. First domestically built Chinese aircraft carrier. Tanker conversion. The Soviet Union was dissolved in December 1991, most Soviet aircraft carriers were transferred to Russia, with the exception of Varyag which was transferred to Ukraine. The following is a complete list of all the US Navy's carriers and classes to date, and their status: The United States Navy also had a sizable fleet of escort aircraft carriers during World War II and the era that followed. Returned to the US after World War II ended. 1942–1943 cruiser conversion, never completed. Countries currently operating carriers in blue; historic operators of carriers in light blue. The Russian Navy was established in December 1991, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, most Soviet aircraft carriers were transferred over to Russia. The United States now operates 10 Nimitz -class "supercarriers," aircraft carriers that dwarf all other flat-tops worldwide ... Russia. Sunk by British aircraft. Carpenter & Wiencek, Asian Security Handbook 2000, p. 302. The list of aircraft carriers by country includes all aircraft carriers organized by country of origin and service. Ulyanovsk was scrapped before the Soviet Union was dissolved. 1920–22 conversion from battlecruiser never completed. Laid down 18 April 1949, cancelled five days later. With each passing year, new players are entering the realm of a surface fleet built around the mighty aircraft carrier - China being a key example of this.

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