WTF Political cartoonist. Tomorrow! in News. # Repost @hop_toys with @make_repost ・・・ Tomorrow! Shadow Mewtwo In Pokémon GO: To Purify Or Not To Purify? The art ground to a halt for a minute there, but we're piecing it back together again. Across the battlefield is Dr. Laganeria "Lago" Fatum: great and terrible, Practioner of Rather Dark Arts, prone to third-person monologues, and most assuredly not a sentient gourd wearing a Dr. Doom mask. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a … But the film "crew" slowly drifted away across the states and I followed a girl who's not the girl anymore to Portland, Oregon. My name is James Groman, and I am an illustrator, Toy Designer and Sculptor with 30 years of experience in these fields. in News, Resin. Kickstarter link: Savage warfare erupts between the two dominant Mad Lands, the fallout of which will forever alter the socio-medical landscape of Doctorworld!". Kickstarter starts tomorrow. Up-to-the-moment info, BackerKit blog Creators who use BackerKit raise 15% more on average. Then I drew a human skull with antlers, apparently (I'm looking at that sketchbook now.) I've worked nearly every day for the past three years on some aspect of Mad Doctors. In a world consumed with conquering time travel, building a better Death Ray, and Frankenstein-ing every spare corpse in sight, capital-D Doomsday is always just around the corner. I was creating something that tied it all together. But I'm not here to talk about going sober, exactly. View on Kickstarter. Silver age comics, monster movies, punk rock, 80s action figures, the pulp pulp PULP of Star Wars and Planet of the Apes and Barbarella. OMG Everything great about BackerKit: the right choice for most creators. And that, dear Reader, is a really long way of saying it is a love letter to YOU! 180 Views. Gingerbread Happy Dappy Cappy Cookies by Czeetoyz! Required fields are marked *, Browse and manage your votes from your Member Profile Page. Your email address will not be published. Home » Comics » 'Mad Doctors' On Kickstarter: A Product Of Courage And Recovery, Once my wife and I had maneuvered that flaming hopscotch court more or less unscathed, it was time to figure out what to do with all this new, sober free time. Cry, by But trust me, we'll still tell you we're "writers".) DOG SAVE THE QUEEN by D*Face x Medicom x Sync. Find your spot on the team, The Creative Fund Love Basically settled into indie-restaurant management as a respectable Portland career, met the real girl, and drank like I worked in the service industry. I drew our dog. Quitting drinking was hard, and I don't want to belittle that by breezing over the details and anguish, and I don't want to make light of anyone else's struggles with it. In our increasingly volatile world, where battle lines are being drawn on seemingly every topic — you are either for this or for that — this feels like a quite prescient debate and well worth having. Until the wrong Mad Doctor gets his finger on the wrong End-Of-The-World button, I, your faithful chronicler, will be here to share their stories. I'm Matt Blairstone. Campaigns we love, Pre-order marketplace Get in over to Kickstarter tomorrow and help @hop_toys meet their goal! Lives in South-West London, works from Blacks on Dean Street, shops at Piranha Comics. And oh yeah, then we went and had an awesome little baby boy seven months ago and blew the whole carefully disciplined process all to hell! Pretty, Your email address will not be published. Along the way we'll encounter a cybernetic Tyrannosaurus Rex, human-crayfish hybrids, and a fellow Mad Doctor who can successfully send his skeletal system (yes, only his bones) forward in time. Numerous touchstones throughout my adolescence: I had drawn my own comics as a boy; odd, crude things that looked like a mishmash of Hellraiser and professional wrestling (only much later did I realize that I was tapping into some serious 2000AD zeitgeist, minus the talent). Just an FYI, Bryan Doell and I made it ... our goal to keep this figure at a affordable level for collectors...even though this guys gonna be 12 inches tall. When my wife gave me that sketchbook, and I started drawing warriors with surgical scrubs and bo staffs, I realized that Mad Doctors was an encapsulation of so many snapshots from throughout my life. Brought beauty, function, and fun to the kitchen. in Customs, News. This is all pretty boilerplate, right? Mad Doctors is, in many ways, a reflection on the nature of faith vs. science. Gachimuchi Tori Series 2 by Takio Chan x Medicom Toy. You can reach me by email at MAp-MAp maps a route to Toy Art UK. TTC Beard My Kickstarter aims to fund large enough print runs for the first two issues of Mad Doctors and the first issue of Mondo Cosmico so that the series can feed itself from here on out. Instagram nutter rambling food addict who likes to take photos of everything I eat (most Asians do right?) Until I didn't. I'm here to talk about what came after. by TTC Seventh Birthday Jackpot. Cute Founder of Bleeding Cool. Lovecraftian tentacles descended ominously from the space above them. Mad Doctors was born. The West Wing Reunion Offered to Non-HBO Max Subscribers for Free, Batwoman, Walker, Flash & More: CW Offers Handy Premiere Cheat Sheet, Comics: Comic Book News, Rumors & Information - Bleeding Cool. Haus of Boz brings the cute to Toy Art UK! Then some kind of Gill-Man in a satanic psychedelic setting that wouldn't be out of place in the journal of someone who had last drawn something over 20 years ago. My wife is a professional illustrator and my best critic/motivator; I was a "writer" who hadn't really drawn anything in over 20 years (Note: a disproportionate amount of drunks say they're writers; most of them just don't have anything to say at the moment. Because I found something I love a whole lot more than booze. Download on the iPhone or Android smartphones. Want to see this graph on the campaign page. Sounds thrilling, n'est ce pas?! Goal: $25,000. LOL, by Staff favorites You can get more info about the Kickstarter here, and at my website, Instagram, and Facebook. News and creator stories, Careers What it takes to deliver it all, Guides Where breaking the law of reality is the only law of the land.". MY MAD MONSTER Kickstarter by HOPToys and James Groman Designs, SML WARS SS 001 SPACECRAFT VER by STICKY MONSTER LAB x Blitzway, Gachimuchi Tori Series 2 by Takio Chan x Medicom Toy. A Yellow guy with bad English who's a chef by trade but addicted to toys and art. For creators who need more flexibility with shipping and sales. As a special thank you to Bleeding Cool devotees, anyone who kicks in $10 or more and mentions hearing about it on Bleeding Cool will receive a black light poster in addition to the listed tiered rewards. Popular Let’s take a look at Mad Love, from Imp House Game Company, on Kickstarter now. Kingdom Death is raising funds for Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 on Kickstarter! 1 point . Cute 43% of Goal. In Progress. Go Go Mondo Culto! Search for “The Toy Chronicle” and all your Designer Toy wishes will come true! Andy TTC Beard Or maybe ever. It’s free too! "Mad Doctors. Switch to the dark mode that's kinder on your eyes at night time. Best practices from creators, HOPToys presents, a James Groman Designs Original Concept: My Mad Monster, Do more and make more, from start to finish. -1 points . Learn more, See why 8,600+ project creators choose BackerKit. I went to film school in Chicago from 1998-2001, and that was a great time for reckless creativity and unchecked ambitions. MUPAMOCHIE Mr Single & Miss Single 拯救单身狗大作战 by MUPA Toys x 1983 Toys, Jobi The Fox ‘THINK BIG’ Special Edition by OK Luna x Unbox Industries Worldwide Release, C daan Made 是但製 Rubber Boi 0.02 Rainbow Chrome Edition, Little Maurizio Blind Box Series by Javier Calleja, Eddie Spray Can by Denis Ugryumov of MonsterSonShop. Cry Other. $10,821. Well, I have listened to my fair share of Celtic Frost. Upvote Downvote. It…was quite a lot of free time, incidentally (at least for a little while; we'll get to that.). I nailed her glassy, annoyed eyes, at least. 34 talking about this. Father of two. Library of support articles, Shipping calculator 30 days to go. on Kickstarter. And the way she tries to make her muscular frame look tiny when she curls up to nap. Not bad. A tantrum-prone pumpkin-monster with an uncanny resemblance to Dr. Doom stomped past a horse-headed man in a shredded lab coat wielding a severed human head. by Haus of Boz brings the cute to Toy Art UK! It is something I share with my wife: our artistic time together. Spin to Win! October 27, 2020, 7:14 pm, by Upvote Downvote. I'm 41 years old and three weeks shy of three years of sobriety. Hollywood sfx painter and monster artist extraordinaire TIM GORE to the HOPToys x James Groman Designs My Mad Monster Kickstarter campaign! HOPToys presents, a James Groman Designs Original Concept: My Mad Monster. But then life, as it does, happened, and I bounced around outsider film and metal bands and horror fiction and, y'know, jobs that actually paid me.

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