I love the long focus way on my Zeiss lenses, and also on my old trioplan. The Megadap Leica M – Nikon Z Autofocus Adapter is a bridge between old manual lenses and modern AF systems. No spam, guaranteed! This Lens Mount Adapter also features Manual Stop-down/AE Priority metering. The Megadap Leica M – Nikon Z Autofocus Adapter is a bridge between old manual lenses and modern AF systems. The adapter currently supports Single shot AF (AF-S), Continuous AF (AF-C) and servo AF (AF-F) mode. FotodioX has just released a brand new adapter for the Fujifilm X Series of cameras that adds autofocus to your vintage manual focus lenses. For older manual focus lenses with a dedicated aperture ring even a cheap ~20$ adapter will suffice most of the time. Let us know in the comments underneath the article. EF, F, FD, PK, MD, OM, M42, LR, CY, etc.) This way, the mounted manual lens can benefit from autofocus as well. Is the Canon EOS R6 the Best All-Around Mirrorless Camera? That longing increased slightly when I saw this interesting adapter, the Fotodiox Pronto. Megadap has not forgotten Nikon Z users who own other brands of manual lenses. By entering your email, you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. For AF-area, Single-point AF, Wide-area AF (S/L), and Auto-area AF can all be used. He holds an M.S. There are a few catches: it can only support lenses up to 1.5 lbs, you'll need to add a second adapter to use something other than Leica M mount, and its use is suggested with 50mm or wider lenses, with telephoto lenses requiring a manual rough focus before the adapter takes over. The distance between the lens and the camera sensor, says Megadap, “will hereby be adjusted until the focus is reached.”. Lens Mount Adapter from K&F concept allows infinity focus for easy mount. Check out the Fstoppers Store for in-depth tutorials from some of the best instructors in the business. Are These Budget Lenses Sharp Enough for High-Resolution Cameras? The adapter currently supports Single-shot AF (AF-S), Continuous AF (AF-C), and servo AF (AF-F) mode. Two years warranty and Fedex international shipping is provided for all direct purchase from the store. This neat adapter gives you back that ability. Even though I'm a Canon guy, I'm also a glass geek, and the allure of sticking almost any lens (even from the 19th century) on a camera always has me eyeballing the Sony world longingly. Megadap uploaded a short video on Youtube to showcase the AF speed. If you own a Sony mirrorless camera, you probably know that an adapter can open up a veritable treasure trove of vintage lenses or allow you to use other manufacturers' current offerings. Is Canon's RF 85mm f/1.2L Lens Really Worth Four Times the Price of the RF 85mm f/2? I use Canon FD Lenses (with a speedbooster tho) on my Fuji X-T3s. The Demise of Olympus: How and Why Did It Happen, and What Does the Future Hold? The adapter, says the company, is suitable for Nikon Z50, Nikon Z5, Nikon Z6, Nikon Z6 ii, Nikon Z7, Nikon Z7 ii cameras. The motor within the adapter will then drive the bayonet to extend or retract, changing the distance between the lens and the camera sensor until the focus is reached. Does anybody really need AF for MF only lenses? All Rights Reserved. The adapter itself has electronic contacts to communicate with Nikon Z cameras and utilises the cameras’ phase-detection autofocus algorithm to determine the focus spot. The new Megadap adapter replaces the focusing mechanism of the lens by incorporating an extendable bayonet mechanism. A micro USB port is equipped for future firmware updates.”. into autofocus. In fact, in addition to the Leica M-mount lenses, users can also stack additional adapters to turn lenses with other mounts (E.g. A new manufacturer of electronic adapters, Megadap announces a world’s first: an adapter for Nikon Z cameras which can turn manual focus lenses into autofocus. It uses an extendable bayonet mechanism (up to 6.5mm) that changes the distance between the lens and the image sensor. It's a different world I love to embrace. It autofocuses manual focus lenses simply by moving them forward and backward, giving any lens you can mount on it the ability to autofocus, and maintaining the use of the camera's built-in image stabilization. The new Megadap adapter replaces the focusing mechanism of the lens by incorporating an extendable bayonet structure. Jakub has over 7 years of experience with camera work and post-production. I'm assuming this will work also for the older A6000? 71 (“Ted Lasso” Editors Melissa McCoy & A.J Catoline), ART OF THE CUT with the editors of Ted Lasso – Melissa McCoy and A.J. in Applied Mathematics and a doctorate in Music Composition. Would you like to equip your manual lenses with autofocus?

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