When Bernard gets back from vacation and finds the Poles has gone to shit while he was out he's less than thrilled. Vincentia thanked the elf as he nodded his head and left. it's the most wonderful time of the year. The only credit I wish to keep would be the characters Leecen Carlos, Bella Carlos, Ocean Frost, Katzakai Carlos, and any character that isn't in the Santa Clause movies. But will he return to the Bernard he once knew or is it already too late? Inspired by the movie The Santa Claus. All Souls' Day, the day Bernard woke up human, had fallen on a Sunday that year. Ocean Frost), Jack Frost (Santa Clause)/Original Character(s). the female head elf repeated to herself. "Sir, the rumor of Bernard and I is not true. Let the chaos commence. Charlie knew it was childish of him. The Spirit, The Girl, And The Elf by HermioneG7 reviews [The Santa Clause movies] A group of children's christmas spirit is crushed when the two parents start to fight. Wait up!" Once the small present was wrapped with green wrapping paper and a red ribbon, their boss, Santa Claus, came in. A gem green Christmas sweater kept her upper body warm. "Hey Vincentia," Bernard smiled once he got his senses back. giggled his childhood friend. Bernard keeps Santa's workshop working, yet doesn't socialize much with any of the other elves, choosing instead to keep to himself. Kira is the elf who delivers supplies to all the departments.

", "I don't know Bernard." He kept them all in a small box, that soon turned into several more as the years went on, and was always excited to receive each and every one. if you don't like that then please turn away now to avoid disappointment.). An alternate universe story about what our beloved characters would do under Jack Frost's Santa and what would happen if Scott failed to regain his Santa-ness in the third movie. "Thank you," smiled Bernard, taking a bite of a cookie. He had to show Bernard that he could take it, that he was ready for sex. "Let's hope that he'll accept the job, without a Santa, how can we run the whole place?". "Whatever you say Vincentia," Santa chuckled, leaving the bakery. There's something magical binding them together that neither understands...it's a lot for a new elf to handle, but can Elle learn to accept it before it's too late? "Bernard! He had to show Bernard that he could take it, that he was ready for sex. (warning this will only be updated in the first 24/25 days of December each year until completed.

They both were the famous "cute couple" here at the North Pole. He passed by the Ball Room and the Work Shop, the Toy Duplicating room and the Reindeer Kennel. Her pale skin was from the coldness from the everyday snow outside. The rumor has spread through the elves faster than Santa Claus traveling the world in one night. Then one of the elves came towards them. tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply", Aria, a bright headstrong girl, is the daughter of Scott Calvin. He passed everyone who tried to acknowledge him, and continued through the rooms.

Work Search: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (1), Bernard the Arch Elf & Curtis (Santa Clause) (1), Slight Edging/Orgasm Control/Orgasm Denial, Bernard & Charlie's Alphabet Soup Challenge, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, perhaps endings and beginnings go hand in hand, INTERLUDE II: Bernard's POV of The Santa Clause 2, INTERLUDE I: The Real Reason Charlie Acts Out in School, the underage is minor themes and a chaste kiss on the side of the lips, probably will become a multichaptered pos. For a day such as this, the time would be merry, however, this was anything but. Many people dream of the day when they finally meet their soulmate and fall in love. November chaos. "Scott Calvin?" He was so full. Everyone will shrug it off and giggle away, sometimes will sing the kiddish "Kissing in a Tree" song. ", "Aww Merry Christmas to you too!" He had never wanted anything so badly in his life as badly as he wanted this though, and so he had to take it. Not only to bring joy to the elves and to the big boss Santa Claus, the cookies will calm down the first head elf whenever he loses his temper. X !Family Member!'

When I created Ocean Frost, I did not intentionally give them the same last names, and nor will that ever be the case. I type and I don't think about what I will type chapters ahead. Charlie was crying out louder than he ever had before. Needless to say, Jack isn't very good at instilling the Spirit of Christmas, which has magical ripple effects across the board. Elves were making last minute gifts and wrapping. Bernard forgets to eat.

She brags about her parents status as toy makers, yet ignores the existence of her older brother who may not be as embarrassing as she thinks. "Is he on the list of grownups that doesn't believe in Santa Claus anymore?". It gets annoyed during work. "You two look cute together.".

They watched the big boss at the pole lifted off the snowy ground and leave the North Pole. Bernard had refused him so many times, to the point where Charlie just started crying. Bernard/Charlie and drabbles/oneshots/short stories relating them to words of the alphabet. Everything is going great except that he is trying to express his love for his best friend, the female head elf. Lol I wrote this around Christmas time, and I’m only just posting it now for some reason. ", "Well," his friend smiled trying to cheer him up. "Yes sir," she answered, giving him the present. The female elf in front of him was shorter than him like the top of her black hat goes to his eyes.

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