The Magnalex windscreen shade is another popular pop-up product. A:  The best sun shades will be made out of polyester and are coated with a thin layer of silver. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an This means you’ll have to be sure that you prop them up properly with your sun visors for extra security as they will feel a little looser than those with one, longer cover. The second, more traditional format, is the accordion-style sun shade. The biggest benefit to this particular product is the company’s pro-active customer service. Another great benefit to the Magnalex is that the company also provides a steering wheel sunshade, which means you’re much less likely to get burnt fingers in your scorching hot car in the summer. Also, they are easy to put up and take down. There’s not much point buying a sunshade that doesn’t reduce heat, yet there are many sellers out there who are more concerned with making a quick buck than they are at providing genuine products. The A1 car sun protector is one of the best windshield sun shades, due to its material. And even better, we’re here to tell you about all the benefits of grabbing a sunshade for your car, as well as answering those frequently asked questions and even giving you a list of the best car shades available online, right now. You might find cheaper ones are made of nylon or other materials, which are not as effective at keeping out the heat- nor will they protect your car from UV damage, in most cases. It’s a nice little add on should you choose this item. The EzyShade product reduces heat by as much as 82 percent, which is no small feat in this industry. If you were thinking about picking up a windshield sunshade, look no further. In most cases, sun shades are easy to clean by wiping down the surfaces with a warm, soapy sponge or cloth. This makes it easy to fit, easy to take down, and a great fit for most cars. Using a shade can help increase the longevity of your gadgets while assisting you in maintaining your car. There’s not much difference between the different types, once they’re fully extended. This is heavy-duty material, and it comes with 99-percent UV protection, so you’ll no longer get that hot, sticky feeling when entering your car after a day of sunshine. There are two main types of sun shade that are popular, today. Due to the difference in the window height and length which is different not only in every brand but in every style, which can change from year-to-year, you can only try to get the most accessible sunshade that is “adjustable”. Have a read through and make sure your windshield sun shade adds that essential UV protection, or at least is UV reflective. They are, however, easy to pull down and fold up, which is great if you just like to chuck it in the back seat when you’re ready to drive. Using a similar method to some of the other entries on our list, this sun shade is made up of two pop-up discs and a UV-reflective fabric that surrounds them. This company takes pride in understanding the science behind keeping your car protected from the sun. Available in three sizes, we recommend looking through the size guide to ensure the discs will fit well against your windshield. Customers love the fit along with the ease of use and the way it easily fits most windscreens perfectly. The pop-up style of the car window sunshade means this can be used at a moment’s notice to match your car’s size, and it easily pops into place and stays there. Best for Side Windows: ShadeSox Universal Car Side Window. EcoNour’s offering is a very popular, well-priced product, and you get a lot of bang for your buck. The best sun shades also have a good level of UV protection. You can always utilize their no-quibble, money back guarantee if you don’t agree! Over time, the scorching heat can cause your dashboard to become “bleached”, brittle, and even crack. Ohuhu recommends that you use your sun visors in your car to help keep the windshield shade in place, although users mention that this is not necessary for most cars. The Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade provides full UV … If you have a more confusing sunshade, they will usually add a guide to help you with any fiddlier bits- but they’re usually very straightforward and easy to sort out. Customers love that this sun shade is super lightweight and that it folds down to a tiny package, which you can then fit in your side door pocket or other area in your vehicle. Users have noted that the Ohuhu car sun shade is one of the most versatile available. Since the fit appears to match most cars with little-to-no issues, alongside the excellent customer service and even the way the windshield sun shade stays put and protects almost any vehicle, it was hard to choose any other companies sunshade!

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