, Real-life Story of the 'Bionic Eye,' the Argus II, Retina Specialist: It may actually be possible to reach human eye quality, if the trend in pixel counts is maintained. “…I have found that with the device, I am much more aware of what is going on around me…” “…It gave a sense of ‘belonging’ in the gathering and not just solely relying on hearing to be more aware of my environment…” “…I’ve got more confidence and the device is really helping me…”. Contact us Biology & Medicine This graph shows the progress in bionic eye technology from 2000 to 2050. Improving People’s Lives – Testimonials. Ongoing, exponential progress has the potential to revolutionise patient care., "IMTC enables patients to recognize faces and objects, read big-print books (font size > 14 pt. Computers & the Internet Links Latest predictions Even healthy people may then forego their natural eyes in favour of upgraded cyborg versions. With sufficiently miniaturised components, these future implants might include additional features, such as the ability to record video and capture every moment of a person's life. Videos, About us For millions of people worldwide, the reality of blindness is loss of freedom and independence to navigate the world. Building on advances for restoring hearing for the deaf, the BVT Bionic retinal prosthesis system delivers visual information to the brain to improve the patient’s awareness of external objects and surroundings. The entire system runs on a battery pack that's housed with the video processing unit. Data & trends Copyright © 2020 Bionic Vision Technologies. Iridium Medical Technology Company based in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, has created a retinal prosthesis that generates 4,000 pixels. Press releases, 21st century ( Learn More) In 2012, a rudimentary version of a bionic eye was first implanted. Transport & Infrastructure, Artwork Scientists have calculated that our eyes contain photoreceptors equivalent to a 576 megapixel (MP) digital camera. Beyond 1 million AD, AI & Robotics Latest blogs Further improvements may lead to superhuman vision in the 2050s and beyond. Military & War Bionic eye scientists have one common goal: to develop technology that's as effective for visual disabilities as cochlear implants have become for auditory ones. The far future When the camera captures an image -- of, say, a tree -- … The Bionic Eye System. According to their product description, that is sufficient to enable patients "to recognise faces and objects, read big-print books, and navigate easily through life.".

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