individual ages? On 28 August 2009 the group joined Yvette Fielding in Edinburgh for a Ghosthunting with... show for ITV2. [37], In early 2014, a compilation album Love Me for a Reason: The Collection was released and it has charted in Ireland and Belgium. Birthday October Oct 1, 1974 . He left The Voice Australia in 2016 - citing work commitments and his upcoming baby as his reasons for stepping down. About. Born In 1976. [55] The album was be titled Thank You & Goodnight. A Huge contribution to the background and lead vocals in their tours since 2011 has come from backing vocalist Jo Garland who has sung with Ronan Keating in his solo ventures since 2001 and with Boyzone since 2008, her vocals have been more prominent often covering for vocals that Stephen Gately sung. Officially splitting in 2000, the group have frequently got back together for landmark tours for fans - including the Back Again...No Matter What tour in 2009 - the last time they'd perform as a five-piece before the tragic death of Stephen Gately. 3. I was only with him on Monday at an awards ceremony. It was announced on the same day that the brand new album will be released on 25 November 2013 and became available to pre-order from Amazon. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. But about a year after they made their name through their infamous Late Late Show debut, Mark was edged out of the band he created. The album sold 90,000 copies in the UK. [60], Boyzone during a performance in June 2009, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Official Singles Charts' biggest selling artists of all time revealed", "Boyzone celebrate 20 years at the top - and pledge to make it 50 like the Rolling Stones", "Who's sold the most records? He met Andrew Cowles through a mutual friend, Elton John, and wed Cowles first in Vegas in 2003, then more formally in London three years later. Most Popular #48060. When did organ music become associated with baseball? Pop Singers. How many eligible voters are registered to vote in the United States? He was in the boy group Boyzone, joining them in 1993. "[21][23], The four surviving Boyzone members were originally going to release the new album in mid-2010 with a summer tour following the album, but the album was released in March 2010 which was earlier than planned. The single charted in Australia and New Zealand and peaked at No. 1 hits in the United Kingdom charts. Boyzone announced they would officially split up … We don't know much about what's happened yet. [26] The track written by Mika became the lead single from the new album, titled "Gave It All Away". For other inquiries, Contact Us. In June 1999, Stephen Gately revealed that he was gay and was in love with the ex-Caught in the Act member Eloy de Jong. During their time in the charts, they scored eighteen top ten hits in the Official UK Chart with six UK hit singles - making them the second biggest boy band after Take That. [33] Duffy told The Sun newspaper, "We've plans in place for a tour and an album next year for the 20th anniversary, The album will probably involve the O2 arena in London, it's very exciting!, we've a very loyal fanbase that always come in their thousands.

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