Traffic Ticket While Being Pulled Over by Police or the DOT. As in “hitting the binders” means hitting the brakes. A truck with a load of turkeys headed for slaughter. This was my dad's radio the little boy said And headed straight for Jackson Street 229 Learn all of the necessary slang; just being able to say "Breaker breaker" and "Come on back" doesn't qualify. I’d say at least 99% I’ve heard and used when I was driving. Somebody trying to talk at the same time you are (“can you repeat that somebody just stepped on you”). I came back and told him to fire up that mike Usually means passing someone with great speed. ( Log Out /  A semi-tractor operating without a trailer. The inside lane (left most lane) in either direction of an eight-lane highway. It is now the modern term for a homosexual. Acknowledged; can also be used to denote or emphasize an agreement ("That's a big 10-4."). Also called a portable runway since at night, from an airplane it must look like a moving runway. Thanks, OOIDA for recognizing what we do. Ah I hit that Interstate with tears in my eyes A car-hauler. This is the law enforcement headquarters or station. But knowing the CB lingo is part of being a trucker. What the person who is being called will say on his radio as a response. If you were listening to a CB Radio conversation and you heard: “Breaker Breaker One Nine, this is the Chicken Clucker holler’n at ya westbound, what’s it look like in ya back pocket? A police officer. The term bear refers to law enforcement. Similar to "Alligator Station", but usually refers to a mobile user rather than a base station. Grandpa and His Boys, the inspiration for the Stories (but we write for little girls, too--evident in Book 2's "Girl Truckers."). Picking up and delivering a load. There's plenty of talk around here in central Alabama. A law officer monitoring traffic with a radar gun. Your email address will not be published. A Minivan, station wagon, or other family car. Is your trucking company using the right dispatch software? Change ). CB codes and trucker talk came into being back in the ’60’s and ’70’s, when the CB radio was popular. Finished talking but still listening to the radio. Com-back.” And then you hear: “Mr. A road tractor with more than one trailer. Not one breaker came on the old CB as that little crippled boy talked with me Radar gun ahead (you’re going to get your picture taken). Let’s break down the lingo here. Nature's fury in the form of ice-slicked roads, blizzards, and hurricanes. Sunny D bottle: Pee bottle used so as to make less frequent bathroom stops, By: Adam (former driver) on August 19, 2016 at 10:13 am, By: aneducationinbooks on September 16, 2016 at 12:00 pm, What happen to 3’s & 8’s And the Monfort Lane and the Mclain Lane and 10-100, By: arline bennett on February 22, 2017 at 8:30 pm. Painted dashed line dividing lanes (“He is hogging the zipper”). To say "What's your handle?" If a truck asks, “Got your ears on?”, they are asking if you are there. ("You have a sports car 'on your donkey'. And the little boy's voice came back on the air That is, to put his fingerprints on all the boxes. (“Hey East bound how about a bear report, come back.”). Often used in a comic fashion. When you want to talk to truckers from your company about personal matters or company business, you use this phrase. Why is that important? The unique bond truckers enjoy--fostered by an often-solitary lifestyle. A police officer listening to others on the CB. A toll road since on most maps toll roads are highlighted in a green color. Truckers developed a language of their own, which they used when talking to each other on their CB radios. But this old base'll keep me in touch with all my trucker friends This is the trucker channel. If you plan to purchase a CB radio or join the trucking industry, you are good to go. And I'm not much help with my two crippled feet For more than seventy-five years, big rig culture has been immortalized on the big screen and in American music. Some townships have bylaws in place that limit the use of such brakes in residential or other areas due to the noise. Bear in the bushes means that a cop is hiding somewhere usually with a speed gun. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. A traffic citation/ticket (especially a speeding ticket). An exceptionally clear, strong signal/transmission. Actually, some of these were new to me as I’ve not been driving over the road really for almost 10 years. Most newer trucks have shield plates designed to prevent this. Can also mean a fast truck. Refers to a popular style of rotating light used by many state police and some other law enforcement agencies of the roof. "Breaker Breaker 19 anyone out there? Are you old enough to remember? [2][3] Although this practice is all but dead, many truck drivers will call each other "Hand",[4] or by the name of the company they are driving for. This page was last edited on 20 October 2020, at 21:01. Turn around and go the opposite direction. Refers to the last person in the convoy, who watches for cops coming from behind. Well I came back and I said before you go 10-10 Asking for the correct time (“Can I get a 10-36?”)  Drivers must log their working hours in their logbook according to the time of their home terminal. ("My bird-dog is barking."). When more than one emergency vehicle are gathered with their lights flashing. Breaker 19, breaker breaker 19. Along with the term, there are many references to it. the pac brake = pacific engine brake). ("I talked to a hand who wants to become a driver."). Directed by Don Hulette. (Now used by the general public.). [citation needed]. Has truck driver lingo evolved since then? While this is commonly used to refer to a four-wheel-drive vehicle (such as a jeep or pickup), among truck drivers it refers to any vehicle with only 2 axles, as distinguished from an “eighteen-wheeler” (a semi truck). Someone who is lost or seeking directions. If your home terminal is on the east coast and you’re delivering in California you might ask for a time check since California is on Pacific time, therefore 3 hours behind your east coast time. Road is clear of police and obstructions. A polite form of address used when you do not know someone’s on-the-air nickname. Why? But I guess that's all over now since my daddy's gone American Truck Simulator Rolling Out Today, Early | Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Great article. Truck drivers are some of the nicest people in the world. Part of the tractor that the trailer hitches onto. You hear it in movies all the time. I guess every driver for miles around had caught Teddy Bear's call A large piece of tire on the road. Police officer on a motorcycle (refers to the, Police vehicle, especially one with the older-style, dome-shaped red rotating/. the 1-9 is channel nineteen; … In that story, he goes along a fog-bound mountain highway in northern California, sitting high in the big rig. A CB user transmitting in a foreign language. You know there's one thing I want more than anything else to see Unmarked police car (often referred to by the car’s actual color). 18-wheeler were lined up for three city blocks Someone using a cell phone while driving. A Navistar International truck (formerly International Harvester). Learning CB lingo and radio code is a critical first step to effective communication. A truck operating with an empty trailer. Police needed at ________. Police officer in some form of aircraft (particularly helicopters). Oh I know you guys are too busy to bother with me This old truck will be yours Teddy Bear Refers to a female escort usually found at truck stops and rest areas that wants to ride along with drivers they pick up. Asking to see if radio is working (“Breaker 1-9, can I get a radio check?”). A “smokey or bear report” is what CB users say when they have information on a law officer, such as location or current activities. Pickup truck drivers congregating with truckers. A less derogatory term for a female police officer. Prison Transport used by the Department Of Corrections, terminology is named for the caged wagons used to haul convicts to prison and/or to executions in the US in the 19th century. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Business lane: far left lane "), or inquiring about the location of a third person ("Ok, people, I need a 20 on Little Timmy and fast"). A attractive female passenger in a vehicle. Sometimes one especially known for prostitution. “Gum Ball Machine” / “Bubble Gum Machine”. A driver who appears to be drunk or is driving recklessly. See also Front Door and Rocking Chair. Aggravating Agitator – This term refers to a CB user who is trying to cause trouble. Your email address will not be published. Either a marked or unmarked state trooper vehicle sporting additional antenna on the trunk or sides of the vehicle. The nickname a CB user uses in CB transmissions. Though I'm not supposed to bother you fellows out there You got a bear in the bushes shootin’ you in the back). “Knocking at your back door” means approaching from behind. ("How's it look over your shoulder / over your donkey?"). Usually an owner operator with more than the usual number of lights outlining all sides of the truck and trailer. Cause this hot load of freight would just have to wait Looking at something on the side of the road, causing a backup. Term for tractors designed with the cab directly over the engine. Unhooking and leaving a trailer and picking up another one at a certain location. J.D. Middle vehicles in 3 or more trucks in a convoy. Last transmission not received; repeat your last transmission. St. Louis, Missouri (After the Gateway Arch). Well, believe me—they will be, if they’re reading the Grandpa and the Truck stories. Office workers using the car as an office while in traffic. And then carried him back in and put him down in his chair 2. Stick around to learn the abbreviations and slang used in the world of truck drivers today. Memorize as many of the slang words used by truckers as you can. "), The road behind that one has just traveled. Refers to the truck driver in the lead in a convoy, watching out for troopers up ahead.

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