May walking down the hall humming an old song—“The Girl I Left Behind Me”—or the mere fragrance of clove in spiced tea can set you weeping and howling when all you’ve been for weeks on end is numb.”. Reviewed in the United States on January 5, 2020, bought this book for my friends casket :( great native american book, i’m sure that she would have loved it as we read it as kids. Please try again. Everyone he loves is taken from him or voluntarily leaves, the homes that he knows don't hold any power over his. Although fiction, Frazier took great pains to research the Cherokee people and their complex history with the land. Whereas Cold Mountain is a story of epic quest modeled on the Odyssey with a love story as its major impetus, Thirteen Moons appears at first glance to be a biography told as the arc of a year's thirteen moons--birth to old age. The seasonal round of ceremonies was based on 13 moons, and was considered a necessary spiritual element for growth and fostered social interaction among the Cherokee Clans and Cherokee Society in the culture. After the Civil War there were some legal materials published in Cherokee, including a set of the laws of the Cherokee Nation, but publications in the native language dwindled until a resurgence of interest in Cherokee in the late twentieth century. When I find great fiction like this, it makes me wonder why I struggle through “difficult” books at times – great writing can be a delight, and maybe the greatest writers understand that and have a special skill to tell a tale in a way that is informative, historical, educational, insightful and just plain entertaini. Thirteen Moons (2006), a historical novel by Charles Frazier, tells the story of an orphan who finds love and acceptance with the Cherokee people after he is sent on a journey through their territory.It is roughly based on a Confederate Army officer who is the only white man to ever serve as an Indian Chief. I suppose this novel may be even more interesting for people familiar with the Appalachians or the natural life, but anyone can appreciate Frazier’s great characters, adventure, romance and occasionally sympathetic but ultimately realistic lament for the ‘progress’ of civilization over native culture. I want my children to have a deeper understanding of how as human beings we are interconnected with All Life. Cherokee priests, known as ᎠᏂᎫᏔᏂ or A-ni-ku-ta-ni, defined the 13 ceremonies as listed below. Please try again. A girl in one of my English classes last semester said of this book, "I always get sucked into that Appalachian shit." Every single word counts towards making this one of the most beautiful, evocative historical novels I have ever read. That beautiful natural world exists still, although not in the fullness or lushness of the time period of this novel. A much better book that I read is "Mean Spirit" by Linda Hogan. Your email address will not be published. I was powerless to look away from Will and Claire's love story. Yet the pol is from the same political party that passed and enforced the Indian Removal Act.

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