Regular hours will be M-F, 7am-3pm. It took me almost 3 years to find tea of the quality we wanted. When we started we bought almost everything from Russo’s, a regional mid-sized produce distributor. We are taking orders for: But we all work very very hard to make sure that the quality we achieve, the depth of and cleanliness of flavors is consistently unrivaled. I realized something in those first few weeks that felt like a bit of a revelation for me.A Clover Meal costs approximately $10 If we take away the ability to choose from a range of options it would… Read More, 8 September, 2020: As we say every year, a big thank-you to Sharan for coming up with this crowd favorite back when he was an intern in our kitchen. So how is it faring? If you’re not near a location, or not the talking type, you can use Twitter, or write to us here on the website. We’re talking about the lack of “off” compounds that come from sloppy cooking methods. * Take-out from restaurants

The other year I noticed we talk a lot about clean flavors. We’d rather share a rough recipe with you and ask you what you think than drive an item to final and tell you how great it is. But it’s the right thing to do. PS we’re closed Nov 3. We’re talking about the lack of contamination of flavors (our onion cutting boards are never used for anything else). We have no “back of house” anywhere in our company. We hear a lot of questions about gluten-free options. We invite you to join those who are helping us improve every day. Sometimes our carrots are sweeter, sometimes less sweet. * Curbside from restaurants

It’s our heritage. The Enzo Sandwich came from a salad Vincenzo’s family makes in Calabria, Italy. We have a small menu. We still buy from Tony, and now our volumes are much larger and growing. We are carefully re-opening our restaurants. 2 November, 2020: Look, it’s Olivia delivering meal boxes during warmer times! We taste, we balance, we taste again. Ayr Muir For most fast food beverages are an afterthought, a Coke or Pepsi fountain that earns high margins. We strive to be as accurate as possible, but our menus change frequently, and we do run out. A clean well-run bakery is the best intersection of the two.

It smells beautiful. It’s a beautiful thing. When I was growing up Birthdays were defined by sticky buns. One of the reasons we make everything from scratch is that we want to leave out common additives like citric acid, fats we don’t like, and other additives that are in processed food. Clean flavors come from the first run, not from food that has been reheated or “flashed” right before service. Rolando brought an organization called Farm Fresh Rhode Island/ Market Mobile to Massachusetts. We make mistakes all the time. Please ask.

But this time instead of loading a food truck hoping to sell 20 sandwiches at MIT I’m launching something completely new for Clover: At Home Meal Boxes. When Surfline says the conditions are right, we wake up really early and get down to Narragansett before first light. David’s sandwich that he presented at food dev last month was AWESOME. If you would like to submit a recipe idea to Clover, come to a Food Development Meeting. Clean flavors are identifiable.

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