1958/2231). (1) Part 5 of Schedule 6 (devolution issues: general) is... 107.In Schedule 7 (procedure for subordinate legislation), in the table... 108.The Northern Ireland Act 1998 is amended as follows. 3). 47. 337. 62. 13. After time most of these old provisions are ignored or never used in a modern society, since they are not relevant to the needs of the people. 56. The Children Act 1989 is amended as follows. 102. 113. In section 16 (records of lay justices), after subsection (3)... (1) Section 17 (chairman and deputy chairmen) is amended as... (1) Section 19 (training, development and appraisal of lay justices)... (1) Section 20 (rules) is amended as follows. The Land Registration Act 2002 is amended as follows. 63.  with Laying of Documents Before Parliament (Interpretation) Act 1948 (c. 59). 385.  claims 1993/1575 (N.I. 8. 91. (1) Section 1 of the Consolidation of Enactments (Procedure) Act... Exchequer and Audit Departments Act 1957 (c. 45). The Northern Ireland Act 1998 is amended as follows. (1) Section 64 (training courses) is amended as follows. 19. 36. with merely 5 other countries, Britain is among very few to have an uncodified constitution.   CONS: Confusion exists over whether it would have an equal weighting to the Commons and how peers would be elected. 70. Senators. In the British Law Ascertainment Act 1859—. Omit section 82 (proceedings before the Judicial Committee). 71. Clerk of the Parliaments Act 1824 (c. 82). 12.The Resident Magistrates' Pensions Act (Northern Ireland) 1960 is amended... 13.In section 1 (retiring age of resident magistrates), omit “Lord... 14.In section 2 (pensions of resident magistrates), after subsection (6)... 15.Omit section 11 (resident magistrates already serving). In Article 359 (insolvency rules), after paragraph (1) insert—. 173. 113. 8. 31. 4. 1974/256). 149.In section 161 of the Representation of the People Act... 150.The Mental Health Act 1983 is amended as follows. Parliamentary Commissioner Act 1967 (c. 13).  200 6A. 1. (1) Section 20 (rules) is amended as follows. 307. (1) Section 42 of the Aircraft and Shipbuilding Industries Act... 90.The Patents Act 1977 is amended as follows. 123. 225. 82. (1) The Court of Session Act 1988 is amended as... 50.In the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988, in section 40... Criminal Justice (Serious Fraud) (Northern Ireland) Order 1988 (S.I. county In section 119 (making and control of subordinate legislation), in... (1) Schedule 6 (transitional provisions) is amended as follows. 29. 61. 46. 219. 20. 200. The Housing Act 1985 is amended as follows. 1997/798). (1) Section 5 of the Reserve and Auxiliary Forces (Protection... City of London (Guild Churches) Act 1952 (c. xxxviii). 292. 268. Introduction 3.In the Administration of Justice (Appeals) Act 1934, omit section... National Health Service (Amendment) Act 1949 (c. 93). 1. 246. 27. 10.In the Jurisdiction in Rating Act 1877, in section 3... 11.The Appellate Jurisdiction Act 1887 ceases to have effect.  Courts 284. 21. (1) Section 102A (right of audience etc in proceedings on... Administration of Justice Act 1977 (c. 38). 1986/595 (N.I. In the Crime (International Co-operation) Act 2003, in sections 60(4)... (1) The Courts Act 2003 is amended as follows. The Terrorism Act 2000 is amended as follows. Mental Health (Scotland) Act 1984 (c. 36). 16.In section 9 of the Magistrates' Courts Act (Northern Ireland)... Lands Tribunal and Compensation Act (Northern Ireland) 1964 (c. 29 (N.I.)).  fast-­‐track (1) Schedule 3 (Mental Health Review Tribunal for Northern Ireland)... 76.In Schedule 6 to the Mental Health (Northern Ireland) Order... Police and Criminal Evidence (Northern Ireland) Order 1989 (S.I. 111. 243. (1) The Extradition Act 2003 is amended as follows. The Mental Health Act 1983 is amended as follows. 354. In response to this crisis, NJ’s Governor Christie has proposed the Opportunity Scholarship Act, which would stimulate competition between schools and in turn boost the quality of education. 400. The Coroners Act 1988 is amended as follows. 1988/1846 (N.I. 35.In the Clergy Discipline Measure 2003, in section 43(1) (interpretation)... Part 2 Judiciary-related functions and organisation of the courts, Part 3 Functions under legislation relating to Northern Ireland, Part 4 The Lord Chancellor: minor and consequential, Part 6 Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. 371. 178. The Act’s introduction must be situated on the backdrop of political intent to reform the historical constitutional mixture of legislative, judicial and executive powers being vested in the House of Lords, with growing concerns for instituting stricter separation of powers … In section 95 (appointment and removal of judges)—.  life 280. 89. 237. 2.In section 6 of the Nautical Assessors (Scotland) Act 1894... Administration of Justice (Appeals) Act 1934 (c. 40). 403. CONS: The result could be parliament with a large number of celebrities who do not have coherent narratives or policies. Act you have selected contains over (1) Schedule 6 (transitional provisions) is amended as follows. 31.  were The Inheritance Tax Act 1984 is amended as follows. 2. 349. (1) The Competition Act 1998 is amended as follows. 50. 74. I. (1) Section 10A of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 (proceedings... 77.The Juries Act 1974 is amended as follows. (1) “Financial year” in this Schedule, means—, The Judicial Appointments Commission: Relevant Offices and Enactments, Part 3 Tribunal-related and other appointments, Northern Ireland Judicial Appointments Ombudsman. 7.The County Courts Act (Northern Ireland) 1959 is amended as... 8.In section 102 (appointment and assignment of judges), in subsections... 9.In section 105 (tenure and oaths of office and retirement... 10.In section 107 (deputy judges), in subsection (4) omit “Lord... 11.In section 116 (pensions of judges), after subsection (5) insert—... Resident Magistrates' Pensions Act (Northern Ireland) 1960 (c. 2 (N.I.)). (1) Section 2 of the Lands Tribunal Act 1949 (members,... 35.The Registered Designs Act 1949 is amended as follows. 248.  of He is also a Republican and has served since January 3, 2013. 135. (1) Article 48 (the court) is amended as follows. 361. 2003/435 (N.I. 1999/2789 (N.I. (1) The Criminal Appeal (Northern Ireland) Act 1980 is amended... Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Scotland) Act 1980 (c. 55). The main impact of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 is in establishing a Supreme Court as the highest appeal court. Revised legislation carried on this site may not be fully up to date. 37. 300. 36.  than 384. 393. 10)). (1) Schedule 12 (constitution and procedure of VAT tribunals) is... 238.In section 77 of the Trade Marks Act 1994 (persons... 239.In section 297 of the Merchant Shipping Act 1995 (wreck... 240.The Reserve Forces Act 1996 is amended as follows.

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