12. You can't hurt the arachnid yet, so destroy the blue crystals nearby. Hit the Chronosphere and while time is slowed, grab a bomb and run out into the open area with the Red Crystals. There's one above the stairs back the way you came. Kill the Locust in the passage. This will bring a portal window into view above. Use a Vulgrim location to return the Heart of the Chosen to Samael and he'll endow you with the Soul Bridge power. You know what to do! A dangerous pairing of a Devastator and a Berzerker come at you now. At the top of the stairs, search the balcony for yet another Chest (. Another pack of baddies guards this Soldier Artifact (, 6. Note you will need to use the mask to find a red grapple point to cross the gap. Knock the enemies you encounter on the wooden walkways over the edge with the Tremor Gauntlet. Jump and grab onto the handgrip on the side of the cube. The Conscript is heavily armored but you won't need any special tactics to eliminate it. Test it out on the flying Lavashrikes that appear over the lava to the east. Plan to dash as soon as the demon recoils to attack. When you emerge on the other side you'll see a locked door and another watery hole. Your goal here is twofold: deal damage using the Blade Geyser and Stoneskin Wrath attacks and also build up your Chaos meter. Target both Crystal Blades on the wall next (you've got to be fast!) This will bring the mirrors into place and allow the beam to reach the far side. 3. Travel through the sewer pipe to take on this strange skeleton once again for 2,000 Souls. Once you build up some Chaos you should be able to use Chaos Form to finish the battle. Other attacks range from clones that should be ignored in preference for focusing on the real boss to an explosive attack that will be used whenever the player gets too close. The Griever's weak spot -- on its underbelly -- is covered in the same blue crystals you've been smashing throughout the dungeon. She will soon get back up, however. This will open the door leading into the next room. Deposit your Crystal Blade here to open the door. Use the growth to climb to the top of the tower, then walk around to the west side for a Chest (. Hold the RIGHT TRIGGER and point the crosshairs at a torch. Quickly jump on it to reach the upper level. Look for a small area in the middle of this channel where you can rise to the surface. In this rather obnoxious room there are three platforms that, when weighed down by the two blocks also located in the room, can be lowered. Glide across the gap at the top to score a Chest (. Exit the cavern and head back towards Vulgrim. All the game's chests are revealed on your maps -- and the Artifacts, to boot! Once positioned on its back you'll see a button prompt. Jump across the Geyser and into the building in the east. Use your Mercy pistol or Scythe to knock them out of the sky and then use sword attacks when they hit the ground. This will activate the final beam of light. If you made it right, you will automatically jump out at his back near his weak point - press INSTANT KILL button to bring him pain. You'll fly right into a Champion Artifact (. 17. The final of the attacks is one in which Straga tosses a fistful of automobiles right at you. Eventually Shadow War will activate Chaos Form. One is a wave of fire, which is too fast to avoid by running. You'll be ambushed by enemies here -- a seemingly endless supply of ultra-powerful enemies including three Shield Lords makes conserving Chaos Form essential here. Here is a video made especially for the purpose of leading you once again after defeating Tiamat. Scythe attacks seem to be best for stunning Shadow War. Do this three times and the instant kill prompt will appear. In this section, there are 25 Chests, three Soldier Artifacts, and one Overlord Artifact. You'll find a Chest (. After the long cutscene, a new section of spinning cylinder will appear in the main hall above Azrael. You need to push them both into place, cause blood to flow from their mouths. Before doing anything, create portals on the two windows on the floating block. 4. Atop a heavenly steed you'll be able to fire at the enemies around you and beneath you. In this area, there are four Chests to collect. The last round of this fight plays out the same as the second. Grab a bomb and run off the northern edge of the tower. Games of December 2019 – The Most Interesting Releases. 9.Now, return to the surface and interact with the Gate by blowing your Earthcaller. Use Instant Kills when you can. You can jump and strike the angels or toss cars at them to bring them down. You'll find a Chest (, Remember that office building in the northeast corner of the Choking Grounds? You may have noticed that Red Crystals block the way north in this room. Hit the Chronosphere to the left and then run across the girder to the first Chest (, Another chest is above you. Hit the first switch to raise the column in front of this area and you can climb up to it. Climb the Demonic Growth to the upper level using your sword to eliminate the enemies and dodging the bombs. Perform this same set of actions to get the component onto the far platform. Toss the bomb up at it and a large explosion will bring down a patch of rock. Otherwise, head back to the north wing of the Cathedral and examine your map to find the Boss, marked as a giant red skull on the Cathedral's top floor. After defeating all of the waves of enemies, the floor will raise, restoring your access to the door. Swim back out to the main hall and climb the Demonic Growth. The window portals are now on the walls which means you'll have to lure the colossus over to them before attempting to mount it. 5, Video:Episode 21 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Twilight Cathedral Pt. Quickly jump onto it. Do so and push it towards the ledge ahead. You only need to do this once, as you can fit both portals onto one window.

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