one or more stations. Although sight-fishing is off the table when the water is high, the fishing is still fun, but I switch to swinging flies, which leads to some explosive takes. %PDF-1.6 %���� i enjoyed your article.I fished the Delaware many times as a young man .but no longer live in the area The beauty and the wild life on the river is outstanding . It’s very rare for a shad to dip down to take a fly, so getting the right drift is a big part of the puzzle. H�T� C 

Looking a chart of the Delaware River, find Reedy Island in the river. xref The Christina River Watershed is on the 303d list of impaired waters as well as having State of Delaware Fish Consumption Advisories for PCBs, dieldrin and chlordane. var addy_text2cdbb9be58e5021df47abe27dfae321b = 'info' + '@' + 'delawarerivergreenwaypartnership' + '.' + 'org';document.getElementById('cloak2cdbb9be58e5021df47abe27dfae321b').innerHTML += ''+addy_text2cdbb9be58e5021df47abe27dfae321b+'<\/a>'; Lower Delaware Wild and Scenic Publications, LDW&S Management Committee Action Plan — 2007 To 2011, LDW&S MOU Individual Entity Signature Line, Introduction to Invasive Plants in the Delaware Valley, Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed Calendar. The lower Delaware river has been on fire since March, the fish have largely stayed south. The takes can be furious as the shad eats the fly and barrels downriver, leaping clear out of the water like a miniature tarpon.

It’s right up there with swinging for steelhead.

American shad are the largest and strongest species in the herring family. H�]��j�0��@��*e��,��� American shad don’t feed after entering freshwater, but they will strike out of aggression. Use the "back" arrow in your browser to navigate between pages. Most shad flies are made with marabou because the fluttering of this material really gets a shad’s attention. addy2cdbb9be58e5021df47abe27dfae321b = addy2cdbb9be58e5021df47abe27dfae321b + 'delawarerivergreenwaypartnership' + '.' + 'org'; DRWC is a nonprofit with a mission to design, develop, program and maintain public amenities along the central Delaware River Waterfront.

Shad travel in pods, typically 6 to 12 in a pack, sometimes many more. endstream endobj 177 0 obj <>stream

For a more comprehensive tool to view USGS streamflow information throughout the state of New Jersey, click here. Water temperature plays a major role when targeting shad. It’s fascinating to watch shad track and strike the flies, which should be presented high in the water column and drifted right past their noses. Each gauge will also show the official flood level for that station. FOIA

The USGS provides many online tools to help the public understand and plan for changing water conditions on the Delaware River. <<56A749C762D6C241930864AEE70799A6>]>> 0�f<4@�!�"�`�f��
Thanks, Try this Manuel: 0000004643 00000 n URL:

0000010097 00000 n When river conditions are right, it’s possible to sight-cast to big American shad.

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THE LATEST REPORTS. When you hook your first one on the fly rod, you’ll begin to realize just how special they are. �N��p�ac��a#F���oX>0�p�������Ot�~qp�Z,x��kv����ȩ[�C��������x|�U�U��h����c)��C=��N ʸv,�q�hk�q�T��\� � 6 �HHs �.�G") �#q���q$w�P��}��M��$�N���� �>� Q@0���&�2 �T�`��`�)`�:!���A�� ��j�X�e�g�c�P8����`ސ�X���^Q����x�������"��MY�8���@A�aC�'��:�)L{����"~�X��f�} M��K You can get away with a 4-weight, if the water is super low, but you’ll have your work cut out for you if you happen to hook a 6-plus-pounder.

Privacy They will rest and regain energy before running through a heavy riffle, so that’s always a good starting point to find them. H�TR�qBA��\C� If you would like to view reports for any of the sites in the SIRS program please follow the link the DNREC Environmental Navigator to search by map for the Christina River Watershed. h� We’d stay in a small hunting cabin in Pennsylvania that I now pack with shad-fishing clients before the saltwater season kicks off. z*�C�

Water levels and flows are affected by local rainfall, reservoir releases, and contributions from tributaries large and small. I used to catch shad all the way up in Vermont, below the Bellow’s falls dam on the Connecticut river. The jetty is a good spot for anglers hoping to catch stripers on artificial lures. In addition to its strength, the American shad has a paper-thin mouth that requires you to play these hardfighting fish with a soft touch. 0000001391 00000 n

Delaware River and Bay Water Quality Assessment Reports Overview DRBC is the entity that establishes or revises water quality standards, water quality criteria and designated uses for the mainstem Delaware River, and each basin state's water quality regulations refer … H��[��D���[��rz7���mY"�L. Great fun, it’s worth the experience! Daily Streamflow Conditions Select a site to retrieve data and station information. Oh boy I thought I had a striper on! startxref That said, some of my best fishing has taken place in the middle of the day with a bright sun directly overhead, so I’m not sold on low light being the best time to target shad. This report summarizes an assessment of the Delaware River’s support of various uses during 1998 and 1999 that are protected by the Delaware River Basin Commission’s (DRBC) Water Quality Regulations, or by the federal Clean Water Act of 1972. LDW&S: 2000 - 2015; LDW&S Partnership: 2000 - 2015 ; LDW&S Management Committee Action Plan — 2007 To 2011; Municipal Ordinance Review Project; LDW&S Bylaws; LDW&S MOU Individual Entity Signature Line; LDW&S MOU with Signature Page; LDW&S Management Plan; W&S Rivers …
The colored dots on this map depict streamflow conditions as a. The Delaware River offers many different kinds fish to target throughout the year, including smallmouth, largemouth, trout, walleye, muskie, catfish, and the list keeps going. Cross Current Guide Service & Outfitters provides a list of water flow & water temperature information for the Delaware River and tributaries. x�b```��,,�B cb��� s��1������U�5�aFÞ�̙

Clicking on the blue numbers to the left of each station will provide stats for both the water depth level and the water flow, measured in cubic feet per second, (cfs).

There the Junction pool rightly holds its places as one of the more famous on the east coast. American shad have big eyes and good vision in low-light conditions, so cloudy days and sunrise or sunset can produce big catches. Show custom graphs or tables for a series of recent data for 167 16 We also provide a guide for wading and floating in the West and East Branch of the Delaware River including a breakdown of river flow speed. Many anglers speculate as to the best time of day to target shad. 0.44   0.28 vaww02. Most shad die after spawning, the long journey requiring every bit of their strength. 0000001179 00000 n

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