Dough Boy’s Pizza proudly supports and sponsors the Sonrise Music Festival at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. People love us. Part of the relaxation and fun of a vacation is going out […], If you love fresh craft beer brewed right here in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads than come to Oktoberfest on October 26th, 2017 from 5 to 8. There are rules, regulations, fine print, sub print, peccadilloes, and eye staring making it a […], It is time to Party on Atlantic! Just a quick note, there have been lots of new exciting things At Dough Boy’s In Virginia Beach mentioned in the Trip Advisor review. And taking pets with us is the only way to go. The elderly and home-bound are more isolated than ever before. Read More. As a first generation Italian American business, Dough Boys had an idea to bring the fresh, quality, and authentic Italian ingredients that the owners grew up eating in Italy to the pizza industry here, with a little flare. We also extend this to all 3 of our Oceanfront locations. XL $25.00, Buffalo chicken, buffalo sauce, ranch & fresh mozzarella, P $15.00 Virginia Beach is a friendly fun town, that like any other place in America, is full of dog and pet lovers. We are the “Dough Boys”! "This isn't some pizza chain serving processed meats and cheeses, Dough Boys serves only the finest products, fresh and never frozen!" Good work! XL $24.00, Breaded eggplant & fresh mozzarella with marinara sauce, P $13.50 The concept of Dough Boys was planted many years ago...Growing up in a close knit Sicilian family, the "Dough Boys" wanted to bring a piece of devout commitment, love of food and the passion for taste to the masses. (2014) Dining out – before you go – food allergy research & education. We strive to take great care of the people in communities in which we serve, […], According to legend, pizzas were developed in Naples, Italy when bakers sold excess dough to poor people. Dough Boy’s Receives Another Glowing Review “I wanted to take a minute to thank you and your entire staff for a wonderful eating adventure. / / Closed Now. We can cater your next event and … All of our students loved the food and my administrative staff loved the catered food. We have them all and we make them to order just the way you like it. Actually, we are identical twin brothers whose passion and family history in the restaurant business dates back generations. Dough Boys is partnering with the craft beer Moloch (juggernaut in German) Wasserhund Brewery Dough Boys is bringing a virtual Oktoberfest to the 24th street locations Helping The People Of Puerto Rico right here on the Oceanfront All […], Looking for Gluten Free Food And Restaurant Options in Virginia Beach? The bread developed into one of the earliest pizzas and was decorated with tomatoes, oil, cheese, and anchovies. / / House mozz, Shaved parm, Red sauce, Fine olive oil, House gound local pork, Aged provolone.roast garlic, Shaved parm, Red sauce, Thick cut pepperoni, House mozz, Shaved parm, Red sauce, Roman style artichoke, Fresh spinach.aged provolove, Fresh mozz, White sauce, Wild mushrooms, Fresh mozz, Shaved parm, Black truffle, Roast heirloom tomato, Thai basil, Lemongrass sausage, Fresh mozz, House mozz, Heirloom tomato, Olive caponata, Maldon salt, Aged balsamic, Roast beef, Fried eggplant, Fresh mozz, Cherry pepper relish, Provolone cheese sauce, Artisan salumi, Mortadella, Soppresata, Porchetta, Aged provolone, Giardinara, Shredded lettuce, Prosciuto di parma, Fresh mozz, Maldon salt, Fine olive oil, Perfetto, Fried eggplant, House mozz, Roasted red pepper, Maldon salt, Aged balsamic, Imported tuna, Giardinara maionese, Shredded lettuce, Fresh tomato, Shaved porchetta, Hand carved provolone, Brocoli rabe, Giardinara, Caramalized onion maionese, Pork jus, House roast turkey, Crisp double-cut bacon, Heirloom tomato, Garlic maionese, Shredded lettuce, House ground polpette, Buffalo mozz, Roasted tomato vodka sauce, Fresh giardinara, Shaved parm, Crispy balsamic double-cut bacon, Prosciuto, Heirloom tomato relish, Garlic maionese, Shredded lettuce.

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