The following are the most common locations where you need to keep your guard up and above all guard your valuables by using anti-theft travel gear like a hidden money belt or a backpack with lock-down zippers to keep thieving hands out as you’re relaxed and able enjoy your time in Venice, Italy. -33 Easy Tricks to Make Trip Planning a Breeze, -Pre-Flight Etiquette: Your Do’s and Don’ts, -Frequent Flyers: Tips and Tools You’ll Love, -Best Books-Inspiration, Planning and Budget Advice, -Stop Lost Luggage, Tips from Frequent Flyers, -Money Mistakes Even Savvy Travelers Make. Rick Steves warned me, so I bought his money belt off his site, and have been using it ever since. Outsmarting Pickpockets and Thieves. Bag snatchers sometimes cut the straps so the shorter amount of strap you have to offer, the less they have to try and cut. Always try to avoid pickpocket scams and tourist scams in Venice by staying slightly suspicious of strangers who get too close or are too friendly. Again, gypsies targeting tourists. This was just outside of the coliseum in Rome on a bench. First-time tourists and even repeat visitors should be aware that while they are enjoying the charms of the city they are targets for pickpockets of all ages including child pickpockets. Large railway stations and airports have their own internal police stations. However, if you are in transit, everything you have will be in your car and even when on an outing you will surely have a jacket or purse containing valuables. Luckily, an observant English lady with a good set of lungs saw what was happening, started yelling, and swatted the pickpocket away. I did see the classic setup at the Rome subway though. Today the ruins are a window into the lives of the ancient Romans who dwelt here. Thankfully I felt the girl at my bag before she got my wallet. Most first time tourists to Italy pick Venice as one of their destinations to visit. The papers effectively block your view of little hands fast at work, opening pockets, slashing belts, and cleaning out your travel funds. Hotel Room Safes: They May Not Be as Safe as You Think, Six Seconds with a Coat Hanger to Break into Your Garage. 4-5 young Roma women – all carrying a baby or accompanied by several young children milling around them. This reflex is actually very hard to avoid but it’s the kind of body language pickpockets readily detect and exploit. The procedure then continues as above, or you’re offered a ride to a service station while your car is being robbed. Credit: After Steves realized his wallet was gone, he returned to his hotel and canceled all of his credit cards. I was walking around the area of Uffizi Gallery in the city centre of Florence with my boyfriend when two women in white robes with their faces and hands all painted white approached us. Almost immediately a car containing two or three “good samaritans” stops to offer assistance. Bob nous emmène à Naples, en Italie, qu'il nomme la capitale mondiale des pickpockets , pour rencontrer quelques-uns des meilleurs pickpockets au monde. You might need it for legal and reimbursement purposes. If this happens, this could be a setup for someone getting ready to, Back pocket wallet thefts are very common in Venice. So the scam is sliding over the paper, and pickpocket your phone or wallet under the paper, and they are often long gone before you realize it. Italian teenage delinquents are also hard to detect except when they hang around in groups at well-known pickpocket areas, sometimes equipped with the inevitable newspapers and pieces of cardboard. She was waiting for someone on a park bench in Rome (I don’t remember the name of the park). They ask for money which I politely declined. If you’ve been the victim of a pickpocket, you should report the crime to police as if it was a robbery. They spot people leaving phones and wallets next to them out in the open. We want to be completely honest about our travels, so I’m disclosing that we did have an attempted pickpocket experience there. They started to cross the street also, but decided to go to another bus stop at the end of the block to harass people there. Your best defense is a security purse that has built-in anti-theft features to keep your valuables secure from pickpockets. At this point you will be so focussed on what he is doing and so confused at how quickly this situation arose that he will swipe your wallet. I lost my driver's license, credit cards, and some cash.” Steves has previously spoken about his affinity for the (less-than-sexy but still practical) fashion item. Word of advice—wear your bag in front of you, where you can see it. They place little or no value on education and make their money mainly from seasonal work such as vegetable picking, from scrap metal and horse dealing, from social welfare and insurance scams, and by beggary and petty theft, notably as pickpockets and sneak thieves. Here are some of our favorite places to eat in Naples. A group of children approach the unsuspecting tourist and ask for money or try to sell you knick-knacks as they jab at you with newspapers or cardboard. Groups of children have been known to gang up on unsuspecting travelers as well. What does that mean exactly? Don’t draw attention to where you store your money. The ferry ride is a fun experience and you get views of the jewel toned Mediterranean. Required fields are marked *. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Just because something’s never happened to you doesn’t mean it never will. They obviously were not going away. -Watch Out for the Infamous Paris Friendship Bracelet Scam, -Money Exchange Scams – Know Before You Cash In, -A Street Smart Guide to Avoiding Pickpockets – See Videos, -How to Avoid Pickpockets While Traveling. Pickpockets look for those who get caught in the crowd rushing toward the water taxi embarkation ramps. Favorite places for the robbers include busy lanes and bridges, the bus terminus at Piazzale Roma, the St. Mark’s area and rush-hour water buses. -Should I Carry my Passport or Use the Hotel Safe? The police only return a missing wallet if someone comes looking for it. All the designer bags and other accessories offered by street vendors, mostly Africans, are fake. The streets of Naples are truly a maze. -Pill Map What is it? Travel Health Is Your Travel Destination Safe? En Italie, un pickpocket a été filmé dans un train alors qu'il tente de voler les affaires d'un homme en train de dormir en face de lui. If you’ve been the victim of a pickpocket, you should report the crime to police as if it was a robbery. Police will show up too late and nothing was lost of stolen eventually. Receive emails when a new post is published. We stayed out late a few nights enjoying the nightlife and alternately left our guesthouse in the early morning hours before most shops are open and felt perfectly safe. Leave luxury items at home. Best Places to See Art in Florence for First Time Visitors, Lake Clark National Park and Preserve: Four Million Acres of Solitude, Carlsbad Caverns National Park: Our Favorite Things and Our Biggest Regrets, Backpacking Denali National Park: What You Need to Know, More than a Mountain: Denali National Park Travel Guide, Dawson City, Yukon: The Heart of the Klondike Gold Rush. While the lodging was basic, it was budget travel friendly and perfectly located. You often do NOT understand what they say. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Wallet, credit cards, money, air ticket, passport and even his wristwatch – a gift from his father. Most gypsies currently in Italy originated in Yugoslavia but large numbers are currently entering from Romania. Be very aware of people falling in behind you in a queue, especially if you are being jostled. One lesson to learn here is to split up where you carry your valuables if you opt for not carrying an anti-theft wallet or bag that protects all your valuables. If you ever wondered how it feels like to glide along the Ganges in India’s holiest City or to trek along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, just go, as we have you covered on all pitfalls you may face. My co-worker was visually dazed and his only thoughts were to leave Italy and to get back to Vermont. Travel + Leisure is part of the Travel + Leisure Group. I am familiar with this Roma strategy to distract you while another is actually lifting your wallet or got their hands in your bag. Well, it’s a good thing we don’t believe everything we read. Take care at train stations and major busy sites. A man will approach you from the street and come very close to you asking if you like football. before setting out and then pay attention to your surroundings . Asking for directions or anything else. • a gypsy woman passes or appears to drop a well-swathed baby (or plastic doll) which the victim ends up holding while a confederate does the stealing. I gave him an elbow and he ran off. We were walking from the train station on a busy street packed with people. Do place your belongings in the middle of the picnick. Newspapers have reported children as young as 5 being employed in crime. They also all had an over the shoulder wrap that went around one of their arms so you couldn’t see where or what their hands were doing. One of them reached out to touch us. Rick Kern/WireImage, Credit: Oblivious. -Why you should visit a doctor specialized in travel medicine, -Germs in Airports and on Planes – Not Where You Think, -Understanding The Types Of Travel Insurance, -Travel Insurance – Read The Small Print Don’t Waste Money, -How to Prepare for Any Medical Emergency While Traveling, -How to Create an Emergency File for Travel.

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