Easton Instructions for 30% to 40% equipment Discount when purchased on line. Matt Perez/Alta Loma, David Lopez/Los Altos, Sebastian Noriega/South Hills. Weekly updated  emailed by your coaches. Matt Perez, Jeffrey Makarounas, Tommy Cerecedes, Jake Garibay, Matt Fernando, Mayson Baez, AJ Salazar, Daniel Santos, Luke Mistone, Isiah Ayala, Jacob Bonebreak, Katin Suprenant, Drake Job, Tony Verrone, Jorge Avalos, Noah Stevens, General Manager Cameron Saylor:  saylorklan@aol.com. It was a beautiful California Saturday at Maverick Field when Duke Defrates celebrated 20 years as head of the West Covina Dukes Travel Baseball Organization. We had several former Dukes players that came to the ceremony to help celebrate and 4 of them who made the Major Leagues threw out the first pitch to a catcher from all 4 of our current Dukes Teams. As we have done in the past the 17u & 18u teams will cross over under Wallace's supervision. Or 4 monthly payments of $150 debited monthly. 9 to 12 Practices at Palm View Park with complete cage access at Maverick Field13 to 18u practices at Maverick Field. Those players will be challenged through early advancement by playing with a Dukes team based on their skill and not necessarily grade level. The  6 station baseball training circuit planned for 2019 was pushed back for the Club House Locker room with Video Room scheduled for completion by Dec 2020. The Director position has evolved through need and necessity, player development is priority one within our organization. All players are expected to participate in tournaments. Mark Manual - Covina, Seth Sumner - Damien. Maverick Field 350 S. Citrus Ave.West Covina Ca, 91791, Dukes Baseball Practice Schedule  Maverick Field & Palm View Park, Monday                            15A 2024      High School, Tuesday                           13 A/N           High School Tuesday-Palm view         8 to 10u          11 to 12u, Wednesday                      14 A/N           15A   2024, Wednesday-Palm View    8 to 10u          11 to 12u, Thursday                          14 A/N            13A/N Thursday-Palm View        8 to 10u          11 to 12u, Friday                                Open for practice til games begin, Saturday                           High School Intra Squad Games 9/12, Sunday                             13u- 14u at Maverick Intra Squad 9/13, Sunday                             10u-12u at  Palm View Intra Squad 9/13, 10u                    National -      Chris Pacheco  11u                    National -      Mike Martinez11u                    National -      Jonathon Ortiz12u                    National -      Tim Esqivial. White, Keenan Jacob Shilling, Aaron Cuenca, , Mayson Baez, Mark Manual, Rene Palacio, Wyatt Brazeau,  Isaac Islas, Andrew Ramirez, Daniel Marques, Trent Merrill, Nolan Rodriguez, Steven Vasquez, Nathan Race, Matt Perez, lijah Gonzales, Noah Stevens, Dominic Meza, Parker Miramontez, Dylan Swim, Noah Rumennapp, Joshua Urbina, Eric Barajas, Samuel Mercado, Connor Meisen, Jonathan Siwiecki, Jacob Lopez,  Daniel Ruvalcaba. Maverick Baseball Park at 350 S. Citrus in West Covina is our EXCLUSIVE home. Luc Dowling, Adrien Gonzales, Thomas Tarango, Gabriel Lopez, Ian Inglesias,  Tristen Chavira. Noah Esquivel,  Aaden Escarcega, Joaquin Mendez, Brandon Walker, Daniel Robledo. 7 Designated days and times to be updated in the practice sectionGames Schedules will be weekly with Tournaments played once per month. We insist on good grades and try to instill the self-disciplines required to produce upstanding young men with self-confidence and character. SINGLE TRY OUTS UPON REQUEST FILL OUT PLAYER PROFILE FORMS THEN SUBMIT, Email :danielsandello@yahoo.comto accept your roster spot, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~, 13u & 14u Mandatory Player & Parent Meeting Below, 13u AmericanManager:   Ed ViaReal Email:  villafireman@hotmail.com to accept your roster spot, Robert Melendez, Jacob Zepeda, Miguel Lira, Carson Baker, Brody Buoncristiani,  Diego Villarreal, Aiden Medina, Noah Lopez,  Isaiah Ibarra, Cristian Chavira, Email:  apalacio@palacioarp.com to accept your roster spot, Eric Barrientos, Santiago Ramirez, Raymond Castro, Gabriel Lara,  Louis Farias,  Gabriel Hernandez, Terry Chavez, Adrian Garcia, Matthew Gutierrez, Eric Valdivia, Email:  ladodgerblue81@gmail.com to accept your roster spot, Gavin Claprood, Nick Gonzales, Kadyn Luemmen, Jacob Dinisi,  Jackson Glaze,  Aaron Jara, Brandon Schultz, Elijah Rodriguez,  LJ Vasquez, Drew Reidt, Arty Ortega, Isidro Gonzalez, Seby Morinaga, Dylan Robinson, Marciano Ramirez, Angel Corona, Email:  saylorklan@aol.com  to accept your roster spot, Vaugh Coleman,  Eli Bechtel, Jayden Medina,  Noah Meza, Aaron Jacobsen, Landon Hansen, Tommy Giadomenico, Donovan Rendon, Roman Miranda,  Ronnie Carmona, Aaron Sanchez, Jacob Castellanos,  Diego Ramirez, Matt Zapien, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~8u to 12u. In 2006 new progressive organization management began the transformation of the West Covina Dukes from the California Dukes to Dukes Baseball to focus on fundamental development of young talent through a system patterned after college and pro programs. Liam Martinez, Evan Zapata, Austin Lippert, Marcello Salinas, Adrian Guzman, Esai Trejo, Steven Barela, Dillon Lobo. Jacob Zepeda, Isaak Naranjo, Nicholas Vergara, Ray Castro, Sebastian Morinaga, Aaron Jara, Anthony McClure, Chris Flores, Registration $350  ALL players for the Spring Season due 9/3/19, Birth Certificate New Players Copy Only no originals please, Player / Parent Agreement from the Hand Out section Due 9/3/19, 10 to 12u Monthly Dues are $125 per month payable in one sum of $500 10/1/19, Monthly Dues are $125 per month payable in one sum of $500 10/1/19, 15 tom 18u Month Dues are $125 per month Payable in one sum of $50010/1/19, Tournament fees are separate and payable two weeks before attending designated tournaments, 2 - Uniforms Black and Red  / Player with A$ will receive new Easton, Easton Instructions for 30% to 40% equipme, Dukes 13 - 2024 American & National 2019 Spring. Please read the revised meeting date and information at the bottom of this post. Josh Ward/South Hills, Isiah Ayala/South Hills, Lorenzo Moreno/Cathedral. Carey Jr. Cassius Designated days and times to be updated in the practice section. The Dukes Baseball organization originally consisted of 13 & 14 year old Travel Baseball Teams. Player / Parent Agreement  form. Samuel Noriega/South Hills, Dominic Meza/South Hills, Elijah Gonzales/South Hills, Tommy Castillo/South Hills. Friends Dukes are 13 & 14U teams expanded baseball operations in 2017 to younger ages levels 9 & 11 to high school ages 15 to 18u with vertically integrated core baseball principles carrying players through high school and beyond forming highly competitive teams in our first High School season. Please go the Hand Out Section of the Dukes Home Page on the left side to Down Load the Player / Parent Agreement  form. DUKE - Bottom of 3rd; Play Description WVU DU; Loperfido, J walked (3-2 BBSBFFB). Dukes 15/16u - 2022 & 2021  Spring 2019 Roster Manager:  Daniel Sandello, Justyn Cueva/South Hills, Dylan Ward South/Hills, Ivan Chavarian/Sonora, Lorenzo Gomez/Bishop Amat,  Jeremiah Sibrian/South Hills, Eli Lopez/ Los Altos, Matt Meza South Hills, Aidan Bustillos/Los Altos, Mark Manual/ Covina, Seth Sumner/Damien, Hondo Blanquet-South Hills, Tanner West/Glendora, Nick Gallegos/Damien, Daniel Marquez/Loyola, Shane Ingrin/San Dimas,  Randy Limon/Ayala, Dylan Esqiuvel/South Hills , Diego Franco/Bishop Amat, Jon Rodriguez/Bishop Amat, Brendan Rodriguez/Bishop Amat, Joel Jara/Bishop Amat, Isiah Alvarez/Charter Oak, Alberto Sanchez/South Hills, Matt Meza/South Hills, Luke Mistone/Bonita, (17/18u)  Frankie Peralez/Bishop Amat (17/18u) Tony Verrone/Los Osos (17/18u)  Mayson Baez/Bishop Amat (17/18u), Chris Ceballos / Charter Oak(17/18u), Dukes 17u - 2020 Spring 2019Manager: Wallace Gonzales.

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