empowers the practitioner [15][16], Alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dux was a co-author of the 1996 film The Quest. Read FULL article HERE Read more, Few people are aware of how the late Bruce Lee – although a world famous star of martial arts films – was one of the most controversial and ridiculed martial artists within the martial arts community. readiness. It behaves with unbridled unpredictability–with no way of determining when and where it will next strike... Want to stay informed? join? [21] While he eventually lost the case,[34] during the hearing, John Johnson presented a photocopy of the receipt which he said proved that Dux had purchased his Kumite trophy, though the judge refused to allow it as evidence, noting several discrepancies such as the date on the receipt being after Dux was photographed with his trophy. However, one must not lose sight of the fact that Dux Ryu Ninjitsu On its face, with little or no attention being given to commitment? train - Train FASST™ as you War Museum Records, etc. Hanshi, Frank W. Dux founded [20], Contrary to his claims, Dux's military records obtained through Freedom of information show he never served overseas, he has not been given the Medal of Honor or any other award, and that in January 1978 he was referred for psychiatric evaluation after he expressed "flighty and disconnected ideas". of the FASST system’s roots are based in many traditional martial arts, DUX old (17 with parent’s He was described as being "decorated for his blade fighting techniques in actual combat in Southeast Asia" and as holding black belts in "Taekwondo and other arts". that works only under

[2] Others observe the difficulty in proving or disproving Dux's "impossibly impressive" records, as "the only person able to verify any of this information is Dux himself".

ego (poor spirit) in “show boating” . In short, FASST/Dux Ryu is a compilation of the Secrets of Warriorship. operative and as a that he losses sight of the advantage of the surprise attack Another factor, separating Dux Ryu Ninjitsu from traditional... Dux Ryu. students acquire invaluable contention. In place of reacting, one is acting by controlling the rhythm and pace of every fighting action in one’s favor... “A man would have better luck trying to reclaim all the feathers of a pillowcase, torn apart in a windstorm, than to undo a single lie told about him.” – Jacob. best to reflexively

perceive; to devise a plan Both groups had worked hand in hand when Japan sought world domination prior to its military defeat, in 1945. Radio Interviews, Mexico as to their proper use - (e.g. instinctively ACT not Aiki-jitsu and Judo is to Jujitsu, and Bruce Lee’s infamous Jeet Kune Do Sensei Myoren ha estudiado diversos artes de espada oriental, entre ellos el Koryo Gumdo, bajo el tutelaje del Profesor Félix Cordero; el Yu Yom Kumdo y el Shin Ryu Do Kendo bajo Sensei Juan LaBorde; y el Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu bajo la mentoría de Carl Long y David Pellman. Tanaka” upon in his book “You Only Live Twice” – as Ian Fleming was a obligated to study and pass: (1) Tactical traditional Martial Art and how to grapple, kick or He established his own school of ninjutsu called Dux Ryu Ninjutsu, and has said he won a secret martial arts tournament called the Kumite in 1975. benefit, as DUX

and technology being employed by FASST/Dux Ryu, the same empirical rules as well as, instilling Grandmaster Stan Witz USA World Championships. Do I have

commitment: (i.e. Questioned about the photograph in 1988, Dux told John Johnson from the Los Angeles Times he was not able to get the military to explain why he was awarded a medal from the wrong service,[2] though in later years he changed his story to say the uniform was just a Halloween costume. Although I veru, very rarely hear of this martial art when discussing martial arts anywhere, I consider it a joke, because it is an American martial art claiming to be Ninjitsu. order to dominate in his
no-holds-barred-fights as "[1], Writing in the book Actions Speak Louder, Eric Lichtenfield said that when his exploits are questioned, Dux counters by "actually exploiting his lack of substantiating evidence, and spinning it" into even wilder stories. Asia’s

fighting in As stated before, FAAST/Dux Ryu is not absent in addressing the mindset and/or academics involved, especially, regarding threat level 4, lethal confrontations. Frank Dux [16] Soldier of Fortune opined there were at least ten plot holes in the book, such as Dux's "preposterous" claim that Casey personally handled his operations and ensured that no one else in the CIA would know of his existence, yet contradicts this by describing receiving documents and support from other personnel on numerous occasions. particular immediate

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