Many nesting sites are in disturbed areas such as grazed fields, or along roadways. Some of the subspecies are at the edge of extinction. Swanson. Browne, C.L. pp. Eastern Box Turtle Fact Sheet – p. 2 A Species of Greatest Conservation Need in the Massachusetts State Wildlife Action Plan Please allow the Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program to continue to conserve the biodiversity of Massachusetts with a contribution for Is there an observed continuing decline in extent of occurrence? Desert box Experimental Gerontology 38: 773-776. The plastron has a well-developed hinge between the pectoral and abdominal scutes, allowing the two lobes to meet the underside of the carapace, enclosing the body completely. Most stores fail to keep their deadline, also the collection is LAME. Cutting or mowing hay can also result in mortality. Journal of Field Ornithology 53:49-51. Terrapene carolina is mainly a species of mesic open deciduous or mixed woodlands (Harding 1997; Ernst and Lovich 2009). The habitat is protected and the main cause of the decline is suspected to be changes in hydrology that exacerbated flooding. The influence of prehistoric man on the distribution of the box turtle. Chelonian Conservation and Biology 10:256-259. Populations in Michigan have been documented in Monroe County (NatureServe 2011), which is less than 50 km from the Ontario border, but migration is unlikely given that the maximum known dispersal distance for T. carolina is only 10 km (Kiester et al. 2012. These illegal tradings Given its unusually long-lived life history, accessibility to humans for “harvest”, and exposure from loss of forest cover, box turtles are vulnerable to human disturbance (Hall et al. Clutch size is positively correlated with the female's carapace length in some populations (e.g., Florida, Dodd 1997b; Illinois, Tucker 1999; Maryland, Kipp 2003; Texas, Buchman et al. (2006) suggests that T. carolina can enter between rails at road crossings, where the rails are flush with the pavement, but have difficulty climbing over the rails in other areas. This report may be cited as follows: COSEWIC. 2006). Conservation Biology 16:1647-1652. Severe injuries to T. carolina are common. Mitchell, D. McRuer, S. Christian, and J. Byrd. Accessed 15 March, 2012. The markets of Genetic differentiation of selected eastern box turtle (Terrapene carolina) populations in fragmented habitats, and a comparison of road-based mortality rates to population size. turtles die during the handovers. Involving with a box turtle and J.E. 2013). Second edition. Evolution 36:617-619. A long-term study of a box turtle (Terrapene carolina) population at Allee Memorial Woods, Indiana, with emphasis on survivorship. How do male box turtles find mates? Montgomery, W.B. Over 70 rattles have been found at 34 sites in Ontario (R.J. Pearce pers. Amphibians and Reptiles of Connecticut and Adjacent Regions. Applied Herpetology 1:197-228. Cureton II, J.C., A.B. Eastern Box Turtle species account. Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada. Tallgrass prairie amphibian and reptile assemblage. A genetic analysis of the impact of generation time and road-based habitat fragmentation on eastern box turtles (Terrapene c. carolina). Sometimes I think it is a curse to the wild animals. However, many box turtle populations in the USA survive in urban areas after their natural habitat has been removed, and there are instances of box turtles surviving 120 years in the wild, providing weak evidence that some specimens could be native remnants. Southeastern Naturalist 4:689-702. 2007). 2002. 2006. Terrapene carolina occurs in all four lower Great Lakes states that border Ontario: Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Michigan. There have been few long-term studies but population declines of 50-75% have been documented despite the fact that annual adult survival rates as high as 96% have been documented. Home range and movement of the Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina) in east central Illinois. Given the biological evidence and their apparent historical distribution as well as the pattern of loss of that distribution (Adler 1968, 1970; Dodd 2001), it is possible that native Ontario T. carolina became extirpated as a result of habitat loss and overharvesting. A population in an isolated 18.5 ha wooded area surrounded by agricultural fields declined from an estimated 91 ± 7.8 T. carolina in 1968 to 22 ± 3.0 turtles in 2002 (Nazdrowicz et al. 1961. Fire ecology of the Florida Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina bauri Taylor) in the Pine Rocklands Forests of the lower Florida Keys. Males apparently require visual cues to locate females for mating (Belzer 2002; Belzer and Seibert 2009) and at low population densities turtles may have limited mating opportunities. So if you pick one box turtle from the wild to Diagnosis, treatment, and outcome of Eastern Box Turtles (Terrapene carolina carolina) presented to a wildlife clinic in Tennessee, USA, 1995-2007. Recruitment was extremely low in a Florida population where juveniles made up only 3% of the population (Pilgrim et al. Johnson, C.A. Is there an observed continuing decline in index of area of occupancy? There appear to be no climatic or other limits for the species to exist and survive in southern Ontario. Highway statistics series table VM-2. The reptiles of Big Black Mountain, Harlan County, Kentucky. 1982). Juveniles are consumed by a wide range of predators including mammals (e.g. 2014. Observations of Terrapene carolina from Point Pelee National Park. 2004. To save the Lutterschmidt. In the northern portion of the range, the eggs are usually laid in June. A novel mycoplasma detected in association with upper respiratory disease syndrome in free-ranging Eastern Box Turtles (Terrapene carolina carolina) in Virginia.

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