This bread is an excellent source of high quality vegetable protein with a complete amino acids balance. can you clarify on the amount of olive oil please, A small amount, you can use a tablespoon as a measure. It has no dyes, flavors, preservatives or shortenings. Vegetarians or vegans can also benefit from this product, since there are studies that have shown that the protein from this bread contain the 9 essential amino acids that our body needs. Once it is ready, you can freeze it or eat it. These are substances from plants that work as a defense mechanisms, which can be harmful for us. Spelt, an ancient grain found in Ezekiel bread, is known for being high in copper, iron, and manganese. Just checking. Being sugar-free, it helps maintain low blood sugar levels in the body and cuts down sugar spikes in the bloodstream. Ezekiel bread gives you plenty of health benefits that are often not present in the normal white bread. The bread is made from whole grains and legumes. It always seems that “diet” and “bread” are two incompatible terms. It has been secret nutritionist staple for quite some year. Ezekiel bread is whole grain bread made from sprouted legumes which are packed with vital nutrients the body needs to keep healthy. Its high fiber content helps to produce a feeling of satiety, it cleans the colon and stimulates regular bowel movements. After a few days, we will see how they have germinated (a little stem of 2-3mm). Your email address will not be published. Dietary fiber binds bile acids that are excreted with fats and cholesterol as fecal matter. The information collected through this type of cookie is used to measure the activity on the websites, app or platform, in order to introduce improvements based on the analysis of the use data made by the users of the service. Thiamine is also known to improve sleep and to wake you up in a good mood. Phosphorus-rich Ezekiel bread not only works with calcium to strengthen bones, it also improves oral health. Benefits of Ezekiel Bread. It has 15g of low GI complex carbohydrates and it does not have simple sugars. By baking it at low temperatures, the bread has a spongy texture and it does not lose its nutrients or enzymes, which is why it is called “bread of life“. Greetings. Diets which are rich in fiber are good to lower the blood cholesterol levels and the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases. Please comment and share with your family and friends. Also they can help to remove the free radicals that can damage the skin and compromise its health.

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