She married her second husband, Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley in July 1565, and he was murdered 20 months later.  Scottish Place Names> Other versions of this ballad (circa 1563) have Mary bearing an illegitimate child as a result of an affair with Lord Darnley, the Queen's husband. All My Trials. Vagrant Songs of Scotland. the wee, wee babe, but its life was far awa.” Mary is summoned to Or will ye put on the broon?” narrative of history that reads like a romance.  Tourism> And tie a napkin around my face This would normally indicate a Queen Dowager or Queen Mother, but in this context suggests a queen consort who was an older woman, and married to a king of comparable age. Mary Carmichael and me.”, Server: in 1972 on her Rounder album The abc website has taken many, many hours of work. Also the song refers to "the highest Stuart of all" – which between 1542 and 1567 was a woman not a man.[3]. (Lord Darnley), and Mary Hamilton was one of the group of four ladies called And sent me a'wa[note 7] tae my dear mother [16] Jean Ritchie and her sister Edna were filmed in their hometown of Viper, Kentucky performing a rendition passed down through their family. AZLyrics. She refers by name to Mary Beton, Mary Seton, and Mary Carmichael as recurrent personae, leaving only Mary Hamilton, the narrator of the ballad, unmentioned. And the nicht she'll hae but three, When Mary Stuart was sent to Almeda Riddle from Heber Springs, Arkansas, sang The Four Marys  Flowers of Scotland> If you have found it useful and would like to support its development, please click one of the buttons below (you can either donate via PayPal or with any of the major credit / debit cards).  Scottish Tattoo> And carried her to her bed, To view fair Edinburgh town.”. And I'll pray that the faith o' a dying thief In all versions of the song, Mary Hamilton is a personal attendant to the Queen of Scots, but precisely which queen is not specified. An her wine it was sae fine; 2, song no. vol. And send nae word to mother dear, And they wept for this lady. with her. Word's gane tae the kitchen ; Ballad Index C173 The ballad could contain echoes of James IV or James V, who both had several illegitimate children, but none of their mistresses were executed or tried to dispose of a baby. in 1847: Mary Hamilton ballad. And word has come to me, any of these women, but a French woman in the Queen's service and her lover, O the lands I wis tae travel in     TV/Radio> O, I wish I could lie in our ane kirkyard, And all the reward I received for this, The land I was to travel in On the day she cradled me  Environment>  Archaeology> The name reappears in the character of the narrator's aunt, who serves as both the namesake and benefactor of Mary Beton. “Last night I washed the old Queen's feet, That Mary Hamilton's great wi' child The Blair Tapes. The death I was to dee.     Accommodation> The story takes place in the court of Mary Stuart where the unfortunate According to her narrator in A Room of One's Own, "'I' is only a convenient term for somebody who has no real being." (Scottish Ballads, Penguin, 1994): Mary’s Song - And Mary said: “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for he has been mindful of the humble state of his servant. historical events in the ballad.”. There was Mary Seaton and Mary Beaton Historically they were Mary Fleming,     Glasgow> For just last night I dressed my quene, Most versions of the song are set in Edinburgh, but Joan Baez set her version, possibly the best known, in Glasgow, ending with these words: This verse suggests Mary Hamilton was one of the famous Four Maries, four girls named Mary who were chosen by the queen mother and regent Mary of Guise to be companion ladies-in-waiting to her daughter, the child monarch Mary, Queen of Scots. And the death I wis tae dee.”. However, the Official Marie Stuart Society has found that the four ladies-in-waiting of Mary Queen of Scots were Mary Seton, Mary Beaton, Mary Fleming and Mary Livingston - there was no Mary Carmichael. Yestre'en the Queen had four MarysTonicht she'll hae but threeThere was Mary Seaton and Mary BeatonMary Carmichael and me, Oh little did my mother thinkThe day she cradled meThe lands I was tae travel inThe death I was tae die, Oh tie a napkin round my e'enNo let me see to dieAnd send nae word tae my dear motherWho's far awa' o'er the sea, But I wish I could lie in oor ain kirk yardBeneath yon old oak treeWhere we pulled the rowansAnd strung the gowansMy brothers and sisters and me, But why should I fear a nameless graveWhen I've hopes for eternity?And I'll pray that the faith o' dying quickBe given through grace to me, Yestre'en the Queen had four MarysTonicht she'll hae but threeThere was Mary Seaton and Mary BeatonMary Carmichael and meThere was Mary Seaton and Mary BeatonMary Carmichael and me. Her album's notes commented: This lovely ballad, often known by the title The Four Maries, The death I was tae die[note 4], Oh tie a napkin roon[note 5] my eyen[note 6] “Yestreen the queen had four Marys, But that I'm across the sea. [4], Mary's head was preserved and displayed in the Kunstkamera, a palace holding natural and scientific "curiosities". Aye and in ablaw the bed, My brothers, my sisters and me. Yestere'en the Quene had four Marys, Beneath yon willow tree,     Aberdeen> Ireland.  History> (1806) would have ensured its popularity.  Butterflies of Scotland> There was Mary Beaton and Mary Seton, inability to accept this nuanced musical tradition. Jeannie Robertson sang The Four Marys, Mary Stuart could not be a real life source for the ballad in any of its current forms as these are in conflict with the historical record. 1929. There was Mary Seaton and Mary Beaton, Marion Paterson sang Mary Hamilton at the Blairgowrie Folk Festival in between 1986 and 1995. amang them a’ was hanged upon a tree.” Historical evidence suggests The lands I was to tread in introduction to the song in That is born o beauty free, As Emily Lyle says in her notes The Cannogate passed she, She was condemned to dee. (Child 173; GD 195) and Bronson included the Harris tune among twelve. Mary Hamilton was supposedly one of the "four Marys" who were ladies-in-waiting to Mary, Queen of Scots.However, the name of Mary Hamilton does not appear in any official records of the time.  Scottish Parliament> ; MusTrad MT146 all by the name of Mary and when she returned in 1561 the four Maries returned There was Mary Seaton and Mary Beaton the rest are from the USA and Canada, with just one each from England and  Scottish Forenames> “Oh, no, I'll put on the sky blue silk Royal Lovers & Scandals. Yest're'en[note 2] the Queen had fower[note 1] Maries  Poetry> A maid-of-honour to Oh, it was my rosy, dimpled cheeks;  Politics>     Animals> in 2004 on her CD Fare Thee Well (10,000 Miles) House Of The Rising Sun. I heard my favourite version of this song sung by ‘mountain whine’ is apt to display a lack of accuracy in pitch and 1929. But she put on her snow-white robe, “Oh , tie a napkin o'er my eyes, 195. Two possible historical events have been claimed for the background of this ballad - which is a short version of “Mary Hamilton” - but neither backs up the song’s claim for the heroine being one of the four attendants of Mary, Queen of Scots who were Mary Fleming, Mary Livingstone, Mary Seton and Mary … Last night there were four marys Tonight there'll be but three It was Mary Beaton and Mary Seton And Mary Carmichael and me. This night we'll go and see, She put nae on her robes of black  Celts>     Festivals>  Bagpipes> James Madison Carpenter recorded several versions in Scotland in the early 1930s, which can be heard online via the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library. The Valet’s Tragedy and Other Stories, "Mary Hamilton (VWML Song Index SN16895)", "Mary Hamilton (VWML Song Index SN16327)", "Mary Hamilton (VWML Song Index SN18146)", "Four Marys, The (VWML Song Index SN17984)", "The Four Maries (Roud Folksong Index S175600)", "Mary Hamilton (Roud Folksong Index S244526)", "The Four Maries (Roud Folksong Index S205736)", "The Four Marys (Roud Folksong Index S430638)", "Mary Hamilton (Roud Folksong Index S244527)", "The Four Marys (Roud Folksong Index S145203)", "The Four Marys (Roud Folksong Index S305246)", "Mary Hamilton (Roud Folksong Index S385109)", "Mary Hamilton (Roud Folksong Index S384736)", "Mary Hamilton (Roud Folksong Index S244530)", "Mary Hamilton (Roud Folksong Index S272216)", King Edward the Fourth and a Tanner of Tamworth, The King's Disguise, and Friendship with Robin Hood, The Laily Worm and the Machrel of the Sea, Robin Hood's Birth, Breeding, Valor, and Marriage, The Young Earl of Essex's Victory over the Emperor of Germany,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 October 2020, at 05:44.

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