October 26, 2020.

Set in Los Angeles on Thanksgiving Day, the two central characters of “Friendsgiving” are longtime best friends Abby Barrone (played by Kat Dennings) and Molly (played by Malin Akerman), who have had very different reactions to painful breakups in their love life. Needless to say, Abby isn’t too pleased when she hears that there will be more people at the Thanksgiving dinner than originally planned. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. The second lesbian to arrive at the dinner is nicknamed named Palo (played by Scout Durwood), and she’s a neo-hippie who seem likes the type to go to the Burning Man Festival. According to the production notes for “Friendsgiving,” the movie is loosely based on Paone’s real-life experiences during one Thanksgiving, when she was mourning a breakup from an ex-girlfriend, while Paone’s best friend was raising a baby after her husband had left her. November Preview: 19 TV Shows & New Movies to Watch at Home. Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: While Friendsgiving comes with the potential to provide a witty, insightful view of a relatable event, instead it goes for cheap laughs. Gunnar was invited to the Thanksgiving dinner by Molly’s mother Helen, who thinks Molly and Gunnar should get back together, but Helen didn’t know about Jeff when she invited Gunnar. Abby is looking forward to a laid-back Thanksgiving with her best friend Molly. Throw in some party crashers including Molly’s old flame, a wannabe shaman, and a trio of Fairy Gay Mothers, and it’s a recipe. While some characters on the ever-escalating guest list provide the pair with welcome comic distraction, this day-to-night hangout pic doesn't really take flight. Before Abby leaves the store, she makes sure to do some damage to the Christmas tree on display.

This shared loneliness and breakup blues sparked the idea for the movie. In addition, comedians Wanda Sykes, Margaret Cho and Fortune Feimster make cameo appearances as Fairy Gay Mothers, in a scene where Abby is having a psychedelic hallucination. And then, Molly’s sex-crazed Swedish mother Helen (played by Jane Seymour), who’s on her fifth marriage, shows up unannounced without her current husband. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. When Molly makes it clear to Helen that she’s not interested in getting back together with Gunnar, Helen declares, “If you won’t have him, I will.” And then Helen proceeds to make a fool out of herself in trying to seduce Gunnar. If “Friendsgiving” were a meal, then it would be a meal that should be skipped because of all the stale cheese that’s being offered. Surely for as long as families have been gathering to bond, feast and drive each other gradually crazy over Thanksgiving, the option of a less fractious holiday spent with kith rather than kin has been on the table. Paone is openly gay, and she describes Abby as a “gay lady” in the movie. Friendsgiving tries to stuff as many crass and painfully unfunny sex jokes into a 95-minute package but it’s obvious this Thanksgiving comedy is undercooked. She’s barely in the film. Culture Representation: Taking place in Los Angeles, the comedy film “Friendsgiving” has a predominantly white cast of characters (with some African Americans, one Latino and one Asian) representing the middle-class and upper-middle-class. Molly is a semi-famous Hollywood actress who’s raising a baby son named Eden (played by twins Everly and Savannah Sucher) on her own. Unfortunately, this movie is written as if everyone is a caricature waiting to spout some foul-mouthed lines that someone would write for a mediocre stand-up comedy act. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. Meanwhile, Abby is chatting by phone with her mother and sister while doing some last-minute Thanksgiving shopping in a grocery store. This vagueness of purpose wouldn’t matter much if the film were genuinely, raucously funny, but comedian-turned-filmmaker Paone’s best gags are the kind to raise a smile rather than a laugh. It should come as no surprise later when Helen admits to Molly that her latest marriage is on the rocks, but it’s still no excuse for Helen’s selfish and predatory actions. Seymour, who’s British in real life, has a questionable Swedish accent for her character of Helen, who is one of the worst people in this group of mostly spoiled and obnoxious egomaniacs.

(There’s no nanny in sight.). “Friendsgiving” is the feature-film debut of Nicol Paone, who has a background in stand-up comedy and as a writer for Funny or Die. The lesbians each give brief monologues to the camera explaining their likes and fetishes when it comes to dating. Rick (played by Andrew Santino) and Brianne (played by Christine Taylor), an image-obsessed, materialistic newlywed couple from Orange County who met each other four months ago and have been married for one month. It turns out that Lauren invited several people over to Molly’s place for Thanksgiving without checking with Molly first.

Joining the ranks of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Pieces of April, The Oath, and Home for the Holidays is Friendsgiving, a new film centered on how many millennials prefer to spend Thanksgiving with […] Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. A running gag in the movie is Brianne has recently had some kind of plastic surgery on her mouth, which she can’t move properly. When there’s a comedy film about a large, chaotic holiday gathering, how much you might enjoy the film really comes down to one thing: Would you want to spend time with any of these people in real life? Blu-ray Review: Friendsgiving. By the way, Sykes is shown on the movie poster for “Friendsgiving.” But it’s misleading to think that she’s in the movie as one of the main stars.

And she’s already found a new lover: a Brit who’s a cheerful, New Age type of philanthropist named Jeff (played by Jack Donnelly, who’s married to Akerman in real life), whom she’s been dating for only about two weeks. Lionsgate, $21.99, 10/27/2020. Demin asks Palo, “Do you like basketball?” Palo replies, “I don’t like balls of any kind.”. In fact, Abby is furious, and she starts whining about it like a bratty teenager.

"Friendsgiving" Can't Quite Capture The Holiday's Highs "Over The Moon" Is A Progressive And Vibrant Animated Delight Netflix Reveals A First Trailer For "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" Trailer For "Bruce Springsteen's Letter To You' Is A Treat For Fans And Newcomers Alike "The Devil Has A Name" Lacks A Full Punch Tony Award Nominations Announced For 2020! She is “out of the closet” with her family members, who are a traditional Italian clan on the East Coast, and they seem to think it’s best if Abby settles down and marries a man. While Christmas films get all the glory, Thanksgiving films seem to be few an far between. The portmanteau word “friendsgiving” has been in the popular American lexicon for over a decade now, though the institution it describes is far, far older.


"Friendsgiving" isn’t memorable or clever, but the cast and crew did such an admirable job, I found myself smiling and forgetting about the pandemic world. Meanwhile, Abby is still wallowing in her breakup misery and has a hard time getting back into the dating pool. Jeff is invited to stay for Thanksgiving dinner too, since Molly figures out that he’s lonely and has nowhere else to go. Call It Friendsgiving, Call It Podsgiving, Just Don’t Forget the Green Beans Thanksgiving is even more of a logistical puzzle this year, and some people are solving it differently. Someone of Seymour’s talent deserves better than this tacky role, even if she doesn’t exactly master the Swedish accent that she’s supposed to have in the movie. But there would be no “Friendsgiving” movie if that happened. Marina P. Kennedy writes articles and reviews for Broadwayworld.com on productions in New York City and New Jersey. Unfortunately, this movie is written as if everyone is a caricature waiting to spout some foul-mouthed lines that someone would write for a mediocre stand-up comedy act. Therefore, everything in the movie is as superficial as the characters, which is why the movie has nothing to fall back on except more crude jokes and predictable gags. And there’s a scene later in the movie that involves the baby and some irresponsible actions that send Molly and some other people into panic mode.

Molly’s impending divorce hasn’t reached the stage of signing divorce papers yet, but she considers herself to be single and available. And of course, since this is a movie that wants to cram in as many jokes about sex and penis sizes as much as possible, the first time that Jeff and Abby meet, he accidentally walks into the room completely naked.

The third lesbian is nicknamed Civil (played by Brianna Baker), and she’s a left-wing militant feminist.

Their sex session is interrupted by a phone call from Molly’s friend Lauren (played by Aisha Tyler), who asks Molly if she, her husband and two kids can come over to Molly’s place for Thanksgiving. For example, the characters of Gus, Rick and Brianne don’t really add anything to the story except stereotypes that aren’t very funny. And speaking of stereotypes that aren’t very funny, here’s an example of some dialogue between the lesbian nicknamed Denim and the lesbian nicknamed Palo.

“Friendsgiving” is the feature-film debut of Nicol Paone, who has a background in stand-up comedy and as a writer for Funny or Die. The new Friendsgiving tackles the Thanksgiving holiday from a similar angle, but this one offers a decidedly R-rate take. While “Friendsgiving” aspires to capture love and camaraderie among friends, the film feels more like a caricature of Los Angelenos and a shallow attempt at showing real relationships. They met when Molly was in London for a press tour for a movie called “Pluto Raiders,” which is described as a basic sci-fi action flick. Abby is still recovering from being dumped in January by her ex-girlfriend Maeve, who is a single mother. Claire (played by Chelsea Peretti), a New Age hipster who’s recently become a shaman (or a “shawoman,” as she would prefer to be called) and who can’t stop spouting platitudes about people being in touch with their feelings. Dan (played by Deon Cole), Lauren’s husband who is loving and attentive, but Lauren seems bored and restless in their marriage. Abby plans to spend a quiet Thanksgiving with just Molly and Eden. Because there are so many guests at this dinner, “Friendsgiving” doesn’t spend a lot of time on character development.

At the heart of Friendsgiving, like many movies of its kind, is a story about the importance of family (both blood and chosen). It’s one of the funniest scenes in the movie, which doesn’t have a lot of very funny scenes. And, much to Molly’s embarrassment, Helen acts exactly how you would think a no-filter “cougar” would act. Unfortunately, the characters that are annoying in “Friendsgiving” get much more screen time than this hilarious trio. The good news is that the characters’ personalities are distinctive and you can tell them apart from each other. Raunchy Thanksgiving comedy is a turkey; drinking, language. Gunnar (played by Ryan Hansen), a vain actor who is an ex-boyfriend of Molly’s and whom she broke up with years ago because he cheated on her. You get the idea. The movie’s release date on Blu-ray and DVD is October 27, 2020. Starring Makin Akerman, Kat Dennings. It’s at Molly’s home where the Thanksgiving dinner is held, and Molly is the one whom people seem to want to be around, probably because she’s a fairly successful actress. It doesn’t succeed, as the end result feels obnoxious and idiotic. Molly’s businessman husband Michael left her because he said he didn’t want to be married to her anymore. The bad news is that their personalities are also very shallow. There are clues to how obnoxious Abby can be, such as when she guzzles a bottle of wine while shopping.

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