Anthony Kennedy’s Son Loaned Trump One Billlllllion Dollars A really weird detail buried in a New York Times story about President Trump's efforts to get the Justice to retire. President Trump has a personal connection to the retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Kennedy replied, "Your kids have been very nice to him," to which Trump responded: "They love him, and they love him in New York. Special guy." And yet Dennison has less money than he would have if he had put his seed money into an S&P500 fund. Gregory Davis Kennedy is a financial advisor with Rosenblatt Securities Inc.. . What is it!!??!!). And by not as rich, Marshall doesn’t mean “Trump says he’s worth $3 billion but he’s only worth $2 billion!” He means “Trump says he’s worth $3 billion but he’s only worth $200 million, maybe.”. I doubt it. Every time I buy a bunch, they seem to last a little bit less than the last time. I’m old enough to remember when Republicans claimed to be fiscally responsible. Still, I guess succeeding downward is a thing. Most of the rest comes from his penchant for buying, holding and building businesses. When he gave a speech to the CRE Finance Council, his bio noted that he's "credited as one of a few Wall Street traders who predicted the 2008 financial crisis. No surprise there. But you are saying that someone with this modest wealth could have just invested in the S&P 500 and made Manhattan skyscraper money? He had a tip off from his son. And yes, like you, I’ve just recently separated from my employer, accepting a severance rather than scrambling for an alternate position. As I noted in the first post I wrote about Trump’s ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin back on July 23rd, 2016, by the mid-90s, every major US bank had blackballed Donald Trump. For once Don Jr. was a political asset; Kennedy’s son Justin, Deutsche Bank’s global head of real-estate capital markets, knows the younger Trump from his work as a real-estate developer. And oh yeah…money laundering for the Russians. @Mister Bluster: It’s a shame normal emoji don’t work, otherwise I would have posted a farting gorilla. There are several more paragraphs of detail, all of which are interesting enough but nothing particularly unusual. Justice Kennedy, 81, ... Justin, knows Donald Trump Jr. through New York real estate circles. In Portugal it will be ilegal a bank manager revealing details about the people to whom the bank loans money; I imagine that is similar in USA (of course many people talk with close relatives about that, but neither of them will confess this in public), There’s no evidence here of any wrongdoing…, B U T … (and apologies in advance for going way off on a tangent). Given a few million in seed money and a complete lack of shamelessness or conscience, anyone can succeed in this land of opportunity. Has Josh Marshall shown a bit of concern over the stories about the Clinton Foundation, many of them having a hell of a lot more backing them up than this Kennedy thing? Generationally, they have been beaten down so that they are afraid to express an opinion or express what they want. Thousands of people were executed as “enemies of the people.”, @Liberal Capitalist: Instead I could emulate Fake Billionaire Donald Trump–find a .pdf copy online and don’t pay for it. During a time of economic growth that is nothing short of governmental malfeasance. (Yes you DO! @OzarkHillbilly: Yeah, it’s quite possible that the loans got mentioned. The FT says Kennedy was “one of Mr Trump’s most trusted associates over a 12-year spell at Deutsche.” A review of Kennedy’s bio suggests those twelve years were 1997 through 2009 – key years for Trump. For example, Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress, tweeted this: Just to state this: Justice Kennedy's son gave a billion dollar loan to Trump when no one would give him a dime, and Justice Kennedy has been ruling in favor of the Trump Administration position for 2 years as the Court decides 5-4 case after 5-4 case. That never happened. For almost 14 years, We have shaped the skylines of major cities, set the infrastructure for more than 30 Client and built landmark projects in healthcare, hospitality, commercial and residential. There was no telling, they said, what would happen if Democrats gained control of the Senate after the November elections and had the power to block the president’s choice as his successor. POLITICO’s Shane Goldmacker has a longer version of the Trump-Kennedy peres convo back in April: After Donald Trump wrapped up his first speech to Congress and worked his way through the crowd, he lingered on his handshake with Anthony Kennedy, the 80-year-old Supreme Court justice.

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