It’s pretty sad to know that half of America put the nation in this spot. Completing this poll grants you access to Flag And Cross updates free of charge. The sports world needs more coaches like this guy. I think we can take a timeout to give two minutes’ worth of respect to our soldiers, to our firemen, to your policemen. Hold on, just a sec. “I’ve unfortunately seen it cover too many coffins. Brandeis University is Now Offering Segregated Spaces for Whites, WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin: ‘We have to collectively burn down the Republican Party’, Fake news media tries to GASLIGHT America, claims Biden the winner… Trump fires back with ultimate truth: The media doesn’t decide elections. Merica’!! John Krupinsky, a hockey coach who recently went viral after he demanded his players respect the National Anthem, isn’t backing down from his remarks, stating the reason he’s passionate about this issue is that he’s seen too much death and disrespect. A local hockey coach’s speech to players is going viral. Right? John Krupinsky, a hockey coach who recently went viral after he demanded his players respect the National Anthem, isn’t backing down from his remarks, stating the reason he’s passionate about this issue is that he’s seen too much death and disrespect. If they had something they wanted to do.”. “I don’t think it’s too much to ask your employees to show some respect for the flag and for the country,” he reasoned. It was about the national anthem. Hockey coach: Respect the anthem or 'get the f--- out ... recently delivered a pointed speech to his team as training camp opened. “Now we take Georgia, then we change America.” WATCH: MORE:, Project Veritas certainly seems to be one of extremely few investigative journalism outlets in America today. The world of sports absolutely needs more men like Krupinsky to help balance out all the wannabe Kaepernicks out there who are using their platforms to destroy their country and bash the men and women have died to protect their way of life. All rights reserved. From The Daily Wire: Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) promised on Saturday that Democrats are going to “change America” when they “take Georgia,” a reference to at least one Senate runoff race that is set to take place in several weeks. schumer is correct, the dems/liberals will chane America and with stealing the 2020 election they have already began their…, Aw, now we know. In the video in question, Krupinsky — who also serves as a police sergeant, says, “If there’s anybody here who is going to be disrespectful to either the American or the Canadian national anthem, grab your gear and get the f*** out now because you’ll never see the ice in this arena. 8, 2020] Project Veritas journalists found eight-to-10 spoiled ballots Thursday set outside a voting site here in trash bags in violation of Pennsylvania and federal law. […] Tom Freitag, the director of the Bucks County Board of Elections confirmed to a Project Veritas journalist that the spoiled ballots should not have been tossed. To vote for a career criminal who is clearly on the decline mentally, over an energetic leader who has performed miracles for the US (despite having the MSM, Big Tech, and Hollywood against him), is flabbergasting. The following article, Hockey Coach Who’s Speech About National Anthem Went Viral Doubles Down On Remarks, was first published on Flag And Cross. His message is to stand up for the National Anthem or you won’t play. Eyes of the nation will soon be on the Peach State. Copyright © 2020 Story Warrant. You may opt out at anytime. We’re better than that, but there was no sense in wasting anybody’s time if that s*** was going to happen.”, Trending: County Clerk: Glitch Led to Thousands of Votes Going for Biden But Meant for Trump, The assistant coach for the Danbury Hat Tricks of the Federal Hockey League discussed the video on “Fox & Friends.”, “I take pride in my country,” Krupinksy said.

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