If the new hard disk is larger than the old one you can choose Expert mode and select -k1 and -r options that will assure that the partitions will be proportionally created in the target disk and the file system will be automatically resized. What did I do wrong? It can help you clone Windows 10 hard drive to another one This article has been viewed 130,395 times. The first (default) option is to keep running and offer you the choice to reboot or shut down your machine. I’m pretty sure you really mean to say “you can’t restore the backed-up image to a new 60 GB hard-drive” instead of “you can’t restore the backed-up image to a new 80 GB hard-drive” as you really wanted to point out that you cannot only clone the occupied space but also the free space. Now you know how to clone Windows 10 via Clonezilla and AOMEI Backupper. If not, please input query in the search box below. to accept the default options. disc in case of boot failed, etc. First things first, you need to download Clonezilla software on your PC. That’s it. some limitations you should know. The second option helps you make a clone of the device’s storage that you are currently working with by copying it directly to another form of storage. Clonezilla is a partition and disk imaging/cloning program similar to True Image® or Norton Ghost®. You will have to choose the keyboard layout and language. Clonezilla is a free image copying program and open source drive partition. The cursor-based, DOS-like interface is not Ways to Transfer Windows 10 to New Hard Drive (HDD/SSD). OS from MBR to GPT or from GPT to MBR, you may upgrade to the paid edition.◈ It has a live USB flash drive, click here to learn how to make it. Step 3 . How to Use Clonezilla to Clone Windows 10 to SSD/HDD. In simplest terms, these are a way to interactively check and repair the local file system before cloning. Once you've selected the target disk, you'll be asked to set extra parameters. Other parameters allow you to define additional parameters. For example, it enables you to create In addition, this tool also supports file system, bootloader, encryption, etc. At the first screen of Clonezilla you even have the option to completely load it into RAM and remove the bootable media. Clonezilla live supports single Press 'Enter' to choose the default option "don't touch keymap". I used clonezilla and will have to do it again. You may need to change the UEFI settings of your device to load from the external disk. system backup image, restore computer to an earlier date when you need, create bootable Select USB flash drive in Device . In the Boot selection section, press SELECT. 1. The focus of this guide, however, is on creating an exact copy of your hard drive on another drive, which you can do by selecting the second option 'device-device'. Clonezilla will first ask you to choose your language. Remember that any files already on your backup drive will be lost if you clone your internal hard drive with Clonezilla. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 130,395 times. This only really makes sense if all your personal data is located on that partition, such as some Linux setups which store user information in '/home' and have separate areas for system files. What’s more, the cloning process will run in the background, so you can use the computer for Use to learn more. Also, make sure that the new hard-drive is already physically plugged-in intro your machine and properly detected by your machine. Now you can clone a Windows 10 drive using Clonezilla. them through. user-friendly GUI compared to Clonezilla’s text-based interface. within a drive and then recover that drive later. It’s possible to meet Clonezilla Please refresh the page and try again. Clone. 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It lets you clone larger drive to smaller drive directly. Clonezilla will now ask you to choose its operating mode. Go to Clonezilla download page to download Clonezilla. If you’re sure the source file system is not corrupted you can safely choose to Skip checking/repairing source file system and press Enter to continue. For example, you need to copy the current hard drive with a capacity of 60 GB, the hard … The material in this site cannot be republished either online or offline, without our permission. If you choose to continue, Clonezilla begins the cloning process. Use Gparted to reduce the size of your Windows disk to fit the SDD (about 460 GB in the case of a “500GB” SDD) and … One thing to keep in mind is that to copy a Windows 10 drive, you need a second hard drive with a larger capacity or an old hard drive. Clonezilla will now ask you to choose how you want to clone your disks. 4. It is available in three versions: Type Y and press Enter again to re-confirm that the data will be erased on 5. Just press Enter key to move to the new wizard and from there select poweroff option in order to halt your machine. Since we're copying the drive here, we should choose the second device-device option. Millions of people visit TecMint! clone. that clear to be understood. In this guide we’re using Vmware Virtual disks for cloning and sda is the source disk that will be used for cloning. Clonezilla can copy a variety of filesystems using 'dd'. If you want to restore the drive when copying it, follow the steps in the guide but copy the drive copied to the second drive, make sure to copy the bootloader again. Partclone will launch automatically at this stage and begin the cloning process of copying data blocks from one drive to another.

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