Louie stormed into the room and took four items off the desk, a pen, a paper clip, and two sheets of paper, before leaving in a hurry. Student-athletes are prepared to be excellent college writers because of their high degree of coachability—persistence, self-discipline, and receptiveness to feedback are all assets for developing writers. Adverbs that don't end in "ly," such as "when" or "while," usually introduce a dependent clause, which rule number two in this post already covered. You may need to learn a few grammatical terms to understand this one. ), clearer In accordance with its policy, the WHO does not compile its own findings from China, At least some of these more modern impressions may have been printed with sepia-colored ink, That shaves two days off our calendar, and I rebooked my ticket to deliver the tape Thursday night, This led her to buy a computer on which to learn to touch-type but. correct clearer There is no alternative, just fact. Several journals welcome writing center–based research. if (warn !== '') { I’m interested in studying the public education–charter school controversy. The version without the Oxford comma, however, takes on an entirely different meaning, potentially suggesting that only one invitation was sent — to two strippers named JFK and Stalin. If attribution comes before the quote, place the comma outside the quotations marks: If attribution comes after the quote, put the comma inside the quotation marks: Another example: "Cleveland, Ohio, is a great city.". When multiple studies support what you have to say, you can also include mid-sentence in-text citations. You may want to use it for design or emphasis. Commas always follow these clauses at the start of a sentence. There is no such thing as an "etymology dictionary.". Otherwise, no one would know why the duck scared your friend. jQuery('.s-la-faq-media-wrapper iframe').each(function(){ Witness: "We invited the strippers, JFK and Stalin. 3) Again there is no choice in the sentence between beauty and darkness. incorrect The boys' mother had put James' Christmas stocking at the foot of his bed, Referees are now more likely to give a yellow card, Companies are just not creating enough jobs, despite intense pressure to hire Saudis, It isn't surprising that so many intelligent men and women seem to have renounced passionate commitment, opting, Twenty-five remaining African and Latin American countries recognize Taiwan diplomatically, In America, the term double eagle is used, Farmers also only use synthetic pesticides as a last resort to save the crop, relying, I Australianized the recipe a little bit by using kangaroo steak, After your child is two years old, it is safe to give him or her skim milk, It got rid of the controversial and hated shoot-out, added stoppage time at the end of halves and games, and the clock counts up, It is to do with thinking about diet and planning money. Use commas to offset appositives from the rest of the sentence. There are two types of dialog boxes, modal and non-modal. The actual name of the school. Sentences Menu. The president-elect will be inaugurated in January. Account active He couldn't let himself be tagged, then he would have to chase, After the launch window opens but before anyone goes we decide to use that task, As for the town centre, if traffic would use the bypasses, I half expected never to see the phone after putting it on my credit card, thus being unable to rebate anything and, He had us in the palm of his baby-sized hands and, Superior officers almost never charged constables in such cases but, The graphics are 2D sprites and tiled backgrounds, When she ate there, once or twice a month, she asked them to hold the cheese on her burger and give her a salad. I desperately want tickets for the Gopher–Badger game. A writer’s reference (7th ed.). Unfortunately featurewise it isn't very impressive and some things actually strike us as if the product is rushed out, I should have let it drop and said we'd speak in the morning, but, After taking the lead on Steve Christie's 41-yard field goal with 16 seconds remaining, the Bills elected to pop up the kickoff, Then your application will be buff and strong and it will laugh in the face of wimpy problems like people who use commas, If you're in a blind, well, not much you can do, but if you can use a camera with a manual rewind and advance, This year in San Diego, a lot of people were wearing badges that were not clipped-on or pinned but were, The difference is that racers compete using inline skates, One possibility will be to use compilers to optimise code for a superscalar implementation, Therefore, it is advisable for webmasters to use key phrases, Nonetheless, the judge did not send Batista to jail, ordering him, It's the type of band you wish you could see at a raging party in your friend's basement but, It was like Thanksgiving, except it was lox, But although composed in the midst of the Great War, they betray little warlike influence, reflecting, However, rather than accept that this totally destroys her argument she, But his lumbering lurch toward the Ted Cruz tin-foil-hat convention should, Kerry should have got one back within five minutes when Tarmey was through but, Their decay proceeded without a ready supply of oxygen, producing hydrocarbons like methane, Sometimes with cricket it is best not to worry too much about the contest but, But today, as I set to the grass and weeds there was a mighty judder, and, This approach can identify activities and outcomes that add value and those that do not, but, What makes the November 14 race different is it will be held in the cool of November, Praying Indians were fined or punished if they did not work, committed fornication, beat their wives, or wandered between wigwams. var type = parseInt(btn.attr('data-vote')); Without the comma, it would seem that multiple Scrooges were raking in the coins. incorrect Commuting is a way to get some exercise in the middle of the week, These systems would send tens or hundreds of kilograms, A few students reported printing the images and using them, At the end of the interview he accompanies me to the lift, His father was an Oxford man who was called to the bar, but, All that means is, they're allied with Khrushchev, Michael installs track lighting in the guest closet, only to discover that he accidentally put it on the floor, If there are not adequate receptacles, a fused and grounded power strip should be used, This variety, developed well before the 17th century, has no proper head but, It's so nice to be at a proper keyboard with a real mouse, You take your useless junk and list it, and if someone wants it, you send it to them, How can I learn to slow my brain down enough to read a book, I've even been asked by winemakers and importers to write my wine list according to region, Water will squirt through the holes and go every, which way, This is a great advantage in homogeneous clusters, allowing firmware changes to be made and managed globally, We need to teach staff to use file servers and File Transfer Protocol, Given the choice to recant, martyrs chose, He was a quick-witted, well-meaning man who went with the stream, But it is crucial that the meeting is not consumed by recriminations about the past, and, In many places, his telegraph line was simply tacked onto trees, The chip giant could have redesigned the mobos, but, When I related to them how, on one jump, I was caught in a thermal updraft and was actually going up, But what about the suggestion that event causation is, For a variation, roll the truffles in grated white chocolate. Appositives act as synonyms for a juxtaposed word or phrase. Only use a comma to separate a dependent clause at the end of a sentence for added emphasis, usually when negation occurs. use "instead" in a sentence i altered my typical lunch and had a steak instead. This is a rare and specialized use of the en-dash.

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