“The depiction of our community in this film is disrespectful,” said Paul Rieckhoff, the executive director and founder of the 150,000-member Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. Hurt Locker, however, managed to be both a film of substance and a nail-biting action thriller; it was a movie about a contemporary topic (Americans at war in Iraq) that managed an apolitical stance on whether or not we should have been there in the first place. Not that the film was without controversy; veterans came out of the woodwork to argue over whether the film was true to their experience or a Hollywood hack job. Defamation—real or perceived—hurts. The subsequent lawsuit offers excellent insight into the dangers of defamation. “Both the Producer’s Guild and the BAFTAs have acknowledged 4 producers on The Hurt Locker and we are hopeful that the Academy follows suit.”. The Hurt Locker: Inaccurate and Disrespectful. If you've read the original Playboy article that Mark Boal wrote about the exploits of bomb disposal experts in Iraq -- the story that he used as a jumping-off point for his Oscar-nominated original screenplay for "The Hurt Locker" -- then you've spent a lot of time reading about Sgt. 'Hurt Locker' controversy: Why is the military upset about the movie? Like last year, when the late Sydney Pollack and Anthony Minghella were kept on the producer roster for Best Picture nominee The Reader with Donna Gigliotti and Redmond Morris. Boal, who also produced “The Hurt Locker,” said the film was not intended to be a documentary or a training film. We are not reckless. Others are more supportive. The other was Dude, Where’s My Car, where we were really robbed on Best Picture.”. And a lot of the film would make you think the opposite.”. Although “The Hurt Locker” has numerous supporters within the military -- including Purple Heart winner Drew Sloan, who participated in a “Hurt Locker” panel discussion in Hollywood with other veterans and the film’s makers Wednesday night -- the movie’s detractors share a consistent complaint about its representation of the Army’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal team as they attempt to disarm improvised explosive devices. Listed are producer Greg Shapiro, director Kathryn Bigelow, and writer Mark Boal, plus Voltage Pictures partner Nicolas Chartier. Here are two important questions to ask: You can take steps right now to scrub your film of glaring defamation oversights with script clearance. Jim O’Neil, the executive director of the EOD Memorial, which honors those killed defusing bombs, was equally enthusiastic about the film’s accuracy. College basketball coaches hoot at the way coaches are portrayed in college basketball movies. "It doesn't reflect at all on [director] Kathryn [Bigelow]'s integrity or [screenwriter] Mark Boal's integrity because their producer has made a dumb mistake.". Sgt. The film’s producers dispute elements of the account. Column: Celebrate Trump’s defeat. The criticism, coming just before Oscar ballots are due Tuesday, highlights the delicate relationship between “The Hurt Locker” and the nation’s armed forces. (The military does not provide help to films depicting violations of the laws of war, unless their consequences are shown.) The concept had to be completely revised as Cash's health declined. The Times asked political strategists for the most likely contenders from whom Newsom might choose to replace Harris for the rest of her Senate term. Launch dates for broadcast, cable and streaming programs, Up-to-date lists for broadcast, cable and streaming series, Pandemic-proof vs. pandemic-contingent broadcast lineups, Signup for Breaking News Alerts & Newsletters, Get our latest storiesin the feed of your favorite networks. When it should be grossing revenue, your film will only be paying for court fees and defamation damages. Trump is not conceding, and is likely to fire foes, pardon friends. A host of previous films portraying the military, dating back to "Platoon," "Born on the Fourth of July," "Apocalypse Now" and "The Deer Hunter, to name but a few, were all criticized in one way or another by former soldiers, who were the closest to the films' events and the most sensitive to seeing the grit of war softened or theatricalized by dramatic license. If The Hurt Locker wins a David vs. Goliath battle with Avatar for Best Picture, who will stand on the stage to accept the Oscar? We are professionals. “It’s not just a movie,” he said at the panel discussion. Doctors roll their eyes at the way medicine is practiced in Hollywood medical dramas. “I was confused by that announcement, because my understanding was that there could be three producers, and all three of us functioned in that capacity,” Kosove said. The record-breaking lawsuit, filed by the makers of The Hurt Locker against 24,583 alleged BitTorrent users, has come to an end. However, speaking to Access Hollywood, Cameron claimed that the furore was about a "dumb mistake". Many film critics -- and awards voters -- have praised “The Hurt Locker’s” depiction of the U.S. military in Iraq, often singling out the bomb disposal drama for its authenticity. But don’t delude yourself about the future. Not deterred by protocol or his own safety, James is an adrenaline-addicted bomb defuser who occasionally puts his unit at risk, and at one point takes to the streets of Baghdad on a solo personal mission. (For an example, check out this article on the. “I didn’t really care for it,” said Brian Siefkes, who served in Iraq and plays an Army soldier in the upcoming movie “The Green Zone.” “There were many moments where I felt they were trying to portray the actual life of EOD in Iraq but over-sensationalized it,” he said. Jeremy D. Phillips, said, “My interest is bringing myself and my team members home alive, with all of our appendages in the right place.”. But the government says it pulled its “Hurt Locker” production assistance at the last minute in 2007, saying that the film’s makers were shooting scenes that weren’t in the screenplay submitted to the Defense Department, including a sequence that the government believed portrayed troops unflatteringly. One of these people could be Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ successor and California’s next senator. At one time the scuttlebutt was that relations between him and the other producers grew frosty enough that, after Chartier tried to fire Boal, the Voltage Pics partner was banned from coming to the set in Jordan.

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