I threw the phone as far as I could (a few feet) and screamed, “I did it! CV Writing Services:Thank you for posting the great substance. I got very scared…I’m not sure why, they just scared me..they are very piercing and I just see something not good when I look at them. (I was a missionary at the time). BA…Sounds like a plan! I did as I pleased. I screamed so much that I was hoarse for a month. I JUST WANTED TO SAY THAT I AM CURRENTLY READING “VANISH” WHICH I AM ASHAMED TO SAY IS THE THE FIRST TESS GERRITSEN BOOK THAT I HAVE EVER READ. I told my Grandmother about this and a couple of other ‘writing coincidences’. Hello Tess, In many scripture, feces is a symbol of uncleanliness and wickedness. In 2002, I attended a Christmas Street Party which went terribly wrong. I didn’t know what to say or do and I kept questioning what I had just saw. She started to get more upset than I’ve ever seen or felt from her before, she was in turn causing me to start to feel the same. Turned out some stranger was following right when I called her and she was scared and freaking out. 20 years later and I’m still trying to understand what it was I saw. Still, it never occurred to me what it was a sign of. I’ll have this internal moment when I simply know that someone is up to no good or something bad is about to happen. An eerie motion of his hand, waving left to right and then in circular motions and suddenly he would stop, put it back in his bag and repeat the process. He teaches how the energies enter a person, he teaches the whole nine yards! His white shirt caught my attention and i look at him he seem to look down a lot. In the second case, i had a casual interaction with the man. i just recently ran into him again with my new husband at a bar….. the man came up to me and asked me how i knew he had demons inside of him. I can see those who are of the realm of which most of you have spoken. At first I didnt think much of this man. June, you weren’t worried about MY post, were you? I was 21….. To be honest… I was dead…. He still doesn’t know. I had the strangest experience today and I don’t know what to make of it. Furthermore, as human beings tend to have a motive for almost everything we do, conscious or not, to achieve a goal (subconsciously learning to do things so we didn’t get smacked in the head as a child or to accomplish a certain goal, achievement, or acknowledgement from our peers), I think it would be really difficult to classify anything remotely human as good or evil. I love the way they make the hair stand up on the back of my neck!! I have met them beyond the physical as they had attempted to take me over as they have so many others. :'(. However, I have seen and experienced both Angelic and Demonic. Peter Michaels offers much information online and he sells a technique that honestly works to remove negative entity attachments from yourself. Well ither boys at the age of 13 were already enjoying life I was afraid to get my first kiss because I was worried what God would think and till this day i have this feeling of urgency to help out humanity and even though I don’t make much money I like to use it to help others. He was the same as always — warm and funny and charming. Thus, it is not a big problem to buy paper because of that at present. I had crumpled-up my receipt, but I remained pleasant and managed to find it inside my car. At 19 I was nearly possessed I can’t explain it…. My wife came round the corner and at first thought i was kidding around still. My meeting was quick and since I had paid an arm and a leg to park already, and since I was alone ;), I decided to walk a few blocks over to H&M and such. All was good until February 15th, 2016. I stood with my hands on my hips, which tends to be a very authoritative stance, nodding my head in recognition of everything he was telling me about my plumbing, keeping a straight face, staring into these horrifically unnerving black and soulless eyes, all the while trying to consciously block out the image I have having of him trying to strangle me. I took on all 4 of my family members and was able to hold them all off because they were trying to calm me down…. Tess, have you read the comment on the amazon page? Back to this….. My own eyes they said… When I was 19 and 20 I raged and retaliated against my strict parents. http://www.benfranklinplumbinggreenville.com. Maybe it’s more like SOMETIMES people just know things. I was right in front of the doors, looking across to the other side of the train, to my left was my cousin and to my right was a man, sitting with his head bowed, swinging it back and forth, saying things under his breath no one could understand. A good friend for 6 long years now. God, I feel like I’m on a therapist’s couch talking about my innermost secrets here…. I see them contained within the human form. I only discovered your writings about a month ago and have since read all but 2 books. I bought Mephisto Club and cannot put it down! In the book two of the characters an Angel, Aziraphale and a demon, Crowley meet regularly for lunch. I’ve been able now to see them for like 35 years. I have seen the video… My eyes are not mine… They are twisted and slanted and just have a look of hate and malice to them. I was surfing the web for sites regarding evil or sensing evil or negative energy in another person and came across this blog site. When she described that to me, I knew she finally truly believed because she experienced it. Ive had this experience before. Maybe 10 years or so ago there were a couple local stories of cults doing rituals up in one of the cemeteries around my hometown. Hi everyone my name is Joe Dean. It could be bad magic being put on her, or spirits trying to get attention, I don’t know, but I NEED to figure it out.. if anyone has some insight it would be greatly appreciated, thank you. @# out of me at the same time. Of course I have seen MANY spiritual things in this life, and have seen plenty of evil unfortunately, and encountered MANY demons and angels…. I got away with only minor injuries. And have searched a long time find someone that knows what I’m talking about. I decided to go and play poker, I played and had fun, at midnight a Chinese man enter the table sat a sit away from me to my left. My gf was beside herself, she said the man looked IDENTICAL in almost every way to her father she is recently estranged with. visit us : Having said that if a good friend or acquaintance or even my wife approached me with a story bordering on fantastic disbelief such as seeing an alien, bigfoot or discource with a spiritual body I would immediately be apprehensive and although I would like to believe them…I don’t know if I could. (I hadn’t the chance) 9-1-1 can you hear me? I cannot find your book ANYWHERE! I dialed 9-1-1! But I did. The sounds that were coming off from him seemed unnatural as if the wrong notes were being used to mimic laughter and chit-chatter. They tried to force their way in but they can’t get in unless you let them in. My friend was trying to help and we ended up cruising and sleeping in the car because I was fighting to much at home and just Traumatized….. he stated he did and was trying to get them to go away. There was no argument – we continued as nothing had happened. When I heard what these seven people had variously done (over a 15 year period) to a single woman my initial urge was to seek vengeance on her behalf; instead I decided to write a book about her life. All I know is, I’m getting more hate mail for this book than I’ve ever gotten on any book before. I never really considered that look that carried such evil as a means to define her as I understand she is just mixed up and from what I have experinced what projects evil is not nescessarily a lost cause to good. My feeling is a mixture of guilt that there’s my innocent, vulnerable daughter close to me while I’m holding something that instantly transforms from something innocuous for slicing mushrooms into a lethal weapon, and a vision of stabbing my little daughter. lol! If you are sincere please email me back. Her coworker text her before we even left the parking lot wanting to know what That was about. The groups that insight evil are not noticed by people until they get picked on. I was told once when I was 18 that I had been given a spiritual gift from God by these Witch Doctors I went to see as I was seeing shadows, feeling dark entities, I was not myself, using and abusing Crystal Methamphetamine hear me out I get that it may cause “Hallucinations”. Normally this would be strange-yet-funny to me too but there was a way in which he did it that augmented his obscurity. They went upstairs to investigate, and heard a dentist’s drill running in one of the rooms. I don’t know what it is I tried looking it up and there was something saying about GMOs and Hormones but that’s not it there doing something else to the meat that I haven’t figure out yet. Have you ever seen evil in someone’s eyes? Well I went to his FB page and looked at his pics and he was goth looking and I thought wow he’s very odd looking how weird. Other then that have no idea what i saw that night. I always had to wake him because he frightened me… Like he was in a gaze or trance…. It was about 2 years ago, I was on the bus going home from work at around 10pm at night. I thought I would just share it here, if for nothing other than to just get it out. Whichever it was I’ll never forget that feeling. I was frightened by him, for no known reason. For the sake of professionalism, I tried to keep my beliefs to myself seeing as this meeting was set in the working environment. The dermatologists said it was a rash move. I had the sense that they knew that I could see them, and they might have known which individuals have paranormal abilities.I have had other paranormal experiences throughout my life. And why am I able to see them? The internists thought it was a hard pill to From her actions it seemed she had no moral compass whatsoever. I have seen “Normal people” caught as they say by the Spirit of God. I was reading over this entire blog and I was a little worried about one of the posts. ( familiar Spirits ). I think evil comes from groups who pick on a good individual and insight evil in him. I haven’t been the same since…. Outside the glass door, a man was able to stare, and make the door between us disappear. This is common among younger people and is more prevalent in men. He was staring at me, and the door between us disappeared for a moment. As my tears began to fall down my face I realised that around that corner in the supermarket were stalls with women selling seafood. But maybe there are people who have that instinct to recognize it. I tend to just keep walking and not look because I have seen many a homeless person begging, and I know to just move on. I played 2 hands with this chinese man with the best hand preflop and lost 2 big pots to him. We go through TG withdrawal for 11-3/4 months a year! Some of the family, my cousins especially, decided to just be reckless and run down the stairs and then pass by several carts. I suffer from these most when I am stressed, however I do not hide these from people I tell them.

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