There are two ways to get a witch's order for the spirit of the forest: to take a contract on the bulletin board in the port of Kaer Trolde or by entering into a dialogue with the locals in the village of Fayrlund. Due to the large number, you are going to want to try and monitor the position of all of them and be prepared to attempt hit and run tactics whilst being ready to roll pretty much constantly until you get the numbers down a little and you can focus on individuals. In order to learn more about him, you need to open the bestiary and find a note about the ancient wood Leszy. They will be a girl named Hilda, to whom Sven has tender feelings. Apparently, the devil has already outlined the next token. Can't progress. However, everything is not so simple: Elder Harold assures that only due to the neighborhood with the spirit of the local forests are so rich in game that feeds the entire village, local women are very fertile and always give birth to healthy children, and hunters are considered the best in all Skellige. Heart of the Woods PC Game 2019 Overview: Step into a fantasy world where you will explore the story between two lovely ladies. Despite having some fairly heavy hitting melee attacks if you get in close, the Leshen will for the most part keep its distance. Both will offer a different solution to the problem and both conversations will lead to additional objectives. When it is safe to do so, activate Witcher Sense and you can inspect the following: A series of scratches on the large rocks in the area. As long as this person is alive, the devil will not die either, and after death he will be reborn. Fortunately, the Leshen is relatively slow and aside from the crow swarm attack, his other moves are quite obvious and telegraphed in such a way as to be easy to avoid. When there is an opportunity to take on the boss, use a combination of IGNI and Dimetirium Bombs to damage the boss quickly. In the heart of the woods. Use of materials is allowed only if there is an active link to the source. Heart of the Woods is a fantasy yuri visual novel about paranormal investigation, ancient mysteries, and a love between two girls that transcends life and death. Comparing the evidence, Geralt will come to the conclusion that the suspected monster is an Leszy who has lived for more than one hundred years. And since the quest is a “double-edged sword”, a failed point is inevitable: it will not work to fulfill the conditions of all parties to the conflict. During the subsequent conversation and scene, you have a couple of conversation options. The fate of the old man depends on Herald's remark: he may not intervene, allowing the men to kill Harold, or to stand up for him, but then he will have to fight with Sven and his associates. He will not enter into dialogue with Geralt, but behaves like a regular NPC added to the background. When destroying the last totem, Geralt will hear the roar of a monster that is nearby, and will be able to fight him. He’ll give you a new objective to find and locate the Leshen’s target within the village. If you decide to follow the advice of Harold and cajole the ancient wood Leszy, you will have to pass the test of the hunt. Sven, despite some charisma, in most cases behaves like an obvious gangster, which sometimes befits a warrior, but never befits a power elder. The other element you’ll want to be aware of in this fight is that it will initially start with four Wolves but the Leshen will summon additional Wolves periodically when the originals fall – so keep your eyes open for them! To kill a person in this way requires tremendous power. After identifying the Leshen as your monster and returning to the village, speak with Harald to update him on your discovery. This is because from range it has several damaging attacks. When you are ready to continue, use Witcher Sense to locate the red ripple representing the boss and approach it to start the fight. Some players do not have a drop from his body when killing Sven. Study some tracks on the ground, then investigate a dog’s corpse. When using a decoction, the use of witch marks in battle generates energy. Try to keep during the battle so that there is only one wolf in front of you - this will not allow other predators to come from the flanks. 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