[18] The official score had LaMotta as winner by a knockout in 10 rounds because the bell had already rung to begin that round when Cerdan announced he was quitting. LaMotta had a troubled personal life, including a spell in a reformatory, and was married seven times. [3] Den Titel gewann er in einem Kampf gegen den hochfavorisierten Franzosen Marcel Cerdan am 16. [2][3] Many sources had reported his year of birth as 1921,[4] but his daughter Christi said in a Facebook post immediately following his death that it was in fact 1922. Jake defeated such men as Robinson, Marcel Cerdan, Fritzie Zivic, Robinson won the close fight by unanimous decision, using a dazzling left jab and jarring uppercuts. Robinson war zu diesem Zeitpunkt allerdings noch ein Weltergewichtler, LaMotta hingegen Mittelgewichtler. [5] One of LaMotta’s much younger cousins on his father's side was Richard LaMotta, who became an entrepreneur and creator of the Chipwich ice cream treat. Hunter was down for a five count in the 6th. Attendance was 11,115. I was supposed to be throwing a fight to this guy, and it looked like I was going to end up holding him on his feet... By [the fourth round], if there was anybody in the Garden who didn't know what was happening, he must have been dead drunk. Robinson got up and took control over much of the fight, winning via a unanimous 10-round decision.[8]. [8] Held on February 14, 1951, Saint Valentine's Day, the fight became known as boxing's version of the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre. Juni 1949 in Detroit durch K. o. in der zehnten Runde. Another nephew, William Lustig, is a well-known director and producer of horror films and the president of Blue Underground, Inc.[32], LaMotta had four daughters, including Christi by his second wife Vikki LaMotta and Stephanie by his fourth wife Dimitria. Robinson had trouble keeping LaMotta at bay. The fight with Fox would come back to haunt him later in life, during a case with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. "[26] He boasted "No son-of-a-bitch ever knocked me off my feet", but that claim was ended in December 1952 at the hands of Danny Nardico when Nardico caught him with a hard right in the seventh round. [35] The magazine ranked him as one of the 10 greatest middleweights of all time. He lost his debut against Bob Murphy, lost a split decision to Norman Hayes, and drew with Gene Hairston in his first three bouts. LaMotta's corner stopped the bout between the 7th and 8th rounds. [2], Jake's father forced the boy to fight other boys in order to entertain neighborhood adults, who threw pocket change into the ring. inducted into the Ring Boxing Hall of Fame in 1985 and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990. But LaMotta refused to go down. Their 2nd contest. A rematch was arranged, but while Cerdan was flying back to the United States to fight the rematch, his Air France Lockheed Constellation crashed in the Azores, killing everyone on board.[19]. LaMotta made his first title defense against Tiberio Mitri on July 7, 1950, at Madison Square Garden, New York. Attendance: 18,930. In 6th round Reeves was floored for a one-count prior the knockout. [2] Afterward he fought undefeated in amateur bouts, turning professional at age 19 in 1941. In over 110 fights against the greatest middleweights in history, LaMotta was only knocked to the canvas once in his entire 14 year career. was the first man to defeat the great "Sugar" Ray Robinson and was [40], LaMotta died on September 19, 2017, from complications of pneumonia in a nursing home in Florida, at the age of 95.[41][2][4]. LaMotta moved up to light heavyweight after losing his world middleweight title. September 2017 in Aventura, Florida[2]; eigentlich Giacobbe LaMotta), war ein US-amerikanischer Boxer. Bevor es zu einem Rückkampf kommen konnte, starb Cerdan beim Flugzeugabsturz am Monte Redondo. WEIGHT: 154-175 lbs: MANAGER: Mike Capriano, Joey LaMotta: TRAINER: Al Silvani: RECORD: 83-19-4 (30 KO) He just defeated Fritzie Zivic and Sugar Ray Robinson in 1943. [33][34], LaMotta remained active on the speaking and autograph circuit, and published several books about his career, his life, and his fights with Robinson. The production focused on LaMotta's boxing career, and was criticized by The New York Times as poorly executed and a "bizarre debacle". [citation needed], In 1960 LaMotta was called to testify before a U.S. Senate sub-committee that was looking into underworld influence on boxing. [39], LaMotta: The Bronx Bull stars actor William Forsythe as LaMotta, while Paul Sorvino plays his father. The LaMotta team played in Sterling Oval which was located between 165th and 164th Streets between Clay and Teller Avenue. [37], LaMotta is the subject of a documentary directed and produced by Greg Olliver. Hollywood executives approached LaMotta with the idea of a movie about his life, based on his 1970 memoir Raging Bull: My Story. Aus seiner zweiten Ehe mit Vikki stammen Tochter Christi und die Söhne Jake Jr. und Joe, die beide 1998 starben. LaMotta profilierte sich hierbei erwiesenermaßen erfolgreich als persönlicher Berater De Niros, was damit endete, dass De Niro für seine überzeugende Darstellung einen Oscar erhielt. [4] His mother was born in the United States to Italian immigrants, while his father was an immigrant from Messina, Sicily, who came with family including his brother Joseph. The victory was short-lived, as the two met on February 26, 1943, in what was another 10-round fight, once again at Olympia Stadium in Robinson's former home of Detroit. Dauthuille was counted out with 13 seconds left in the fight. LaMotta, who lived a turbulent life in and out of the ring, was portrayed by Robert De Niro in the 1980 film Raging Bull. Am 14. [15] De Niro won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance. One month later, LaMotta and Reeves fought again in the same arena. During his career, he won the Middleweight September 2017 in Aventura, Florida[2]; eigentlich Giacobbe LaMotta), war ein US-amerikanischer Boxer. [21], Following that fight, LaMotta took time off; when he returned, in early 1954,[22] he knocked out his first two opponents, Johnny Pretzie (TKO 4) and Al McCoy (KO 1), but a controversial split decision loss to Billy Kilgore on April 14, 1954 convinced him to retire. Main event of the opening card of the 1948/49 (final) season at Park Arena. Juli 1922[1] in New York; † 19. He was managed by his brother Joey LaMotta. Februar 1951 verlor er in Chicago schließlich den Titel durch Abbruch in der 13. Holman Williams, Bob Satterfield, Tony Janiro, Laurent Dauthuille, LaMotta was one of the first boxers to adopt the "bully" style of fighting, in that he always stayed close and in punching range of his opponent, by stalking him around the ring, and sacrificed taking punches himself in order to land his own shots. Cerdan hatte sich die Schulter früh ausgerenkt und musste aufgeben. [6], LaMotta learned to box while in a reformatory in upstate New York, where he'd been sent for attempted robbery. Hayes was floored for an eight-count in the second round. [15], The thrown fight and a payment of $20,000 to the Mafia got LaMotta his title bout against World Middleweight Champion Marcel Cerdan. With use of constant stalking, brawling and inside fighting, he developed the reputation for being a "bully"; he was what is often referred to today as a swarmer and a slugger. Er war der Onkel des Schauspielers John LaMotta. A fourth fight, the duo's final 10 rounder, took place nearly two years after the third, on February 23, 1945, at Madison Square Garden, New York. Reeves was blinking his eyes and shaking his head as the referee counted him out. Jesus Christ, a couple of jabs and he's going to fall down? Due to his hard style of fighting, LaMotta often got as much as he was giving in an era of great middleweights. Martin Scorsese directed the biopic Raging Bull about his life while Robert De Niroportrayed him. (1961–63). [16], LaMotta won the World Middleweight title on June 16, 1949 in Detroit, Michigan, defeating Frenchman Marcel Cerdan. Er hatte noch zwei weitere Töchter. In round 6 Costner was dropped for a nine-count prior the knockout. [13] The decision was severely booed by the 14,755 people in attendance. Just hours before the fight, the odds drastically changed and Fox became the betting favorite. Jake LaMotta had one of the best chins in boxing history. Robinson was saved by the bell at the count of nine. A 10-round rematch took place February 5, 1943, at Olympia Stadium in Detroit, Michigan. [17] LaMotta won the first round (in which he knocked Cerdan down), Cerdan the second, and the third was even. [12] Robinson won again by a unanimous decision. LaMotta got up and was beaten against a corner by Nardico until the bell rang. was a tough individual - extremely tough; As rugged as he was, he I was a little dazed and decided to stay on the deck." LaMotta war ein typischer Pressure Fighter mit legendärem Kinn. He married his seventh wife, his longtime fiancée Denise Baker, on January 4, 2013. : Wie ein wilder Stier) verfilmt. The autobiography revealed Jake LaMotta's life as a young teenage criminal; reformation in prison; boxing career; struggle with the mafia, which kept the boxing title out of reach; and his jealous obsession with his wife, Vikki.

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