After his release Lenny became a minor celebrity. Our. Lenny unfortunately died soon after from brain cancer. Lenny, who starred in Guy Ritchie’s 1998 film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, once bit off a man’s nose – but he was ­terrified of spiders. Shaw used an excuse about herbal tea sedating him and a third match, the decider was set up. In fact the sections of the documentary that are outside of the boxing or media work aren’t glorified in anyway at all and that is refreshing for me as a viewer. Kelly has spent her adult life trying to get to grips with the demons of her childhood. His daughter never breathed a word about the violation until she had a nervous breakdown two years ago and told a therapist. Lionsgate UK Releases The Guv'nor in select Cinemas 7th October and on DVD, Blu-ray \u0026 Digital Download 10th October, 2016For more info and some great images visit Britflicks - #EastEnd #TheGuvnor We did live in fear of him, but I didn’t understand he had this condition. This isn’t a son showing off that his dad is harder than your dad, this is a son with obvious love for his father that is trying to see if there is a reason behind the violence, a son not afraid to tackle his famous fathers OCD and mental health issues, as well as discussing his own demons and if I could say one thing to Jamie McLean it would be – Bravo sir! “Dad would have been serving a life ­sentence for murder, there’s no doubt about that.”. The first was I had really enjoyed ‘Gascoigne’ and this was the same producers, and the second being that I love to hear Lenny’s voice, but I wasn’t going to learn anything new was I? When the trial hit the Old Bailey a forensic pathologist stated that the broken jaw was not the cause of death but instead brutality on behalf of the police, seconded by a nurse who had witnessed the police dealing with the man. Kelly McLean with her notorious East End hardman father Lenny McLean, When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Yes he was incredibly violent when he had to be, but this was also a man who tried to fix his own faults and look after his own. Click on a label to prioritize search results according to that topic: The section on the documentary about the famous unlicensed fights with Roy Shaw was brilliant. “He said, ‘I don’t want to see a dry eye, I want to see you all sobbing.’ He loved the attention, probably because he got none growing up.”. Person. Tesco stores to close some clothing sections during second lockdown, If stores that sell clothes and any other non-food items on a separate floor, then it is to be closed off as of November 7, to shoppers according to new Government guidance, Strictly star Bill Bailey's heartbreaking hope for show after family tragedy, Comic Bill Bailey has emerged as one of the dark horses of the competition with his professional partner, and former champ, Oti Mabuse, UK Covid hospital death toll rises by 151 - more than doubling in one month, The tragic figure was released by health authorities this afternoon, amid calls for all four countries in the UK to work closer together to find a way out of the crisis. Lenny trained like a professional boxer. The Jimmy Briggs fight outside a pub, which was one of Lenny’s most notorious moments, gets a mention and the fact he tried to bite out the man’s throat and spat up human flesh is neither glorified nor retreated from. Kelly McLean had a love hate relationship with her volatile dad, nicknamed The Guv’nor, Our free email newsletter sends you the biggest headlines from news, sport and showbiz. Very brave of you and a fascinating look at the life of both your father and you as his child. But part of her remains tied to the East End estate which shaped her life. A man that had an inner strength to back up his incredible punching power and an ability to take a beating like no one before him. Copyright © var creditsyear = new Date();document.write(creditsyear.getFullYear()); “But I think from an early age I realised people feared my dad. He was regularly beaten by his alcoholic stepdad Jim Irwin. Working the doors of West End clubs allowed Lenny a decent income and his name spread fear amongst the ‘jack the lads’ that would try and stir trouble in places but one fateful night at The Hippodrome saw Lenny charged with murder. I probably could have helped him.”. People slag him off and say he was a bully but it wasn’t his fault. While filming Lock, Stock, Lenny became ill with what he thought was flu but he was soon diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. What emerges is a picture of a complex, driven and principled family man. Kelly said: “The till smashed against the wall of the shop and money scattered ­everywhere. The man just managed to duck out of the way. It’s not a community. Kelly said her “back goes up” every time she drives past her old haunts. The documentary is made by Jamie McLean, Lenny’s son, and offers a fascinating insight in to what Lenny was like behind the legend, what growing up as Lenny’s son was like, and has some extraordinary footage of some events in Lenny’s life that really need to be watched. Britflicks had the pleasure of talking to Lenny McLean's son Jamie and filmmaker Paul Van Carter on the set of biopic MY NAME IS LENNY. They now live a quiet life in rural Essex. Lenny being the bouncer he was gave the guy a swift back hander, breaking his jaw in the process, dressed him and sent him on his way. He once ate 20 boxes of cereal which Kelly says “tasted like cardboard” ­because he couldn’t bear to admit he was unable to sell them on. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. She even attempted suicide shortly after Lenny died of lung cancer, aged 49, in 1998. Aged five, she was repeatedly sexually abused by a teenage female who lived nearby. I didn’t think I loved him but I did. A mental patient from Manchester had escaped and found his way to London and inside Lenny’s club where he stood naked and urinated on the crowd. She is sure her dad would have killed her abuser’s family if he’d found out. McLean described his family as his "rock," whose existence helped him to reject a life solely devoted to crime, and for whom he maintained some self-control during his fights. Her book looks at her chaotic upbringing in a council flat in Bethnal Green, East London. We also discussed THE GUV'NOR, the brand new documentary about this East End Legend!THE GUV'NOR in select Cinemas 7 October \u0026 DVD/Blu-ray/VOD 10 October, 2016. info on THE GUVNOR and Cinemas listings GUVNOR, a documentary about famed East Ender, bare knuckle boxer, bouncer and gangsters associate, Lenny McLean. Steve Taylor-Bryant delves into the life of Lenny McLean as seen through the eyes of his son, Jamie, in the new documentary from Paul Van Carter and the producers of Gascoigne… When you grow up in the era I did and have London blood in your veins from extended family it … He would sit there like a Cheshire cat. We didn’t have a normal upbringing.”. Considering it is a family member making the film they have not shied away from the obvious faults Lenny had in life, the controversies and, of course, the violence that surrounded him. I don’t think he enjoyed life. “There were times I hated him and I looked at him like he was a bully. His book was eventually picked up by a publisher and sold over 3 million copies, he had small parts in television shows, did the chat show circuit, and eventually found fame in Guy Ritchie’s gangster film Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. Wrong! “We had so many issues.

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