The position of the five EU member states that do not recognize its independence becomes irrelevant if Belgrade continues to allow incentives that further legitimize the Pristina government. Spain too is dealing with several separatist movements, including in Catalonia, Basque and Galicia, and will also unlikely change their position on Kosovo. It is unsurprising that this attitude is being actualized on the eve of the 2020 American presidential elections. South Africa; As well as Angola, after a meeting with Vuk Jeremic on August 30, 2010, South Africa stated that they will not recognize Kosovo. Chinese Journal of International Law 8.1 (2009): 2-25. [57] The High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Miroslav Lajcak said Srpska has "absolutely no right" to secede and that he would use his Bonn Powers "if there are threats to peace and stability" or the Dayton peace agreement. Unlike the 1990 Kosovo declaration of independence, which only Albania recognised, Kosovo's second declaration of independence has received 115 diplomatic recognitions, of which 15 have been withdrawn. An example is the former German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel’s statement, “if Serbia wants to move toward the EU, the building of the rule of law is a primary condition, but naturally also the acceptance of Kosovo’s independence”, Gabriel said. Is it the recognition of Kosovo, and then sanctions against Russia? Indonesia; there are different opinions in the country about recognizing or not recognizing Kosovo. [55] After the resolution was passed the U.S. cut aid to the SNSD and the resolution was condemned by the European Union. Venezuela; named the new leader of Kosovo Haşim Taçi as a terrorist supported by the USA. For discussion of the effect of the Kosovo secession on international relations, see. On February 17, 2008, Kosovo claimed its independence. 12:49 … "[28], Immediately following Kosovo's declaration of independence the Russian officials appeared to soften their position, with Boris Gryzlov stating only that Moscow should “reshape its relations with self-proclaimed republics” which according to news reports could mean lifting the economic embargo on the regions.[29]. J. Transnatl. As of today, 98 out of 193 countries recognize Kosovo’s independence after the withdrawal of the 20 countries. At this moment, it is difficult to give a precise answer, but the danger of imposing new conditions certainly exists. [32] The Nezavisimaya Gazeta daily described the hearing as "the launch of a procedure of recognition". Russia, however, will not necessarily be the first to recognise our independence. Greece and Cyprus would probably not recognize Kosovo’s independence so long as Turkey continues occupying northern Cyprus. According to Nami, "Everyone sees 2008 as the last window of opportunity for a solution to the Cyprus problem." … Israel has criticized states that have recognized Palestine but refuse to recognize Kosovo, and stated that Israel will not recognize Kosovo until all European states do so.

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