This time around, she hopes to help people escape at a moment when “truth is stranger than fiction,” she said on a recent video call. I could take to the streets, get my metro ticket, go where I wanted to go. Along with so much of Ennio Morricone’s work, it’s transcendent. Steve Kornacki, our port in the electoral storm. I love having that family atmosphere and working with people who’ve all got their own skills. She blew everything up and it was glorious to watch. It was kind of like this rite of passage because it would play from Friday night through Sunday. The Best Beauty Advent Calendars to Buy Before They Sell Out, “Behind every door there’s something new to try.”. Let’s Just Wear Ourselves Out So We Can Rest Tonight. It was really a great idea and they did the first exhibition of my clothes in 2005. I weathered that storm, but I certainly don’t feel that pressure so much anymore, which could be my experience and my age. If this scarf could talk, it would have a few stories. But, for me, it’s ultimately about connection, whether it’s through streaming or live performances. Minogue chatted with The Cut about her new album, her longevity as an artist, and when we might be able to finally try her wine line. Minogue talked about her cultural must-haves, which she noted will likely change over time. Carl Lentz, formerly Justin Bieber’s Evangelical pastor, was fired from Hillsong Church for “moral failings.”, The Biggest Mistake You’re Making With SPF Moisturizer. It has been around my head. Let’s just hope the disco is within. “Rage” is such an Aussie thing. But I also think it’s the climate. She’s still discovering herself. Speaking to this week's Stellar Magazine, the 52 … I got to hear a little bit of your new album, Disco — it’s so joyful and makes you wanna dance. I remember going on a drive with my parents. My brother picked me up from the airport, which is a real thrill. For more than three decades, she’s made glittering tracks with pulsing beats — “I Should Be So Lucky" (1987), “Better the Devil You Know” (1990), “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” (2001), “All the Lovers” (2010). The Organizer Behind a Massively Popular Brooklyn Fundraiser. We have to keep the dream alive and connect in different ways. There’s so much desire for it! I’ve had some of the most romantic adventures in Paris. Clare finally told Chris Harrison she had feelings for Dale before the show started filming. I was invited backstage afterward and I got to meet him. Off the top of my head, I’m going to say “Slow” would be the Merlot. I remember being in his car and we just went for a spin. You should see my face. A couple of years back, I flew from London to Melbourne. Log in or link your magazine subscription, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, By submitting your email, you agree to our, Kylie Minogue Believes Disco Is a State of Mind, All the Women Who Have Spoken Out Against Joe Biden, An Awkward Kiss Changed How I Saw Joe Biden, The Birth of an Extraordinary Modern Progressive Movement, How I Convinced My Dad Not to Vote for Trump, The Sorority That Tried to Abolish Itself, Biden Is the Projected Winner of the Election, Watch the Cheers, Celebrations, and Dancing in the Streets. She has released 14 albums and won more than 200 awards in her decades-long career, and you know her even if you aren’t a superfan — you’ve danced to “Can’t Get You Out of My Head,” or you’ve seen her in Moulin Rouge. I have a lot of clothes and costumes from over the years, and back in 2004 my family and I agreed that we would approach the Arts Center Melbourne to see if they were interested in having this stuff. This is kind of a two-prong question: When is your wine going to be available in the U.S.? If I hit tough times, I’ve got nothing to sell. 19 Things On Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From Dansko to Hydro Flask. Shut your eyes and play that theme song. My friend was brave enough to get on a motorbike and drive it. It’s one of those things that I probably will lose one day, but I’d be very sorry to see it go. And was there a point in your career when you felt like you’d “made it”? I don’t know where I had the gumption or guts to say or how I even said it, but something like, “I’m working on a new album and wonder if you would ever want to work together.”. It has been a belt. There’s an admiration for what everyone does, whether you’re a lighting technician, you’re in catering, you’re a dancer, you’re the monitor guy or woman. I didn’t think I would get the chance to see him conducting an orchestra, the chance to hear that live, and I did. She used an old microphone and GarageBand to record demos in a space that she said resembled what children might create when camping out in a living room. When I was listening to the first edit of the album, l stopped everything and put the Apple-pips in (as I call Airpods). After suing a tabloid for calling him a “wife-beater” — and losing the case — Depp has been asked to step down. Road cases are my home away from home. I don’t want my friends knowing I’m playing Scrabble. I was 19 when I started. “All the Lovers” could be the Rose. Still, people are turning to music, perhaps even more so. But it got the job done. Part two: What singles of yours would you pair with each wine? I was so green when I started. I went to Minneapolis, hung out for a few days and that was that. November 6, 2020 ... ℗ 2020 KYLIE MINOGUE/DARENOTE LIMITED UNDER EXCLUSIVE LICENSE TO BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT (UK) LIMITED. I do love a bit of a bit of a period story. There’s a different joy in it now. Kamala Harris will also be the first Black woman and the first person of South Asian descent to assume the title. Earlier in my career, there were plenty of times where it was uncomfortable, but it was a sign of the times — the ’90s were all the lads mags, where you’re in a bikini. You have such a devoted fan base — what do you hope they get from the new album? You would get home and put “Rage” on. When you’ve got a bag without straps you’re tired of carrying, it becomes a bag strap. I’ve had some trying times. She had this tiny little strappy low-back dress on, and she was about to take off when I said, like your mother would, “Wait, wait, take this!” and I put it on her like a harness. There’s no one workout to guarantee good sleep, but here are some moves to try. It’s important which product(s) you use, but also how much. My 14-year-old hormones are just knocking on the door right now. I also play Scrabble, except I only like to play with strangers. A few years ago, my girlfriends and I were on a Greek island. I felt like I was in another world. *Sorry, there was a problem signing you up. How do you feel like you’ve seen the music industry change for the better? The NYPD’s Top Anti-Harassment Cop Might Be a Racist Troll. There haven’t really been parties during the pandemic, but disco-diva fever has been all the rave in 2020. When we were on the road, I was on the bike behind her and I could just see the scarf flapping in the breeze and it was such a beautiful color in that sunlight. I did my chemotherapy in Paris. I always look forward to it, so my road cases are like my friends. Luckily, I was young and fit! Then cut to ’92 when he did a concert at Earl’s Court in London. I was in high school and my girlfriends and I would listen to “Purple Rain” all the time. Including Lululemon culottes and some very cute storage baskets. The Australian dance-pop institution ran down her list of cultural must-haves as she prepared to release her 15th album, “Disco.”, That’s the question Kylie Minogue will likely ask if she knows that you’ve listened to her new album, “Disco.”. “I just felt, if kids are doing this — making albums in their bedroom — then, come on, Minogue, you’ve got to be able to do this,” she said. Perhaps we can reverse that — you are on your own, but you shut your eyes and hear that music. Oprah Picks a Telfar Bag As One of Her ‘Favorite Things’. Yeah, the word icon gets tossed around casually these days, but I’m not being dramatic when I say it’s a title Kylie Minogue has earned.She has released 14 albums and won more than 200 awards in her decades-long career, and you know her even if you aren’t a superfan — you’ve danced to “Can’t Get You Out of My Head,” or you’ve seen her in Moulin Rouge. These are edited excerpts from the conversation. Already a subscriber? That was the moment I realized “these really are not mine anymore.” Touring costumes are workers. As soon as I see them at rehearsals, I get that, “Ooh we’re going on tour, this is happening” feeling.

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