The female's face is shorter, her face steeper, and her mouth smaller; the males have a larger, bulldoggy head. Remember that plants aren’t ruled out of a shell dweller tank. A 45cm/18in tank will house a couple of pairs, or a decent harem for one male. A substrate depth in excess of 5–6cm/2–2.4in in some parts of the tank will help them facilitate this. Ensure lots of tiny food like infusoria. They’ll form harems, with a male dominating, so if you’re keeping groups then keep eyes open for a straggler potentially being bullied. Being from Tanganyika, the water requirements of all species are the same. Neolamprologus hecqui — if they spawn you'll need to watch out for tank mates getting bashed about. Przy Tank mates need some forward planning. Julidochromis, and cylindrical Neolamprologus types may seem the immediate sensible choice, but go sparingly. Habitat. It’s considerably safer to leave a clear gap of at least 15cm/6in between the two camps. To do things properly, bigger will be better, and will allow you to consider a Tanganyika community with other carefully considered fish. They have the shape and some of the attitude of "occies," but are rather more subdued. Males have a bigger, bulldog jaw and a slight bump on the nose. w celu Our boats would be torn out from underneath us, like an aquatic remake of Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’. The smallest cichlid species in the world? Łacińska nazwa sugeruje, że mamy do czynienia z piękną rybą: speciosus – piękny, atrakcyjny. Water: Hard, alkaline: 7.8–9.0pH, hardness 15-25°H. They’re certainly easy enough to house. Breeding is fairly simple once the fish are mature; however, that takes a bit of waiting. Spawning: A conditioned pair left to their own devices at 25°C/77°F will start going through the motions. Sexing: Difficult when young, males will eventually be larger than females. If you want a real good stab at doing a social group of shellies, then consider a tank of 100cm/40in or more. We specialize in mainly cichlids from Lake Tanganyika and … Sexing: Look at the fin edges. Curling up inside the curves of a snail shell is a great way to make yourself trickier to swallow. Tropheus black bemba: Zdjęcia są poglądowe i przedstawiają dorosłe osobniki. Females will typically kick fry out of their territories within the first month, but the fry are rarely in danger from even unrelated stappersi, and the male (who inhabits a separate territory from the female) may take over guarding them. All submissions are reviewed before addition. No stappersi owner could possibly regret owning a breeding group of the stunning Pearly ocellatus. Found on the central Congo coast South of Kalemie. Młode opuszczają muszlę po 10-12 dniach i stopniowo rozpływają się po akwarium. They are small fish, among the smallest cichlids in the world, and they carry overtones of prey, not predator. The problem is this — rock dwellers place an invisible barrier around their rocks, while shellies do the same with their own unique homes. All of these fish live close to the base and can soon get under each other’s skin. Key To Species Profile Terms Pronunciation: Refer to our Pronunciation Key for an explanation of the phonetic symbols. Very Hard To Find. Aim for three or four shells for every fish, otherwise there’ll be squabbling. Lamprologus speciosus naseljuje podobna območja (z nižjim številom polžjih hišic) kot Lamprologus ocellatus in Lamprologus stappersii. If you would like to reproduce this photo, request for a permission. I’ve seen shellies mixed with Tropheus types before, too, though this requires a vigilant eye. Przed These fish are carnivores and uninterested in greenery, and so provided you stick with species able to tolerate the extreme water conditions, then go right ahead. Turbo shells can also be found at pet stores, often sold for hermit crabs. Spawning: Just like N. brevis, except the young get a better start by virtue of the funnel shaped shell openings. Vallisneria, which struggles in soft tanks, tends to fare well (and some kinds are even found in the lake, making it biotope correct) while the near immortal Anubias, as always, will happily tie to any rocks in the tank. Neolamprologus tretocephalus . There will be casualties. Copyright © 1997-2011 Marcos A. Avila. Special thanks to Heather for her professionalism And as if that wasn’t enough, I even managed to snare icthyologist Luiz Tencatt into writing about what goes on during a fish collecting expedition. Juveniles : Males grow faster and the lips look bigger and thicker. This does not mean a fish cannot be found in other habitats. Give the perfect gift or treat yourself! Neothauma are largish lumps, and successful with it, and their populations can be vast. Some of the ultra-fine, almost dusty substrates like those from JBL are worth a look. If every fish in the world behaved like these, then we humans would never have set foot into water. Any stappersi kept in community tanks should be watched for stress coloration, excessive hiding, and particularly any unusual slimming. Plenty of room should be allowed for territory; a 30” or larger tank is ideal, especially once this relatively prolific species gets spawning. Aulonocranus is a good choice, and will keep out of the shellies’ way. Sub-Adults : Females are much more aggressive. They love to bury their shells, making a kind of funnel around the mouths out of the substrate. Family: Cichlidae: Genus: Lamprologus: Species: speciosus : Status: Uważa się, że speciosusy są dość agresywne wobec pobratymców, jednak ta agresja jest znacznie mniejsza niż w przypadku innych muszlowców z grupy ocellatus. Or they may be obligate, unable to fend for themselves in the lake if they are denied one. Multiple daily feedings, a slightly elevated temperature, and frequent water changes help keep them growing, if not at oscar-fry speed, certainly fast enough to allow them all of their future growth potential. Maybe the cutest of all, you definitely want deep sand for these fish. All rights reserved. This is the second order I have placed and both were smooth transactions

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