Analogies are used as a method for generating further ideas. Or, to put it in simpler terms: the ability to develop original answers to difficult questions. In times of crisis, much gets written about the importance of leaders not “losing their heads.” But, while remaining calm is a pre-requisite of almost all good decision-making, it is only a means to an end. One can more easily escape from something definite than from something vague.Liberation from rigid patterns and the generation of alternative patterns are the aims of lateral thinking. In lateral thinknig the intention is to be create discomfort with any explanation. It is usually assumed that the basic ideas are sound and then one puts them together to give different patterns. Once one learns the function and use of PO one has learned how to use lateral thinking. PO is the some tool for applying lateral thinking just as NO is a tool for applying logical thinking. Lateral thinking is more concerned with the "movement value" of statements and ideas. Lateral thinking is cutting across patterns in a self-organising system, and has very much to do with perception.1. Brainstorming is a formal setting for the use of lateral thinking. So as to look at things in different ways and increase the possibility of restructuring the pattern.The ‘Why’ technique: The why technique is used to challenge assumptions. Finally, the main purpose is provocative. Lateral Thinking is a set of processes that provides a deliberate, systematic way of thinking creatively that results in innovative thinking in a repeatable manner. The mere intention of generating alternatives is sometimes sufficient.This technique is very similar to analysis. Challenge: Break free from the limits of accepted ways of operating.4. And it’s an increasingly in-demand skill. Lateral thinking is the process of using information to bring about creativity and insight restructuring. It is also an easy way to practice finding alternative points of view.Problem Solving is a convenient format that allows you to practice using main lateral techniques.In any problem there is a desired end point — something one wants to bring about What one wants to bring about may take a variety offorms:1. aders “are often able to access radically different solutions and much more flexibility than they might at first believe,” he says. Bear in mind that Twitter—a business that can stake a reasonable claim to having changed the world—was invented not by adding but subtracting. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Namely, patterns determine perception and we look through patterns at reality. Challenge: Break free from the limits of accepted ways of doing things “The ability to problem solve and think critically is one of the main attributes we look for when hiring,” she says. Focus tools that open your mind to new possibilities in the search for new ideas. Lateral thinking deliberately distances itself from "vertical" or logical thinking (the classic method for problem solving: working out the solution step-by-step from the given data) or "horizontal" imagination (having many ideas but being unconcerned with the detailed implementation of them by deferring judgement). Lateral thinking involves changing perceptions and flexibility and it is specifically concerned with the generation of new perceptions, ideas and creative solutions.Lateral thinking is a way to shake up the problem by looking at it from different perspectives. A person uses lateral thinking to move from one known idea to creating new ideas. You try to see things in a different way. Out-of-the-box lateral thinking is closely related to imaginative thinking and perception. Everyone has it in them to add transformational value through lateral thinking—even, or especially, in times of change or crisis. Whether you have created a way of doing things yourself or have been told that 'this is the way to do this', there are likely other ways to do those things more effectively and efficiently. You can train your brain to be more naturally creative and discover better solutions to known problems. He designed and runs creativity development courses: CoRT (Cognitive Research and Trust)), SixHats (course on self-organization of thinking and creative work in a group), a professional program “de Bono Thinking tools 24 × 7”. “The questions that we should be asking in HR are those such as: how do we build talent pools for the future?” says David Reay, senior VP of HR at Sony Music Worldwide. Both processes are made much easier if one can pick out the dominant idea.If one cannot pick out the dominant idea then any alternatives one generates are likely to be imprisoned within that vague general idea. Lateral thinking is solving problems through an indirect and creative approach, using reasoning that is not immediately obvious and involving ideas that may not be obtainable by using only traditional step-by-step logic. The emphasis is shifted from the validity of a particular pattern to the usefulness of that pattern in generating new patterns. The point here is that they embody a set of qualities that do not exist in your organization (or life) today. The rejection process is incorporated in the concept of the negative.The concept of lateral thinking is insight restructuring and this is brought about through the rearrangement of information.Rearrangement is the basis of lateral thinking and rearrangement means escape from the rigid patterns established by experience. In addition to being curious and questioning, you can help the process by engaging in certain activities, like puzzles. Unless one can convert a vague awareness to a definite pattern it is extremely difficult to generate alternative patterns, alternative ways of looking at the situation. “And they remain the key questions for HR, regardless of might be happening in the outside world.”, Ashleigh Otter, chief of staff at online library Perlego, agrees. Lateral thinking is concerned not with playing with the existing pieces but with seeking to change those very pieces. The patterns tend to become established ever more rigidly since they control attention. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. “The ability to problem solve and think critically is one of the main attributes we look for when hiring,” she says. Alternatives: Use concepts to breed new ideas.2. Activating Creativity, Best Creativity Techniques, Biographies, Experimental psychology, Physiologists, Psychologists, Scientists, Structural psychology, Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Tempting—and wrong. And if you do not succeed you just drop it and get on with the usual way of doing things. Tempting—and wrong. I define four main catagories of Lateral thinking tools: "You cannot dig a hole in a different place by digging the same hole deeper". Asking “what’s the one thing we absolutely should not do in this situation?” is an irreverent question that can challenge conventional thinking about what is an advisable course of action. Every Inventor or Creative will at times need to focus their creativity towards the process of Invention, whether it is a patentable invention or a mobile application it will some times be thinking from a 'blank page' state, not simply being about improving what is already there. Use of a dictionary to provide a random word.2. Fundamental aspects of the lateral thinking process, C. Jung’s “16 associations” test as a problem solving method, Edward Titchener – Founder of Structural Psychology, Parable about Alexander the Great and Opportunity, Ellis Paul Torrance – Father of Modern Creativity, Joy Paul Guilford – One of the founders of the…, Johann Friedrich Herbart – Founder of Pedagogy, Analogy technique as a tool for creative problem solving, How to solve a problem – checklist  by G. Polya, SCAMPER – Creative technique for ideation, The Phoenix checklist – Creative Thinking Technique, Mind Mapping for creativity and innovation, The Six Thinking Hats as a tool for creativity and innovation, Wishful Thinking – creativity technique for breakthrough innovation, Reversal (Inversion) as a creative problem solving technique, TRIZ – method of enhancing creativity and generating breakthrough innovations, 40 Inventive Principles in classical and modern TRIZ, “What if?” – A powerful creativity and possibility thinking technique, Role Playing as a Creative Problem Solving Technique, Freewriting – Subconscious creative technique, Diana Penty – successful Indian actress and international modelÂ, Survivorship bias and the flip side of things. But clichés refer not only to arrangements of ideas but to ideas themselves. Lateral thinking is the essence of creativity. To bring about something new (design an apple picking machine).3. Here are four techniques that will help, whatever organization or situation you find yourself in.

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