Her cybernetics lose their electrified glow, but she seems more disappointed than angry. The door was not locked, he felt sure, for the key was on the outside of it as usual. Recognizing Drica, she cheerfully greets her, asking what she thinks of her MechAquilla armor. I shall send messengers to the other regions; please, take this time to rest. Drica introduces Iron and Cent to the capital of the Scale Kingdom, Dragonheart Square; the other two are a bit more concerned about the very nasty-looking guards standing around the borders. If you do……no, I can’t let you awaken her!”, “Neferki, please calm down,” Cent pleads. All I ask in return is that you return their respect and live in harmony with each other.” She smiles encouragingly, but most of the Ghouls still look reluctant, prompting her to sigh. It is statistically impossible to completely eradicate disagreement in organic minds, due to the variables of their emotions. As King Wyrm looks on, utterly bewildered by two of his daughter, “Drica” snarls that “I should’ve known you’d come back to ruin everything again!” before ordering her contingent of Armored Dracos to attack. After a glance at Cleo, the taller bandaged girl lets out a sigh. “Yer guess is as good as mine, metal-gal…mah Pops just busted inta mah room one day an’ said Ah was bein’ exiled fer bein’ a brat or somethin’.”, Iron rolls her eyes, recalling the ambassador’s words. “Just think of it as your way of atoning for some of the stuff you did. Stephen could only express his entire ignorance of their origin: he was sure that they were not there the night before. “Of course, that was just practice for the real event - don’t blink, or you’ll miss the spectacle of a lifetime!” She then leads the duo on a mad chase around a makeshift arena in the swamp, teleporting away whenever they manage to “tag” her. The remains of the first two subjects, at least, it will be well to conceal: a disused bathroom or wine-cellar will be found convenient for such a purpose. I will assist your plans, but not like this - if you just give me some time-”, “I’m afraid that wasn’t the deal,” the General replies coldly. Look here , sir, what trouble you do give to poor servants that have to darn and mend after you!". It’s only when the princess starts visibly drooling with an expression best described as feral that Iron realizes the critical error in her plan. With a frown of grim realization, Drica quietly identifies the girl as Nym, the Advisor’s daughter and “a right two-faced pain in the tail…but Ah never thought it was that literal!” She explains that Shapeshifters are a rare species of Draco said to be able to alter their forms to mimic others, but she’d always thought they were a myth…until now. Contents . They’re understandably a bit nervous about setting up so close to the Church of the Sky, but Cent’s presence seems to calm them down. It’s revealed that Drica’s always been a bit of a rebel, but her exile was due to an apparent upswing in brattiness. As they fight off the robots, Cleo notices a terminal broadcasting an old video; it’s tough to make it out, but it seems to be showing the tower’s history…, Before the bandaged girl can bring this to her friends’ attention, the last drone has been defeated, causing the barrier around the switch to drop. “I shouldn’t let it bother me, but……” Her next sigh seems to visibly deflate her entire body. “Are you alright, my friends?” Cumulo calls from inside the lead ship. These and many similar points were cleared up by the resources of Mrs Bunch's powerful intellect. “Ah dunno how much Neferki paid ya, but you ain’t gonna be doin’ any AUSA business-” She freezes when Aquilla whips her head around, her whole face twisted with rage. You see…you’re just in time…to witness the rise of my consort.” Her hands glow as she puts them together; when she opens them, the Sphinxian Gem shards have merged with the diamond, creating a spiky crystal with a faint glow of its own. Once all of the games are completed, a cutscene will play, showing Iron finally challenging the Gambler for Dobluno’s soul coin, wagering the souls of herself and the entire CRG (to the shock of her friends, she means the entire organization). Strato sighs and walks off before returning with three medals with a cloud on them, claiming that they can ward off any curse. The story of Lost Heart. “How did you survive all these years, General?”, “I didn’t,” the General replies. Mr. Abney was engaged: he was speaking. “After this, it’s probably going to be changed,” he said, rubbing the back of his head. However, she merely cracks her neck and grins, pulling out two gauntlets and charging forward with a furious scream. Power beyond what they could control, love that was swiftly taken away, fame and fortune that they could not enjoy…no matter the wish, the curse would turn their dream into a living nightmare. Soon enough, the CRG set out to the Worldwound, landing at their small outpost overlooking the blackened crater with yellow cracks running along it. After taking the Iron’s advice and asking around, the CRG team sets out with some extra items and a general idea of where the Stonefangs are coming from. --Level 2 (Nose): Fires powerful beams from eyes and covers parts of the platform in damaging steam. He rushes off as well, Drica wondering if they should go help him; when the Skysword uses one of the bandits as a club, Cent quips that he doesn’t need it, instead suggesting that they focus on finding a way to reach the Bandit Hideaway. Irritated by the CRG’s persistence, the Advisor compares them to “variables in an equation; unknown, bothersome, and about to be solved.” He teleports himself, Nym, and the CRG to a different room in his lair before engaging them in battle, using powerful dark magic and the occasional potion to keep them at bay. “Not my fault you felt the need to trip into my trap; in all honesty, I was planning to pick off that brat of a princess first.”, Iron’s eyes flash red at Asena’s threat. “Well, Cleo…your sister is certainly…umm…” Cent pauses as she searches for the right word. Elsewhere, Cent and Cleo navigate the swamp itself in search of the Bokor, dealing with native wildlife and Ghoul mercenaries amid the dangerous platforming. He sounds quite exhausted, noting that it took a combined effort from the Kros Empire and “the beasts from the Eastern region” to hold back the monsters long enough for the Lightning Tower to be activated; although he hopes that it will prove sufficient to maintain peace, he doesn’t sound too confident about that. She immediately announces that she will help Iron find her memories; Iron doesn’t actually care too much about it, but Cent is determined to help Iron find her past, especially if Iron is going to join the CRG. For the finale of the battle, she stands at the very center of the Big Top, surrounded by firebreathing Ghouls as she directs a barrage of cannons to fire at Cleo. “Hey…y’all okay, gals?”, Cleo stiffly shakes her head as Band finally finds her voice. After being defeated yet again, Nym’s rage consumes her entirely, transforming her into…. “Likewise,” Band adds, either oblivious to or willfully ignoring Cent’s massive blush at the thought of Iron in some of the dresses. --Blizzard Tower: Characterized by jumping puzzles made more difficult by slippery surfaces and intense winds. It was a day of curious experiences for Stephen: a windy, noisy day, which filled the house and the gardens with a restless impression. !” Even as he says that, King Wyrm signals his own fleet of airships to prepare to fire. With their curiosity piqued, the team heads towards the source of the lightning, dodging errant bolts and navigating the slippery glass patches they leave behind. If the CRG manages to overcome the Cursereaper, its released magic ends up empowering each of them, giving them new special abilities; Iron can perform Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs, Cent can summon an Attack Reflector that also fires bouncing beams, Drica gains a black Breath Weapon, and Cleo can call up ghostly hands to act as Assist Characters. “By the Sun…B-Band?!”. They’re quite surprised to see another round of settlers following the CRG, but most of them welcome the additional help and population - having another curse broken probably helps. “I’d...rather not tell her. It’s a shame that I had to tread on such sacred ground, but you pests have left me with no choice.”, “Gee, that’s a fancy way to say ‘running away with your tail between your legs,’” Iron snarks. My directives specifically indicate that Project Rebirth cannot be terminated, not even by royal command. The pinnacle of my life’s work! Bunch was augmented by the sudden arrival of Mr. Parkes, the butler, who as a rule kept himself rather to himself in the pantry. The study or library opened out of the front hall on one side, and Stephen, urged on by his terrors, did not take long in getting there. “W…what the…! When Neferki turned it on, I got these…visions; it’s how I learned its name.” Iron looks pensive for a moment. King Wyrm is sitting at a table (a comically small one compared to his size), alternating between observing the rest of the party and keeping an eye on Drica. …That is the purpose of Project Rebirth, isn’t it? Unlocked at 5 points; worth 2 points. “I’d never intrude on our friendship by making romantic overtones, especially when the CRG still has so much to do!” “Didn’t think so. From time to time strange cries as of lost and despairing wanderers sounded from across the mere. The journey is fairly straightforward, with higher emphasis on powerful enemies over platforming; at times, the group will have to find cover to wait out a particularly large pack of Stonefangs as they pass through.

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