Examining the pieces of his life’s work, he reevaluates his motives and methods, poking at them, kidding them and kicking them like the tires on a used car. Love Streams is now available on DVD and Blu-ray from the Criterion Collection. He said Mike Denecke, who was working on the picture, wanted to take John up to the next level. Its sweeping, evocative score deftly captures the feel of a Gold Rush–era mining camp, the perfect place for a sweet-talking bandit to fall for a gun-toting bar owner with an enormous soprano voice and a heart of gold. BH: Because . He knew I’d figure out how to do it. Opera Streams: Weekly Guide. Same thing with the money. BH: Yes, yes. Offenbach is a famous operetta master, and was the creator of operetta, a humorous, conventional, and unique entertaining means. Before it was a film, it was one of a sequence of plays Cassavetes directed called Three Plays of Love and Hate. After the Three Plays, I went to Canada, to Montreal. Gena was afraid to sing, but I just told her to speak it. And it bothered me! John heard what I was working on, and he said, “Bo, I want you to do this on piano.” I said, “John, I don’t play piano.” He said, “So learn piano.” So that’s what I did. I think about John every day. And she knew John that well. So I transferred out of sound—had a guy from Canada brought in named Richard Lightstone—and I started thinking about what an operetta meant to me. The director stars as Robert, a famous author who is ''writing a book on night life,'' which means that he's a kind of den father to a household full of clean-cut young prostitutes and that his nights on the town often leave him drunk, bruised and bloody. I want you to be there. She knew that was what he had to do when he did a project—he ate it, he slept it—and sometimes he wouldn’t be home. Thursday, September 24Puccini’s Madama ButterflyAnthony Minghella’s exquisite production—an instant classic at the Met since its 2006 premiere—provides an evocative setting for this tragedy about a noble but naive geisha awaiting the return of her American Navy lieutenant. At least the central courtesan, impossibly in love with a debt-strapped playboy, doesn’t die. At the very end, we were invited to go to New York with at least two of the Three Plays, off Broadway, and we were like “Whoa!” And we were all really excited, and he said, “Look, guys, we had a wonderful event here. . That was a real departure for John musically. Separate plot motifs are streams that crisscross the movie and intersect for a moment, then go on as if headed for different movies. SW: The music stops abruptly at the end. My job was to filter people in, to see where they were coming from. But that was a tough decision for me, because John was like my dad! It’s a more intensely private version of what the larger, convention-bound public took from the Godfather films and The Sopranos. John had done all the lyrics and we were ready to record. Even if we had rerecorded it he’d go back to the original temp, sometimes for the entire soundtrack! Well, a week later we were shooting up at the house, and Al asked to have a word with me. Bo Harwood: It served me because I had nothing and had to figure out a way to make it work. “Honey? But I didn’t care, I was in love. 16. That causes resentments. On Cassavetes’s love-it-or-fuck-you terms, the blood and passion wasn’t gussied up and spoon-fed to you from a silver Hollywood punchbowl. Cassavetes promoted him to music supervisor on his next film, Minnie and Moskowitz . Joined in mid-blur-of-consciousness, in Love Streams continuity constantly gives way to dream logic and dream logic takes up residence in the most humdrum everyday objects and objectives. BH: Yes, mostly. John was on his hands and knees scrubbing the floors. It’s Cassavetes, naturally, but that chintzy gardener’s chapeau makes him look like he’s auditioning for the role of Torgo in a John Huston remake of Manos: The Hands of Fate. BH: It was the early days of cable, and Columbia offered John an exorbitant fee to shoot the plays, and John really didn’t want to do it. We walked away. But it never happened. I don’t know anybody who’d be broke and walk away from a couple million bucks. BH: It’s all mundane. His stomach was starting to extend. SW: Is that how Cassavetes elicited the score for A Woman Under the Influence? We started with four people, and a month later we had two hundred people, all working for nothing, and we were tearing the shit out of this place and everybody was working on it. It didn’t bother him. He loved it! Goaded by a group of Austrian directors to created a Viennese operetta in the style of Léhar and inspired in no small part by the recent success of Strauss’s Der Rosenkavalier, Puccini delivered his lightest opera—though not without including a suitably melancholy ending. Saturday, September 26Puccini’s TurandotA legendary ancient princess presents each new suitor with a series of riddles; success will win her hand, but failure costs his head. He was introduced to Bo Harwood in Los Angeles, after a screening of The Bach Train, a trippy 16 mm feature with a score by Harwood—his first. The ways they stayed afloat, the bent humanity that emerged from that instability, are where he caught character in action. Before it was a film, it was one of a sequence of plays Cassavetes directed called Three Plays of Love and Hate. artforum.com is a registered trademark of Artforum International Magazine, New York, NY. John loved the temp and wanted to stay with it. Almost as an aged, adrift/bereft version of his early Johnny Staccato character, he stalks the mysteries of romantic, familial, filial, and artistic love; also, like any P.I. I just fired him.”. He’d rather think of it as a radio in the next room or something. I recorded it all using my keyboard for an orchestra, and bounced it up to 24 tracks in the studio and brought in a full orchestra for Gena and this guy who was going to do Seymour’s voice. Give Diahnne Abbott ten? The designers of the highly anticipated video game Ghost of Tsushima look back on the work and research that went into translating the influence of chanbara classics into their own medium. But he would go out of his way to do something special for her. What does that mean? I’m telling you, it was a family. Love Streams is, in part, Cassavetes’s version of a slapstick comedy: The central, repeated gag is the epic amount of baggage Sarah Lawson (Gena Rowlands) lugs from train station to train station to, eventually, her brother Robert Harmon’s (Cassavetes) house in the hills. The first week, I was throwing up. If you are using Internet Explorer or other browsers you may encounter problems with certain sections of our website. The year that we did the plays, he had to spent some of his own money. It is an awesomely unflattering look—the face moist and sickly (it’s supposed to be rain-soaked, but here it looks like fever sweat on a wax effigy), eyes darting and ever-wary, the full-frontal effect ludicrous, scary, guardedly self-aware, and desperately, inscrutably sincere. Slapstick though is as much an organizing principle as anything: Sarah’s mountains of trunks and cases, the menagerie of animals that she later brings back to the house, miniature horses disgorging from a taxi like clowns at a flea-bitten circus; Robert tending the animals inside his home/ark as though he were Noah under a Southern California flood. worth the salt in his wounds, he even gets beaten up in the process. The film is more an anthology of stories that bleed into each other than a linear narrative: The subject is the inner life, but with its breathtakingly cavalier shock cuts and elisions, the dominant sensation is of zigzag movement where the viewer is being tugged forward, sideways, and backwards at more or less the same time. [Pauses] I love talking about John. For no extra money you can produce a film and have a ball doing it, because you brought in the right people who are willing to work together. Friday, September 25Puccini’s ToscaIn his classic potboiler, Puccini stirs together some of humanity’s strongest motivating forces—love and loyalty, fear and cruelty—to create an operatic thriller that sinks its teeth into the listener with the opening chords and never lets go. Who is that motherfucker in the goofy hat? BH: It’s straightforward. BH: [Laughs] Pretty much. . Sam Wasson is the New York Times best-selling author of Improv Nation: How We Made a Great American Art; Fosse; Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M.: Audrey Hepburn, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” and the Dawn of the Modern Woman; and books about Blake Edwards and Paul Mazursky. 14. I am positive Cassavetes’s first impulse when handed a metaphor like that would be to use it first and ask questions later. A woman like Manon can have more than one lover.” And in his take on the alluring young country girl who becomes the toast of Paris before suffering an ignominious end, the composer came through with a masterpiece equal to Massenet’s, trading the French composer’s urbane elegance for overwhelming emotionality. To me, it was an amazing thing that they did. BH: Then. Sometimes too close for my taste. As he explained: “Why shouldn’t there be two operas about Manon? . SW: It’s often been said that John made his crew into a family. Opera/Operetta Thread! BH: That’s when he told me he wanted an orchestra. then to sound designer and composer on A Woman Under the Influence . About five days later, on a lunch break up at John’s house, Denecke came storming over to me. “Bo, do me a favor. There was just a lot of music in it. I mean, that last song, I wanted to rerecord—“I’ll Leave It up to You.” When I told him I wanted to fix it, he said no. Wish you will love sentencedict.com and make progress everyday! He thought he was only going to spend 50K; I think he spent 150. Monday, September 21Puccini’s La RondineGoaded by a group of Austrian directors to created a Viennese operetta in the style of Léhar and inspired in no small part by the recent success of Strauss’s Der Rosenkavalier, Puccini delivered his lightest opera—though not without including a suitably melancholy ending. 15. Well, he ended up living six more years. It’s all yours.” I said, “I don’t want it!” Mike said, “Well, I’m out of here.” And there I was doing the one thing I didn’t want to do: sound. BH: During the plays, he told me, “Look, stay with us.” I stayed with them for damn near six months. Get info about new releases, essays and interviews on the Current, Top 10 lists, and sales. He was big on that. BH: Absolutely not. The guy was brilliant.

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