Just like Malbec, Shiraz is a dry wine with medium to a low level of acidity, as opposed to Merlot which is bone-dry and has medium acidity. What else do Malbec and Merlot have in common? Malbec is mostly produced in Argentina and France wine regions, whereas Merlot is produced in France plus Italy and Spain wine regions. The dryness, on the other hand, is the result (in most of the cases) of a fully finished fermentation process, with the minimal sugar residual at the end. The result is that Merlot matures a lot earlier than Malbec, Merlot is considered an early riper and Malbec a more mid-ripening grape. Wine snobs take pleasure in the show. What Pinot Noir has in common with Merlot and Malbec, are the plum notes. It's curious how the red wine we know as malbec hit consumers with a bang, almost like pinot noir after the film "Sideways" became popular. Both Malbec and Merlot have a short finish, meaning that their notes do not linger for too long after having a sip. Malbec has a smoky and leathery flavour, whereas Merlot has hints fruit flavors like of cherry and a more savoury bay leaf. Shiraz wine has a black plum flavour along with tobacco and green peppercorn. Very different to Argentinian Malbec, it has a firmness and freshness that will appeal to claret-lovers. As for flavor, textural differences, that's too broad of question to answer here, but if I had to generalize... Merlot tend to be softer in terms of tannins and have more red fruit-oriented flavor profiles whereas malbecs have stronger tannins and are more associated with … Less expensive malbecs are deep in color and grapey in taste, while the more-refined, hence more expensive malbecs are delicate and rich. Intricately and intense flavors of dark cherry and pomegranate. However, the price also has to do with quality. Have you ever drunk Merlot and then Malbec and were confused about how similar they taste? It was once considered a beginner's red because it's considered easy to drink. Malbec and Merlot wine has long been among the two of the most popular red wines consumed around the world, followed by Pinot Noir and Cabernet, earning respect and acclaim. "Red red wine"... the lyrics to the song may elude you, but the taste of a good red stays, whether you're drinking cabernet, merlot or malbec. Or, perhaps it aged in the bottle and acquired the mature, round, delicate and smooth taste that the magic of time gives a good wine. Such is the life of a bottle of cabernet sauvignon. Bright Cellars Review – Get Wine You’ll Actually Like! While technology moves ahead, hybrid grapes are created to be more resistant to diseases and plagues. Malbec wine tends to be described as an inky red to violet and very intense in color, making it a very elegant drink when poured into a wine glass. One reason why some less regular wine consumers might get malbec mixed up with merlot? If you like subtler and more-delicate tasting wines, than Merlot is a better pick for you. Merlot is a little shallower than Malbec and a little more fruity. It is relatively simpler wine as far as primary notes go. Malbec was on its way, but not very quickly. If you have no idea what type of wine sounds better to you, go to a wine tasting. It is medium tannins and has a very elegant and luxurious-feeling finish. Sulfites are naturally produced in wine. It is most commonly used in cooking as it creates nutty, rich, and caramelized taste – especially in sauces. It took more than 100 years for the vines and the high, hot altitude of this region nestled in the shadow of the Andes to perfect their relationship, but when they did, the Argentinean market was blessed with a low-cost, mild-tasting red that was more big-box store than Rodeo Drive. It's not a wine that needs a plate of food to enhance its pleasure, but is easily drunk standing at a bar munching pretzels. Not what flavors, levels of tannins, and how bodied you like your wine. What are the main differences between Malbec and Merlot in-depth? The two primary regions where this species grows are Argentina and France. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Malbec was first used in blends. Primary flavours in Merlot are cherry and plum accompanied by notes of bay leaf. Two of the primary notes of Pinot Noir that are absent in the two other wines are mushroom and hibiscus. Malbec has a smoky and leathery flavour, whereas Merlot has hints fruit flavors like of cherry and a more savoury bay leaf. Cherry and plum notes make this wine taste fruity and beginner-friendly. And unless you're drinking 100 percent cabernet, the blend includes merlot and, possibly, cabernet Franc. With this being said, it is still important to know what dishes you can pair with Malbec and Merlot for the ultimate pleasure of taste buds. The sweetness of Merlot comes from fruits – plums and cherries. Well, the two may seem similar to an average wine lover but there are key features that set the two apart. The production of Malbec is mainly concentrated in the countries of France and Argentina. Why not experience the best of both Malbec and Merlot? As for Malbec, a young bottle of wine will become the star of the dinner if you are having pasta with meatballs. They happen to go quite well with each other. The grapes themselves are rather inky and darker, with thick skin. Overall, both Merlot and Malbec are considered popular and fairly accessible wines. Malbec, as opposed to Merlot, has a smoky flavour due to tobacco. After chopping off cuttings from French malbec vines, their luggage was bursting with vines as the ship headed for the Mendoza region of Argentina. Erin Jamieson brings the latest information to you on wine flavors and types so you can enjoy your next glass to the fullest. It is used as both a blending grape and for varietal wines. The sweetness of its grape counters that of the prickly cabernet, and together they make a blend that registers high on the taste scale. What’s the differentiate between Merlot and Malbec? Not a Bordeaux grape, but instead, one born in Cahors, France, malbec and the French terroir didn't really get along very well. The waiter may give you a disdainful look, but he's not paying for it, is he? Otherwise, this is harmless. They are also more acidic and alcoholic – over 14 percent compared to around 12 percent for the French version. Wine buyers took notice of the easy-to-drink and easy-on-the-pocketbook malbec when the wine market of French and California reds started to get bigger than their egos. Malbec wine actually comes in a few varieties based upon growing region. And soft is a good way to describe it. While there is always a level of disagreement as to if wine is being properly judged, the idea is that wine critics are able to distinguish some of the best wines presented to them for that calendar year.

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