Its main tank cannon packs a decent punch against enemy vehicles and structures, but also leaves lots of room for improvement. While the Junk Repair upgrade allows it to patch up damages to the hull and weapon systems on the field. Available via. Can go toe-to-toe with an Overlord with full upgrades and veterancy, Available only through General's Promotion, Fixed cannon due to a fixed gun design, no turret. Marauders are very cheap and can be mass-produced easily and quickly. Hit points Jury rig a hover drive on the tank, increasing its speed by 40% and makes it amphibious, but reduces its overall armor by 25%. Add-ons Combat Should be noted, the heavy tank uses a fixed gun system, much like older assault guns, so the whole vehicle needs to turn to attack. This made the Marauder especially vulnerable while retreating or against fast-moving units. It was the bigger cousin of the lighter Scorpion tank, and was their heaviest tank. As long as the player's supply line is solidly maintained, he/she can easily build up an army of fully upgraded Marauder tanks that even mighty Overlords will have difficulty chew through. General's Promotion (Level 1) Cannon (dual cannons if salvaged twice) The Marauder fares well against enemy tanks of similar price, such as the American Crusader and Paladin, and the Chinese Battlemaster. The Marauder Tank was supposed to have a third salvage upgrade, allowing the Marauder to have a triple-cannon turret, but it was removed. GLA (except Kassad) This is a fitting name as the Marauder Tank loots spare parts (in the form of salvage crates). Armament Jury rig an improvised reactive armor on the tank, reducing the damage it takes from missiles and explosives by 20%, and from tank guns by 10%. Ability Dual enhanced 120mm cannons (2nd upgrade). It's a balanced vehicle with acceptable firepower, mobility and armor. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It is armed with a high caliber anti-tank cannon to deal with enemy tanks faster (it can be upgraded by salvages until it has twin improvised rail cannons). Can fire on the move and crush most infantries. 200 The Marauder Tank is General Mahmud al Huchum's tier 2 heavy battle tank unit. Properties Upgrades The Marauder can be upgraded to fire anthrax laced shells to tackle enemy infantries easier. General Mohmar "Deathstrike" also fields it as his heavy tank unit. The Marauder tank was a medium tank used by the Global Liberation Army during the War against the GLA. I'll be sorting through your scraps! $800$900 (Juhziz/Dr. 150 Cooldown 0:08 The Marauder Tank was mostly a common tank which was used during by the Global Liberation Army during the First Eurasian Conflict along with the Scorpion, both of them combined were good together but since the tank had heavier armour and better salvaging capabilities than the Scorpion itself had, it was a bigger threat than the light tank during the course of the entire war. M Function The whole vehicle must turn to face the target before firing. The Marauder is independently proven to offer mine protection up to 8kg TNT anywhere under the hull and 14kg TNT for a blast under any wheel. 35, 30 when critically damaged60, 55 when critically damaged (add-on) Junk RepairAnthrax BetaToxin Shells The Marauder tank was more heavily armoured than the Scorpion tank, and was armed with a more powerful cannon. Structure, Replace the Marauder's shells with anthrax to increase its damage potential against infantries. Sight range Sight radius 60, 45 when critically damaged (add-on) Armour type Produced by GLA (General Huchum and General "Deathstrike"). Can salvage parts from destroyed vehicles to upgrade the weaponImmune to mines. 170, radius 5 Speed (land) Ground attack 0:10 Combat When purchased, improves the toxin shells' mixture further. Marauder tanks could also be upgraded with salvaged parts from destroyed vehicles. Speed (water) Affiliation Can upgrade weapon with salvaged parts. MarauderTankArmor Unlike the Scorpion Tank, the Marauder is equipped with mine plows at stock, making them immune to land mines, a very useful skill when fighting against China. The Marauder Tank is General Sulaymaan's medium tank that plays a crucial part in his armored assaults. The Marauder's main cannon can be upgraded by collecting salvage crates, which is rather easily done once the player has constructed the Salvage Plant. Marauder tanks, counter-clockwise: basic, salvaged once, salvaged twice Rise of the Reds Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Needless to say, the Marauder shares weaknesses with many other tank units, such as the inability to retaliate against aircraft and ineffectiveness against infantry. 500 Very fast fire rate for a tank with both salvaged parts. Indeed, the life of a GLA tanker has been a dangerous one ever since the start of the Global War on Terror but those who managed to survive throughout the decades have become hardened veterans and their heavily customized Marauder tanks are a testament of this experience. The Marauder is notably tougher than most other GLA vehicles designed to directly tackle enemy armour, such as the Scorpion Tank, the Demo Ratel or the Ratel II. Notes Function Land speed Effective against vehicles and structures. Role Most preposterously, the guide suggested that an externally mounted camera connected to a consumer-grade television and a re-wired video game pad could be used to monitor the vehicle's surroundings and help control its movement. Requires Properties The third salvage upgrade model still remains in the game files and the. The most comparable tank to the Marauder is General Townes' Laser Paladin, which has somewhat better survivability but being more expensive and consumes power. Special Main Battle Tank, assault gun. Repairs itself at a rate of 8 hit points per second. 70 ARMOR_PIERCING (cannon, initial)80 ARMOR_PIERCING (cannon, first salvage)70 * 2 (140 total) ARMOR_PIERCING (cannon, second salvage)40 EXPLOSION (rocket pod, initial)30 * 2 (60 total) EXPLOSION (rocket pod, first salvage)40 * 2 (80 total) EXPLOSION (rocket pod, second salvage) Available at the. Notes The Marauder is a medium tank with a round rectangle chassis that uses two tracks occupying 1/3 of the chassis to move. Upgrades Level 2: Adds a second cannon, increasing fire rate. Arms Dealer The Marauder will be built as veteran. Makeshift 235mm cannon (first salvage, 2x at second salvage), 80 ARMOR_PIERCING (cannon, first salvage), 70 * 2 (140 total) ARMOR_PIERCING (cannon, second salvage), 30 * 2 (60 total) EXPLOSION (rocket pod, first salvage), 40 * 2 (80 total) EXPLOSION (rocket pod, second salvage), 130 between shots, 1000 between attacks (cannon, second salvage), 300 between shots, 2000 to between attacks (rocket pod, first and second salvage), Improvised Reactive Armor (salvaged tech), Can salvage parts from destroyed vehicles to upgrade the weapon, From 1.85 one of the Marauder's variants have a turret that resembles. Build time Hotkey Arms dealer 60 (Armor Piercing) Any subsequent salvage create will be automatically converted to either cash ( $100 per crate) or veterancy ranks. Because of this, the entire tank had to turn and face the target in … Both upgrades increase the damage output and rate of fire, with the second adding an extra cannon. Hotkey 2000 (default)1500 (salvaged once)750 (salvaged twice) Because of this, the entire tank had to turn and face the target in order to fire. Role Build time However, Scorpions with the Scorpion rocket upgrade are a better choice in the early game, due to the lower price and higher speed.

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