What does Sra. Mente Maestra fue víctima de los experimentos de Sugar Man, antes de unirse a los Outcasts de Forja. 1 # 4 de marzo de 1964. This would make Mastermind responsible for the creation of the Void itself, the evil counterpart of the Sentry who is actually the manifestation of the inhibitions that Mastermind implanted in the Sentry to prevent him from using his powers. [7]​, Después de ser restaurado a la edad adulta, Mente Maestra se involucró con el Club Fuego Infernal. Pero el Stranger, al ser una entidad enigmática cósmica, en lugar de un mutante, se liberó y transformó temporalmente a Mente Maestra en piedra, haciéndolo tan pesado, que se estrelló contra el suelo. Marvel Comics mastermind has also appeared in 0 other occasions according to our records. Youtube. [23], Joseph is resurrected under unknown circumstances and forms a new Brotherhood of Mutants with Astra and mutated deformed versions of Blob, Mastermind, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Toad, all actually clones created by Joseph. [27], In the alternate timeline seen in the 1995–1996 "Age of Apocalypse" storyline, Jason Wyngarde is one of the many victims of Apocalypse's regime. Mente Maestra (Mastermind) es un supervillano de Marvel Comics y adversario de los X-Men. He is even capable of affecting telepaths as powerful as Professor Xavier and Jean Grey, although to manipulate Dark Phoenix he required an amplifying device called a "mind-tap mechanism" provided by the White Queen that enabled him to project illusions directly into the entity's mind, so that the entity "saw" them, and to monitor the entity's thoughts, both over great distances. Rapunzel's pride. Él es asesinado por Domino. El nombre original en España durante muchos años fue, El Genio. Ambas parecen ser más fuerte que su propio padre. [14], When Mastermind recovers his sanity, he seeks revenge on everyone that caused him pain. He most often appears as an adversary of the X-Men. Pixie's mother claims Pixie is their sister, revealing Jason is her father. He is a victim of the experiments of a time-traveling Sugar Man, which left him mute, though he is rescued by a time-traveling X-Man, as well as Forge and Magneto. This experience leaves him catatonic. In 2009, Mastermind was named IGN's 98th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time. [16]​, Recientemente Joseph, el clon de Magneto, resucitó en circunstancias desconocidas y formó una nueva Hermandad de Mutantes con Astra y versiones deformadas de Blob, Mente Maestra, Quicksilver, la Bruja Escarlata y el Sapo. Learn all about Mastermind both on screen and in comics! Mente Maestra también arruinó la boda de Wolverine y Mariko Yashida, a la que manipuló psiónicamente obligándola a rechazar Wolverine. [6], After the spell wears off, Mastermind joins Factor Three, an organization that attempts to conquer the Earth. [volume & issue needed], In the alternate timeline seen in the 2005 storyline "House of M", Mastermind is mentioned to be a business rival of Tony Stark. Esta experiencia inundó su mente con imágenes del cosmos y lo dejó catatónico. Marvel Database. Instead of binding Phoenix to him forever, as Mastermind had hoped, the shock of Scott's psychic "death" breaks her free from his control. He initially poses as Nikos, and begins a romance with Phoenix. Creado por el escritor Stan Lee y el dibujante Jack Kirby, su primera aparición fue en Uncanny X-Men vol. Instagram. prison, though with the company of his girlfriend Stacy. [5]​ Mente Maestra fue brevemente secuestrado por el segundo Imperio Secreto, siendo rescatado por el Capitán América. The original Mastermind was a mutant with the psionic ability to generate complex telepathic illusions at will that cause his victims to see whatever he wishes them to see. Ellos se unieron con los X-Men para derrotar el extranjero Mutant Master. Linkedin. [6]​ Magneto regresó a la Hermandad para retomar su liderazgo y creó a Alpha, el Máximo Mutante. [1]​ Como miembro de la Hermandad original, el mostró una atracción hacia la Bruja Escarlata, pero fue rechazado. Esto la hizo creer que era una aristócrata victoriana, casada con Jason Wyngarde,[9]​ y que ella era la Reina Negra del Club Fuego Infernal. Creado por el escritor Stan Lee y el dibujante Jack Kirby, su primera aparición fue en Uncanny X-Men vol. Los responsables de que se llamase Jason Wyngarde fueron Chris Claremont y John Byrne. [21], After his death, Mastermind appeared in a flashback sequence that revealed that he was paid by the supervillain known as "the General" to put one of his illusions into the mind of Sentry, making the Sentry "...so scared to use his powers, [That] he'll think the world will be attacked by the devil if he does."

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