During February's Saka Lhuka seed-sowing ceremonies, monks recite religious books and new village leaders are appointed. Be prepared to give your brain and soul a chance to free in huge expenses. It spreads over both the banks of the Kali Gandaki. It is around two hours walk around Jomsom along Panda Khola. Especially to Mustang, if you would like to continue your journey to Lower Mustang and continue to Jomsom Muktinath, Annapurna Base Camp and destination in Pokhara, you will need a TIMS card. Mustang, meaning fertile plain, is a high altitude desert of rocks, stones, and soil in shades of brown, ochre and red. In like manner, there are 27 lunar houses or Nakshatras, which are apportioned in 4 quarters, or Padas each giving a mix of 108 Padas by and large. It has amazing divider aesthetic manifestations and woodworks. Upper Mustang, being in the Himalayan rain shadow, is one of the territories in the country proper for trekking despite in the midst of tempests. This is a blessed Buddhist give in situated close Phalyak and Dhakarjhong towns, around two and half-hours stroll from Kagbeni. Mustang is very rich in medicinal plants, and there are also aromatic plants; These plants have very high economic and ethnomedical values. There are tropical trees like alps, conifers and more. Mustang is so unlike the Nepalese regions of its counterpart and captivates its visitors with stunning backgrounds and landscapes without trees, which generally manage to ignite the hearts of travelers with hypnotic spells. Another attraction of the Mustang region is the Tiji festival, which is influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. Truly, Kagbeni used to be an imperative invigorated castle along the “Salt Trade Route”. Being the area base camp, it is fundamentally an authoritative and business focus with government authorities and vendors rubbing shoulders with the neighborhood occupants of the district, known as the Thakalis. Chele looks like the last city in front of a huge impassable barrier, after which comes nothing but a hostile desert. The stove was fired by cow dung. Here you will experience the way of life of honest to goodness mountain people, who were next to no in contact with whatever is left of Nepal for quite a while, and even so far had a legitimately seen master. The Mustagi individuals have their own particular manner of family life, which is very astounding for some Untouchables. The two courses remain closed from June to August in perspective of a surge in Panda Khola. The town is old capital of the range and makes an entrancing side outing from Ranipauwa and Jharkot. Every year in April, a spectacular multistage 200-kilometer trail running challenge is held on these wild and spiritual routes. Its fundamental attractions are the various Yaks, touching on an excellent high elevation field (called “Yak Kharka”). This place is rich in trans-Himalayan biodiversity and according to Wikipedia there are five types of zooplankton, seven types of nematodes, mollusk species, one species of annelids, twenty five species of insects, eleven species of amphibians, eight species of lizards, five species of snakes, a spider species, five types of snakes, 105 species of birds and 29 mammal species. The Chungsi Cave is the popular cave of the traditional Mustang Salt Marketing Route. The Ritseling Cave and several other man-made caves in Upper Mustang have great archaeological secrets. The larger parts of the lodgings are arranged here. Today the result of the tireless efforts of the court is visible to all. Due to the amount of black fossils found, part of the river is usually called saligram. On the ride to the Upper Mustang you will also find the windy Jomsom Valley, known throughout the country for its famous apple orchards and magnificent views of the Himalayas. Every city has at least one monastery and many chortens. And this place lies at an altitude of 3710m. An organization of the Nepalese Army is positioned here. This religious group, dedicated to Guru Rimpoche (Padmasambhava) and containing a statue of the Buddhist heavenliness Chenrezig (Avalokitesvara), is praised for its continually expanding vaporous petroleum fire, which Hindus adore as Jwala Mai, the Goddess of Fire. The history of the Tiji festival in Mustang begins in the 17th century. Above the 5,000 meters altitude there are anthropogony of Rhododendron, Potentilla biflora and Saxifraga. Particularly impressive are the conical structures that look like weed-covered anthills, and the meditation caves hewn into the rocky sandstone cliffs. Only a cheap permit is needed to drive you to Kagbeni. Hikers meet old Buddhist monasteries, chorten, mani walls and get to know the Tibetan culture of the region.

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