“Sister Nurses in the Spanish-American War.” Prologue Magazine 34, no.3 The watch consisted of going into each of 30 apartments once an hour and yelling “All Secure.” Also delivering messages and calling people to the phone. WAVES Cookbooks, Volumes 1 and II, 1967, 4. Once it was established the recruits needed a boot camp to learn Navy traditions, customs, courtesy and discipline, New York became the training base for all WAVES by 1943 when USS Hunter opened at the Bronx campus of Hunter College. Published by the Women's Reserve office in BuPers since April 1943 for the information and interest of all WAVES. I think I made up my mind that minute that that is the way to go.”. By the end of the war, over 84,000 women served in WAVES with 8,000 female officers, which constituted 2.5% of the US Navy's personnel strength. They knew how to educate women and advised the Navy on the best methods for training women; how to recruit the best candidates; and how to instill discipline. WAVES often faced sexism, harassment, and discrimination during their service. . Working in three shifts a day, normal nine-to-five schedules did not exist for these women. Double Victory: How African American Women Broke Race and Gender The first class consisted of 644 women, and subsequent classes produced a maximum of 1,250 graduates. She also needed to include a “W” for women. Naval and Marine Records. Papers of Rear Admiral William S. Post, Jr. Papers of Richard Retin/USS Canopus Association, Papers of Vice Admiral Charles E. Rosendahl, Papers of Alan B. Shepard, Jr. (Mercury 3), Papers of Lieutenant (jg) Marguerite G. Untermeyer, Papers of Commodore Ten Eyck De Witt Veeder, Papers of Captain Kenneth L. Veth, 1941-1947, Papers of Lieutenant Commander Stanley A. Luckily, her commander stepped in, stating “My girls don't mop floors." The Advisory Council selected the first director of the WAVES, Wellesley College President Mildred McAfee. 1950-01 Enlisted Wave College Grads May Apply for Commissions. WAVES Collection, Archives Branch, Naval History and Heritage Command, Washington, D.C. Elizabeth Reynard Papers, 1934-1962; A-128. Many men in the Navy resented the WAVES. Kornblum, Lori. From Naval History and Heritage Command, Communication and Outreach Division. Pictorial History of Navy Women 1908 - 1988 - Volume 1. “The schoolwork, the classes were rather difficult because they were absolutely pouring it to us as fast as they could go. She also helped organize a library of classified materials, and delivered dispatches to the White House. Drills opened with a five-minute sing before reviewing and re-emphasizing fundamentals of indoctrination of WAVES in keeping up-to-date on current Navy news, activities of war fronts and Navy leadership. It maintained a clear distinction between women and men. They served as clerks, recruiters, mechanics, parachute riggers, aerographers, hydrographers, cryptologists, air traffic controllers, archivists, aviators, accountants, and nurses. Pictorial History Of Navy Women, Volume One. Brave, bold, patriotic, and adventurous, the WAVES set the foundation for women in the Navy today. They served in a wide variety of roles, ranging from clerks to top-secret code breakers. By July 1945, over 86,291 women were members of the Navy WAVES, including 8,475 officers, 3,816 enlisted, and 4,000 recruits. Serving Proudly: A History of Women in the U.S Navy. Integration of the Armed Forces 1940-1964. The bold women who served in the WAVES advanced the status of women in the Navy and worked assignments previously unassigned to women. Women in the Navy continue to push boundaries and achieve new feats, showing true grit, courage, and patriotism.Video courtesy of Jeff Malet Photography, Washington, D.C, National Women's History Museum In 1945 these numbers had grown to 8,475 officers and 73,816 enlisted. The results exceeded expectations; by fall 1942, the U.S. Navy had produced a record 10,000 women for active service. Within the first year, there were more than 27,000 WAVES in the Navy’s ranks. Information for this blog came from the unpublished manuscript “Quiet Victory: The WAVES in World War II” by author Jacqueline Van Voris. When the war ended, the women brought these new experiences with them back home. A copy of the manuscript is in the U.S. Navy Library at the Washington Navy Yard. By early August 1942 a great number of women from every state applied for the general navy service positions offered in Bainbridge, Maryland. In late 1944, the WAVES program began accepting African American women at the ratio of one black woman for every 36 white women enlisted in the WAVES program. I was freezing to death, marching through the damned snow ankle-deep.” Jeann was one of the nearly 100,000 women who left the comfort of their civilian life to serve in the Women's Navy Reserve (WAVES) during World War II. After the war, the US Congress passed the Women's Armed Services Integration Act (Public … Gray, Papers of Rear Admiral Charles M.E. Hoffman, Papers of Lieutenant Commander Lloyd O. Johnson, Papers of Lieutenant Commander John H. Jorgenson, Papers of Lieutenant Commander John M. Kidd, Papers of Commander Margaret Combs Kinsey, Papers of Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox, Papers of Rear Admiral Onnie P. Lattu, SC, USN, Papers of Secretary of the Navy John F. Lehman, Papers of Rear Admiral Joseph W. Leverton, Papers of Chief Ship Fitter Charles A. Levi, Papers of Electus D. Litchfield and Lieutenant William S. Cox, Papers of Lieutenant (jg) Harris C. Lockwood, Papers of Yeoman Second Class George A. Loebel, Papers of Yeoman First Class Dorothy Loktu, Papers of Rear Admiral Mitchell D. Matthews. Telephone 301-837-0561. This brings the number of qualified workers at the school to 374. Captain’s inspection on Saturday that required obsessive cleaning Friday nights to pass the white-glove test. With boot camps, of course. But as the first WAVE Director Lt. Cmdr. These recruitment posters typically emphasized equity between men and women. Official Military Personnel Files, 1885 - 1998, Record Group 24, Library of Congress. They released enough of them from noncombatant duty to man all our landing craft in two important operations: the Normandy landing on June 6 and the Invasion of Saipan on June 15. This is an artificial collection combining accessions dealing with WAVES. Later serving in a wide range of occupations, the WAVES performed jobs in the aviation community, medical professions, science, technology and communications. The accessions include: 1. Essential to the war effort, the WAVES of World War II helped to lay the foundation for future women's future service in the Navy. 2. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2004. Naval Reserve, was one such field. Unlike the WAACs, which functioned as a supplemental branch to the Army, the Women’s Naval Reserve was an integrated part of the Navy. Not the watery kind, but Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service. That commitment has continued to this day. Chief of Personnel for Women "WAVES" Newsletters, April 1943 - May 1946. The WAVES were in the Navy. WAVES National G.I. “I played with those two letters and the idea of the sea and finally came up with ‘Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service; – W.A.V.E.S. When one newspaper laughably called the Women’s Reserve “sailorettes,” Naval officers ordered Elizabeth Reynard, second in command of the Women’s Reserve and Advisory Council member, to select a better name. Navy WAVES on Navy Pier Bus - 1944. Among other things, WAVES dated, picnicked, visited museums, and went dancing. Prior to the First Wold War, nursing was the only service option permitted for women in the United States Navy. The Records Support Division (PERS-31) provides Navy service record and mainframe automated record support services. To say it was a success is an understatement. Seeking educated women to join its ranks, the Navy placed propaganda posters throughout college campuses and nearby towns. Nelson A. When questioned by a mirror vendor whether to hang the mirrors vertically or horizontally so they could share, the married Schwab wisely pointed out two women would never use an 18×20-inch mirror at the same time, so hang them vertically. Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES), a unit of the U.S. All recruits started as Seamen. Records of the Casualty Assistance Branch of the Personal Affairs Division, consisting of ships, stations, units, and incidents casualty information files, 1941-60; casualty notification case files for Korean War and post-Korean War era Navy POWs/MIAs, 1963-86; alphabetical listing of casualties, 1941-53; casualty lists for World War II battles ("Battle Books"), 1941-45; records relating to the sinking of the U.S.S. (2002): https://www.archives.gov/publications/prologue/2002/fall/band-of-angels-1.html. “At one point it was thought Navy training and job training could be done at the same time,” Van Voris wrote. Navy—Rear Admiral Randall Jacobs, USN, Chief of the Bureau of Naval Personnel, inspects the new uniforms of the Women’s Reserve. Mildred McAfee, president of Wellesley College, was sworn in as a naval reserve lieutenant commander, the first female commissioned officer of the U.S. Navy and the first director of the WAVES. 173-49 (NDB, 15 Oct 1949). Last modified March 3, 2017, https://www.defense.gov/Newsroom/News/Article/Article/1102371/remembering-navy-waves-during-womens-history-month/. The Navy decided to bring some of the most intelligent women in America together to form the Advisory Council for the Women’s Reserve. The Navy used 100 WAVES as weather forecasters at naval air stations. Gildersleeve, Virginia. Extras: Photos of Boot Camp Life for the WAVE Company 18(W); Newspaper Clipping of Honor Medal Winners Listing Honormen for Companies 332-361 and 18(W); Photo of Capitolie A. Sutton, SR, Co. 1955-18(W) Receiving Honor Certificate; and Photo of Presentation of American Spirit Honor Medal to SR C. A. Sutton, USN. As a Navy recruit, women would receive the same pay, follow the same traditions and rules, and conduct the same work as their male counterparts. A RECORD 204 women have completed the Navy Relief Society's most recent training course held at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif. Ward, Papers of Chief Warrant Officer Paul A. Willis, Papers of Pharmacist's Mate 1/c James Wright, Papers of Lieutenant Commander Philip W. Yeatman, Supervisor of Diving and Salvage, Naval Sea Systems Command 1915-1985, Transcript of Meetings of the Military Armistice Commission 1965-1966, USS Memphis Survivors Association Records, Naval Forces Vietnam, Lessons Learned and End of Tour Reports, 1968-1970, Vietnam Strike Assault Boat Squadron 20, 1969-1970, Navy Research and Development Unit, Vietnam (NREUV) 1967-1972, Yorktown Mine Warfare Engineering Activity. After that, “there were about thirty guys, all officers, and they all mopped the floors in our section.”More severe forms of discrimination also occurred.

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