Can NIGHT + MARKET Song accommodate different food allergies? The pork soup is one of the newbies, but already has a place in my heart. So, it was a no-brainer for us to open up our second outpost in Silver Lake. As a rule of thumb, please alert your server to any allergies prior to ordering. Does NIGHT + MARKET Song take reservations? No. Playing the correct notes in the correct sequence will award the player a special item. How do I get to NIGHT + MARKET Song via public transportation? To give you an idea, the oil we use to fry the fish and wings is also used to fry peanuts. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device, choosing a selection results in a full page refresh, press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. By Continuing to use this site you agree to our use of cookies. No dine-in. Unlike other Festivals, villagers can be seen deviating from their normal schedules to walk to the beach to attend the Night Market. In certain instances we can, and in certain instances we cannot. Villagers who are married to the player do not attend the Night Market, but instead follow their normal Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday marriage schedules. The Grave Stone sold on Day 1 costs 150g less at the Night Market than it does at the Spirit's Eve Festival. 15. Click below to see the solution and information about the special item awarded. If you are interested in having a party of 8 or more at Song, please email and we will work with you to book reservation. Note that Garlic Seeds, Red Cabbage Seeds, and Artichoke Seeds are not available until game year 2. Make sure the subject of the email is: "Application: NIGHT + MARKET Song. It tends to get loud. The table below shows the chance of catching each item while fishing in the submarine. Alternatively you can use a Warp Totem to leave, maximizing fishing time., Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike, When played in the order 1-5-4-2-3 (left to right), the player will be awarded with a. Is there parking at NIGHT + MARKET Song? Her performance lasts 1 hour and 40 mins, but the player may leave at any time. After the show, clam shells inside the boat can be clicked to play musical notes. 2. The tune played during the mermaid show also indicates the solution. What is NIGHT + MARKET Song’s delivery and take-out policy? Our restaurants are kid-friendly, if your wee one likes to eat with his or her hands, has a craving for stinky fish, papaya salad, chicken wings and sausage with hand-chopped fat. About NIGHT + MARKET SONG. If you would like to book a private party at Song, please email with the following: your name, your telephone number, the desired date and time, and the number of people you expect to have at your party. Can NIGHT + MARKET Song accommodate different food allergies? Note also that the price of the Cone Hat changes over the 3 days of the Night Market, with the lowest price occurring on Day 2. Upon accepting, the submarine will descend for a while then open a trapdoor to allow the player to fish. WEHO: (310) 275-9724 DOOR DASH 9043 Sunset Blvd. Sign up for emails updates on all new product releases! Please expect to pay a deposit upon booking. LA CA 90026 . You can find out more by reading our privacy policy. Various boats and merchants will appear at the docks on The Beach, and offer to sell goods or take the player for a boat ride. 6. This page was last modified on 22 August 2020, at 23:18. The blue boat between the docks sells a variety of purely aesthetic decorations, some of which change with the seasons. Plus, we never want to ruin the integrity of the dish. What is NIGHT + MARKET Song’s seating policy? The Night Market is open between 5pm and 2am, but the Submarine Ride closes at 11pm, and the Mermaid Boat closes at 12:30am. 12. Since the game uses a unique beach map during festival days, items a player has placed on the beach (, Fishing while the merchant fleet is present can cause obstruction to fishing, but there are a couple spots where you can still fish. Occasionally, a mermaid may be seen swimming up past the window behind the submarine captain. If Robin is working on constructing a building on the Farm, she will not attend the Night Market. It sells decorative items, seeds, a unique hat, and a unique fireplace, with different stock each night. NIGHT + MARKET SONG NEW HOURS: Take-Out Only Wednesday-Monday, Closed Tuesday 1pm-9pm (323) 665-5899 OR (213) 352-8378 *subject to change Night+Market has a location closer than their West Hollywood location! We're stoked that you want to join our team! We will do our best to give incomplete parties accurate wait times, but, out of fairness to others, we ask that your complete party be present before seating. No, we cannot allow pets in Song. Generally speaking, if we can omit an ingredient you are allergic to, we will. Our address is 3322 W Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake, California 90026. This will not always be the case – for example, marinades and slow-cooked dishes cannot be modified. The Shrouded Figure offers to teleport the player back to their farm for 250g. SONG: (323) 665-5899 or (213) 352-8378 DOOR DASH 3322 W Sunset Blvd. The Traveling Cart makes an appearance at the docks with her cart on a raft. It is pronounced “Song,” like the Alicia Key’s album, Songs in A Minor (see below). The Decoration Boat is the only place where the candy cane decorations can be purchased. Rarecrows #7 and #8 can be purchased only after earning the first ones by donating items to the Museum. There are ample meters along Sunset Boulevard, and we ask that you be respectful of our neighbors when selecting a parking spot. We polled guests at NIGHT + MARKET WeHo and discovered a significant number of people had been traveling from Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Echo Park, and other Eastern neighborhoods to enjoy our food in WeHo. The Night Market is a festival that occurs between the 15th and 17th of Winter. Note that it's possible to complete Gathering, Slaying Monsters, and Fishing Quests during the Night Market. Delivery & Pickup Options - 1083 reviews of Night + Market Song "Finally! Players can purchase an unlimited number of each decoration. This site uses cookies to remember some of your preferences and to help us improve the site. We do not provide valet parking at Song. The Night Market is open between 5pm and 2am, but the Submarine Ride closes at 11pm, and the Mermaid Boat closes at 12:30am. Talking to the villager will complete the quest, before scripted festival dialogue occurs. As a rule of thumb, please alert your server to any allergies prior to ordering. We have high chairs. Chef Kris will oversee both kitchens, and keep regular hours at both locations. Both the Metro Local Lines 2/302 and 4 stop at Sunset Boulevard and Micheltorena Street. Unlike other festivals, shops and homes throughout Stardew Valley (including the beach) are not closed on the days of the Night Market, and time continues to pass during the festival. ". We do not seat incomplete parties. night + market la thai street food beer natural wine chef kris yenbamroong. Various boats and merchants will appear at the docks on The Beach, and offer to sell goods or take the player for a boat ride. She sells a selection of her usual items, including the Wedding Ring recipe. The market starts at 5pm, and will be in port for the next three days. The Submarine houses a Captain who offers to take the player on a deep-sea fishing tour for 1,000g. The lists below show which villagers attend on which days each year. “Song” is the word for “two” in Thai. Official online store of 88NightMarket. 11. How do I apply for a job at NIGHT + MARKET Song?

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