“If a customer says they are considering taking their own life, we must take action to protect them. In recent years his proclamations on electromagnetic energy (he has claimed it helped with his prostate cancer), cosmic ordering, and population control have generated both controversy and ridicule. Noel Edmonds has vowed to do a disappearing act if he is crowned King of the jungle. Are you happy with the roads or the high-speed train going to Birmingham that’s 20 minutes quicker? The bank’s spokesman said: “Our customers’ safety is of paramount importance to us. I am going to ensure that the small group of UK bankers that brought 12 years of austerity and deprivation upon the British people will go to prison. In 1969, aged 20, he became the youngest disc jockey Radio 1 had ever hired. “You cannot imagine how exciting it was to be broadcasting pop music in the 60s,” he says. “When I was invited on Desert Island Discs by Roy Plomley [in 1978] my dad finally started to think that I had a proper job,” he says. I thought, if I come off air and I’ve amused myself, then maybe it’s worked.”. His shirt is undone, 70s he-man style, to reveal a wooden pendant. “Maybe I was always more than one person, or even two,” he says. I ask him where he gets his information from. Last year, Victoria Derbyshire (who is in remission from breast cancer) confronted Edmonds about these claims on her BBC show. Edmonds complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about the By Your Side Lloyds ad campaign, claiming it was hypocritical. After counselling a cat called Dana down the line on Jeremy Vine’s Radio 2 show (“Fish Dana, you like fish, don’t you?”) he reportedly received 2,000 applications for help in four hours. Edmonds was then invited on to This Morning to explain his comments: he told a sceptical Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that he had bought a £2,315 device called an EMPpad which helped “tackle” cancer; he later explained it worked by “recalibrating all the blood cells and readjusting the electromagnetism in your body”. And nobody sympathises with an orphan in their 60s.”, Maybe it is his desire to be taken seriously that has inspired Edmonds to investigate worlds less frivolous than Crinkley Bottom. The bankers splashed millions on high-end prostitutes and luxury holidays. Are you sure you want to submit this vote? They were given lengthy jail sentences in 2017.). His early career was driven largely by a desire to impress his parents. “The starting point was me saying that pulsed electromagnetism had helped me tackle – not cure – my cancer. On House Party, his Gotcha Oscars set the bar for celebrity pranking, a format that has been mimicked ever since (not least, and by their own admission, by Ant and Dec). Blimey. Within a few years he was hosting the breakfast show and attracting over 10m daily listeners. Our. If that were true I’d own the whole world.

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