I’ve heard that violet is related to spirituality or serenity but I can’t quite piece it together. No offense. his expression resembles the painting in his room. Anyway, like everyone else I enjoyed reading the theories presented . How urgently do I need to replace my tire? I’ve always felt that the action Dae-su takes in cutting his own tongue out was out of place. You can have ass many calendars as you need, and every day you accompolish your goal you can add an x. In my interpretation of the film i believe the most important quote, that is repeated throughout the film, is that of ” be it a grain of sand or a rock, in water they sink the same”. It is a fantastic movie, I will probably watch it again soon as well :) Yes I’ve heard Spike Lee was doing a remake, although it was a while ago I heard this. I need to watch this movie again; thanks for your analysis. We can't really pull anything from the smile/cry. The shopkeeper tells her that she’s moved to Sweden but is she telling the truth? http://www.archived.co.kr/board_tZsd88/209488, My Journey Into Aokigahara Jukai (青木ヶ原 樹海) - The Suicide Forest, The Chord Guide: Pt III – Chord Progressions. I forgot the "villain"s name but he obviously knew exactly what he was doing. That's why revenge became the only motive in his life. In the end when he smiles and then weeps , does the hypnotism works or not ?? How can I extend my camera's battery life. The white setting of the snow suggests a fresh start, but the footprints remain a mystery and we’re not quite sure which side of the story his smile means. I know they actually do that in Korea, but I think it was this movie which made that big over there. Oldboy was awesome. Amazing acting and cinematography and I like having something to think about afterwards too! Ok so I think everyone spotted the fact that the hypnotist was the same. Oh Dae-su then symbolically castrates himself for Woo-jin. yeah, it is true that Koreans eat live octopus, but they eat them in very small pieces. does that mean oh dae su is still the monster? You think of things in a unique way. He wasn’t even the one who spread the rumour, and something as morally wrong as incest, it’s so hard not to tell anyone about it, especially when you’re curious @ that age, whether such behaviour is actually normal. But, the movie quotes a poem a few times, Solitude by Ella Wheeler. ( Log Out /  I think the story has to be taken as is, don’t forget the starting scene where oh dae su was abducted etc. But my main concern with that ending is, why did he smile then when she said she loved him? Obviously, it can go both ways. It is also seen that he is still pretty much immersed in the memories of his sister. Not sure why anyone would need to contact the Korean Embassy to call someone out of country. What is the name of the closing music, the waltz? Park has a doctorate in Psychology. She then warns him that the hypnotism might go wrong and ‘distort’ his memories. i really need to ask u some questions. Not sure if this is really evidence that his daughter didn’t go to Sweden but the phone number on the piece of paper is 46 8 660 0330, which is the real phone number for the Korean Embassy. Oldboy is a 2013 American neo-noir action thriller film directed by Spike Lee and with a screenplay by Mark Protosevich. The man weeps to Oh Dae-Su “Mister, even though I’m no better than a beast, don’t I have the right to live?”. Great thoughts! can you explain the ending? So I believe you take the movie as is, the old man at the start was not Lee but just some random stranger. From what i read on the internet it seems like the story in the manga is quite different.If someone could summarize it for me it would be great. We do not actually know what he asked of the hypnotist. He then eats a live octopus, it’s tentacles attacking his face as he bites into it, afterwards he passes out. The puppet master wanted revenge... By making the puppet fall in love and hence procreate with his own kin, he: 1. Be the action as big as a rock or small as a grain of sand Lee Woo-jin makes no discrepancy between the two. They don’t put the whole animal in their mouths like the way Oh Dae Su does. If you count the footprints from the chair to the scene where dae su fell down, it was exactly 70. In the rooftop, the dog does nothing to protect its master, while in the other scene the man is scene as a formidable wall between Oh-Dae and Lee-Woo. and gathers its food at harvest.”, These I find especially interesting since ants are used in sequences of hallucinations. The one who knows your secret is the monster. Thanks for your comment! But if you see the wall above the bed, there is a KingKong poster. Lots to think about. Or may be that hypnotist reached out to him in someway. Long may it continue and grow. and may be the writer of this interpretation is right about the memory thing. It will be a very peaceful death. either way, the interpretation is still valid regardless of the order of the first few scenes. And it for sure is pretty complicated. Oh Dae-Su refers to himself as a ‘monster’ (above image) and even walks into a sushi shop and asks to ‘eat something alive’, this is something that monsters typically do. Bad stuff. At first I thought it was the sister’s daughter that Oh Dae-Su fell in love with because she was pregnant foreals. Oh Dae-Su keeps creating (rationalizing) a story that allows him to explain his current situation (i.e. although she was ok with loving him, she couldn’t deal with the society’s judgment, perhaps. That is why he could kill himself, but why he actually did it was to find peace. Thanks :) I agree with what you said about the movie being like a poem, it is very poetic and has numerous layers to it that not even the director would be aware of. The realization that after all he had done to exact revenge, it didn't ease the pain of his first (and most likely only) love dying? Why are there two tooth brushes in the prison cell where Mido is waiting while Oh dae su is in the penthouse. Following the pattern that is oh so common in Asian mediums (manga, anime and movies), yes, the puppetmaster only wanted revenge. Remember that Mido never does open that box, she never finds out, maybe because it was never true. By Michael Cunningham Duuuuude. It’s just that I find the first theory quite interesting. IMO one of the reasons this movie works is that it doesn't judge, and that the decisions that people make in it are believable. i haven’t seen it since then so i’ll take your word that i messed up the order. So instead of him remembering that he went to jail he remembers a man kidnapping him and putting him in a room for 15 years. This man had a love affair with his sister at a young age, Oh Dae-Su finds out about it and spreads the word to everyone in school, which leads to Lee Woo-jin’s sister and lover committing suicide. Just to input, the name Mido means lost in the wrong road/end. Here is my take on it. a waste of time. The whole movie has you rooting for Oh Dae-Su, wanting to see him exact revenge on his captor, but the ending switches the roles around to reveal, that he was in fact living out someone else’s revenge the entire time. The line which you reference as being so important “Even though I am lower than a beast, do I not deserve to live?” Is a commentary on the human species. As for the protagonist, it's all in the smile. Similarly I think a suggestion to meet that hypnotist had been added to his sub-conscious mind. The man on the rooftop says the exact same thing that Oh Dae-Su writes in the letter, he also has a white dog, which parallels Oh Dae-Su barking like a dog to Lee Woo-jin to stop him from telling his daughter the truth about their relationship. The ending left me, and I am sure many of you, grappling with many moral issues. He writes a letter to her saying ‘this has been my story so far’. :). Holy Fuckballs. It’s just that I found your analysis on the movie quite interesting and wanted to hear your opinions more. It’s Proverbs 6:5, “ Free yourself, like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter, There is a famous short story in Korean called “Sonagi,” which is a love story between a pre-adolescent boy and a girl. Out of the revenge trilogy, I believe this to be, in a way, the most humble one, and consequently the one that works best. there is only one version of the movie that i’m aware of.. when i wrote this i for some reason thought that the movie began with a flash of the rooftop scene before continuing on with the police station/kidnapping scene you mentioned. I guess this interpretation would also explain the age difference between the two characters. And if she is a real person, is she really his daughter, or is he just creating that illusion because the memories of his sister? If Mido is really his daughter, who is her mother? Mostt of the excitemednt of gambling is winning real money-take that out To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Thank you for every other fantastic post. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I would have never thought of these ideas or even thought of that perspective. The fever dream is caused by Oh Dae-Su trying to create a new past that makes sense. Got his revenge for the puppet opening his mouth, and 2. But be warned: it’s not for weak stomachs. Oh Dae-Su kills his wife and is put in jail. The yearbooks have been edited so that you could not see her, thus erasing the memory of his previous gender. Any movie that inspires like-minded people to spend time analyzing elements and fleshing out theories is definitely worth it. Oh Dae-Su tells the man his story, which is presumably one of being contained and locked up for 15 years. You can apply reverse irony and say Oh Dae Su planted himself in the prison for 15 years, with the aid of a hypnotist and professional scheme crew, as a means of self punishment for not ever apologizing to Lee Woo Jin (for letting the whole school know about the time he sucked on his sisters titties). Adding references to support your claim of revenge being the sole character motivation in a lot of Asian media would be good, too. You need initial traffic only. I’m not sure what parts exactly you’re referring to, but I assume the eating live octopus part making Oh Dae-Su a monster is one of them. The shopkeeper even says it in the shop earlier in the film when they are searching for his daughter that she may have gone to Switzerland. intercepts him, Lee Woo-Jin says to Oh Dae: ‘Wow, you’re strong, Mr. Monster.

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