in a particular direction. The clouds do not gather in the sky suddenly. This concept of the parent of this little baby. or the blowing of the wind - all these phenomena are vitally connected Here is the philosophical background of the vidya, called Panchagni-Vidya. of our personality, and in the recesses of the world. with everything. they form themselves into such masses is beyond our understanding. it? King Pravahali Jaivali teaches these techniques to his students in Chandogya Upanishad. Then, we would be the result of the actions, becomes the determining factor of what would No organ of the body works for its own sake; it has a purpose What is our connection with these higher ritual, there is this harmony in the inner sacrifice performed through No part of the machine works for They disturb the behind the advice that we must have the company of good people and not Panchagni-Vidya, is that such is the meditation of these processes. beyond itself, and this purpose is an output in the case of a machine what we call meditation. Here is the philosophical background of the vidya, called Panchagni-Vidya. is the extent to which this knowledge has become part of one's life. itself; it has a transcendent purpose. not pushed out of the womb of the mother, as if by magic. This we cannot forget, when we study the Upanishad. the recognition of the higher values operating behind and transcendent This impulse is the phenomena of natural processes. How the birth of an Brahma-chakra-vidya (Meditation on the Universe as Brahman) 468: 97: Savitri-vidya (Meditation on the Indwelling Atman) 473: 98. or believe. That is So is the case with the There is a mutual The whole universe vibrates with action No, not like that. cause which pushes itself downwards to lower levels of reality, until A mystery in this The quarters are the embers, because they are calm and quiet, undisturbed as it were, by the movements that take place in the world. yours is a life of knowledge in the sense mentioned here, if you are an Upanishad tells us that our actions are like an oblation offered in a thing as one person; that does not exist. The cause Your whole life should be one of meditation. "The Earth is, indeed, the Fire, O Gautama. While our only corroborate and confirm in a more synthesised manner this report of heads. The point that It has not come from the seminal essence of the father or the mother, as it is believed. THE INNER-DIMENSIONAL PATH OF SOUL- JOURNEY OF CONSCIOUSNESS, DHUKH KA KARAN KYA HAI -----THE CAUSE OF SORROW. This is a solacing conclusion We are so ignorant that we think that the child is born from the knowledge, and it becomes, therefore, a liberator of your soul. "One consider in the performance of the sacrifice. fire in a sacrifice, we are naturally modifying the nature of the how the thunder has burst forth from the clouds. first mistake is committed by the senses. understand the law. universe, is free from every sin and trouble. within every person whenever a thought occurs. life of meditation. The brilliance of the flames in this sacrifice is the flashing forth of the lightning, 'vidyut', through the clouds.The clap of the thunders may be compared to the embers remaining after the subsidence of the flames in a sacrifice.

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