17, Series A/B № 46 (PCIJ, Jun. In addition, the PCIJ organizes training seminars, and offers the services of its journalism trainers, for news organizations in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. The PCIJ has been acknowledged as a model among independent media organizations in the report Global Investigative Journalism: Strategies for Support, authored by investigative journalist David E. Kaplan.

The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) is an independent, nonprofit media agency that specializes in investigative reporting. International Court of Justice 2017-2020 – All rights reserved. The report was published in December 2007 by the Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA), United States (US). Case Relating to the Jurisdiction of the European Commission of the Danube Between Galatz and Braila Advisory Opinion, [1927], P.C.I.J. In this case, France was represented by Basdevant, Professor at the Faculty of Law of Paris.
27, Series A/B № 72 (PCIJ, Nov. 06, 1937), Lighthouses in Crete and Samos, France v. Greece, Judgment №. 14, Series B № 14 (PCIJ, Dec. 08, 1927), Case concerning the Factory at Chorzów (indemnities), Germany v. Poland, Order, Series A № 12 (PCIJ, Nov. 21, 1927), Case of the Readaptation of the Mavrommatis Jerusalem Concessions (jurisdiction), Greece v. United Kingdom, Judgment № 10, Series A № 11 (PCIJ, Oct. 10, 1927), The "Lotus" Case, France v. Turkey, Judgment № 9, Series A № 10 (PCIJ, Sep. 07, 1927), Case concerning the Factory at Chorzów (claim for indemnity - jurisdiction), Germany v. Poland, Judgment № 8, Series A № 9 (PCIJ, Jul. 29, Series A/B № 76 (PCIJ, Feb. 28, 1939), The Railway Line Panevezys-Saldutiskis (Preliminary Objections), Estonia v. Lithuania, Order, Series A/B № 75 (PCIJ, Jun. 15, 1931), Case of the Free Zones of Upper Savoy and the District of Gex (second phase), France v. Switzerland, Order, Series A № 24 (PCIJ, Dec. 06, 1930), Free City of Danzig and International Labour Organization, Advisory Opinion №. 11, 1933), Legal Status of Eastern Greenland, Denmark v. Norway, Judgment №. 20, Series A/B № 41 (PCIJ, Sep. 05, 1931), Case of the Free Zones of Upper Savoy and the District of Gex, France v. Switzerland, Order (PCIJ, Aug. 06, 1931), Customs Régime between Germany and Austria (Protocol of March 19th, 1931), Order (PCIJ, Jul. From 1990 to 2012, the Center has conducted over 120 training seminars for journalists, journalism teachers, and students in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, Papua New Guinea, and other countries in Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the South African subcontinent.

26, 1925), Exchange of Greek and Turkish Populations, Advisory Opinion №. All rights 19, Series A/B № 40 (PCIJ, May. A founding member of the Freedom Fund for Filipino Journalists (FFFJ), the PCIJ coordinated, edited and published the Fact-Finding Mission Report of the FFFJ into the Maguindanao Massacre, which has been cited by the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) as “the most authoritative” thus published. 24, 1932), Interpretation of the Statute of the Memel Territory (Preliminary Objection), United Kingdom v. Lithuania, Judgment №. The government of France, in a message from the spokesman of the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, has cited the PCIJ thus: “The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ), which was recently granted the 2009 AFP Kate Web Award, is an organisation which has pursued its investigative work with courage and tenacity for the past twenty years.
Design by Sidebar Designs | Modified by Gabriel Eckstein, Addressing the future of water law and policy in the 21st century, Transboundary Water Management Organizations, Diversion of Water from the Meuse Case (Netherlands v. Belgium), Case Relating to the Territorial Jurisdiction of the International Commission of the Oder River, Case Relating to the Jurisdiction of the European Commission of the Danube Between Galatz and Braila. Government Budget; Civil Works; GOVERNANCE. Contentious cases organized by incidental proceedings, States entitled to appear before the Court, States not members of the United Nations parties to the Statute, States not parties to the Statute to which the Court may be open, Declarations recognizing the jurisdiction of the Court as compulsory, Organs and agencies authorized to request advisory opinions, Series A: Collection of Judgments (1923-1930), Series B: Collection of Advisory Opinions (1923-1930), Series A/B: Collection of Judgments, Orders and Advisory Opinions (from 1931), Series C: Acts and documents relating to Judgments and Advisory Opinions given by the Court / Pleadings, Oral Arguments and Documents, Series D: Acts and Documents concerning the organization of the Court, Advisory Opinion of 5 September 1931 (including the text of the declaration by M. Guerrero, Count Rostworowski, M. Fromageot, M. Altamira, M. Urrutia and M. Negulesco), Dissenting Opinion of M. Adatci, M. Kellogg, Baron Rolin-Jaequemyns, Sir Cecil Hurst, M. Schücking, Jonkheer van Eysinga and M. Wang, Dissenting Opinion of M. Adatci, M. Rostworowski, M. Altamira, M. Anzilotti and M. Wang, Advisory Opinion of 15 October 1931 (including the text of the declarations by M. Altamira and M. Anzilotti), Advisory Opinionb of 11 December 1931 (including the text of the declarations by M. Fromageot and M. Urrutia), Advisory Opinion of 4 February 1932 (including the text of the declaration by Baron Rolin-Jaequemyns), Dissenting Opinion of M. Guerrero, Count Rostworowski, MM. Advisory proceedings. Ethyl Corp v EPA (US DC Circuit 1976) 600, Fisheries Jurisdiction Cases (UK v Iceland; FRG v Iceland) (ICJ 1974) 647, 648, Flores v Southern Peru Copper Co (US 2nd Circuit 2003) 602, Frontier Dispute Case (Burkina Faso v Mali) (ICJ 1986) 646, Gabcikovo-Nagymaros Project Case (Hungary v Slovakia) (ICJ 1997) 127, 128, 130, 131, 141, 143, 354, 355, 443, 444, 452, 460, 461, 464, 533, 542, 551, 552, 556, 583, 584, 589, 591, 593, 624, 647, 751, 939, 1002, 1044, Gentini Case (Italy v Venezuela) (Mixed Claims Commission 1903) 430, Genocide Convention Case (Bosnia and Herzegovina v Yugoslavia) (ICJ 1997) 751, GJP Ziers (Netherlands Council of State 1993) 934, Gulf of Maine Case (Canada v US) (ICJ 1984) 646, Harma v Koirala (Supreme Court of Nepal 1997) 585, Hatton v United Kingdom (ECHR 2002) 127, 142, Imperial Oil Ltd v Quebec (Minister of the Environment) (Supreme Court of Canada 2003) 934, Industrial Union Department, AFL-CIO v American Petroleum Institute (US Supreme Court 1980) 600, Inter-Huiles’ Case (Syndicat National des Fabricants Raffineurs dHuile de Graissage v Groupement d'Intérêt Economique) Case C-172/82 (ECJ 1983) 825, Iron Rhine (‘Ijzeren Rijni) Railway Case (Belgium v Netherlands) (PCA 2005) 534, Kitok v Sweden (UN Human Rights Committee 1988) 835, 836 850, Lac Lanoux Case (Spain v France) (Arbitral Award 1957) 32, 542, 731, 1044, Leatch v National Parks and Wildlife Service & Shoalhaven City Council (Australian Land and Environment Court of New South Wales 1993) 934, Libya/Malta Continental ShelfCase (Libya v Malta) (ICJ 1985) 646, 647, Lovelace v Canada (UN Human Rights Committee 1980) 835, 836, Lujan v Defenders of Wildlife (US Supreme Court 1992) 105, Mahuika v New Zealand (UN Human Rights Committee 2000) 836, Mayagna (Sumo) Indian Community of Awas Tingni v Nicaragua (Inter-American Court of Human Rights 2001) 846, Metalclad Corp v United Mexican States (ICSID 2001) 825, Metha v Kamal Nath (Supreme Court of India 2000) 585, Mikmaq People v Canada (UN Human Rights Committee 1990, 1992) 836, 843, 849, Minority Schools in Albania (PCIJ 1935) 834, (p. xv) 11, 1933), Legal Status of the South-Eastern Territory of Greenland, Norway v. Denmark, Order, Series A/B № 55 (PCIJ, May. 22, Series A/B № 62 (PCIJ, Mar. The PCIJ has won over 150 major awards, including nine National Book Awards, a Catholic Mass Media Award, and more than two dozen awards and citations from the Jaime V. Ongpin Awards for Investigative Journalism. 27, Series A/B № 65 (PCIJ, Dec. 04, 1935), Consistency of certain Danzig Legislative Decrees with the Constitution of the Free City, Order (PCIJ, Oct. 31, 1935), Minority Schools in Albania, Advisory Opinion №. It was founded in 1989 by nine Filipino journalists who realized, from their years in the beat and at the news desk, the need for newspapers and broadcast agencies to go beyond day–to–day reportage. © Oxford University Press, 2018. 23, 1923), SS "Wimbledon", United Kingdom v. Germany, Judgment № 1, Series A № 1 (PCIJ, Jun. © 1989–2020 All rights reserved. In this case these are the Bayerische and Oberschlesische, and the Respondent has contended, among other things, that the Oberschlesische was not the owner of the lands and buildings which were entered in its name in the land register, from January, 1920, until this ,entry was vacated, in 1922, in accordance with the Polish law of 1920. de Bustamante, Altamira, Schücking and Jonkheer van Eysinga, Advisory Opinion of 15 November 1932 (including the text of the declaration by MM. 25, 1926), Case Concerning Certain German Interests in Polish Upper Silesia (the merits), Germany v. Poland, Order, Ser. All Rights Reserved.

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